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Chapter 1218: 1218

Everyone looked towards the man, wondering what was wrong with him calling everyone at this momentXiao Hong stopped and turned around looking at him .

The man cleared his throat and said . “During the competition, we did not compare ages just now . Since our refined grades are about the same, it is natural that whoever is younger wins . ”

Liu Hai’s group looked at each other . They could see the confident look in the man, presumably, he thought he would surely win!

“Then let’s test that . ” He Cheng Dong, Armament Masters Guild’s vice president, spoke out .

He Cheng Dong rarely talked . So when Tang Yuna nd Liu Hai discussed, it was easy for everyone to ignore his existence .

Tang Yun and Liu Hai nodded their heads when they saw how certain he spoke . Tang Yun glanced at Liu Hai . “Okay, then test the age, but I don’t have the age stone . What about you?”

“Neither do I . ” Liu Hai murmured . Who would bring that with them .

“We have . ”

The armament master took out a transparent crystal stone . Everyone recognized it at a glance . This could test the age between fifty and two hundred .

“Then test it . You go first?” Xiao Hong said .

“All right . ” The man inputted his spirit power in . The age-testing stone released a silver light . A bold eighty nine in silver light indicated his current age .

“That’s not bad! To be able to achieve this level of armament skill at eighty nine years old . ” THe people on the opposite continent expressed admiration .

The hearts of the Primordial Lands people sank . Their opponent was only eighty nine years old . If Xiao Hong was older than him, then they would win this contest .

SIma You Yue looked around and noticed the people of Armament Masters Guild were not worried . Some were even laughing, indicating their confidence .

Xiao Hong walked over and took the age-testing stone . After inputting her power, the silver light flicker and a bold seventy nine in silver light mocked the other party .

“Seventy nine! She’s seventy nine! Younger by 10 years! Haha, we won this round!”

The people of the Primordial Lands cheered . They didn’t expect Xiao Hong to be younger than the other party . When they thought the other party wanted to compare age, now it was fine . A tie turned into their victory!

Sima You Yue had a faint smile on her face . If Xiao Hong won this round, then her pressure would become less . She only needed to win two more rounds and the Primordial Lands would win completely .

But the people of Feng Qi Continent seemed to have eaten flies . Their faces were ugly .

“Retreat!” Pavilion Master Chen scolded . Then he commanded, “Since the age-testing stone has been taken out, let the rest of them test it . ”

Xiao Hong threw the age-testing stone back at them and went back to her seat .

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“You’re amazing!” Sima You Yue exclaimed . Then she added in her heart, but not as good as Fatty Qu .

Xiao Hong was not too carried away . She tucked her hair behind her ears and said, “I can’t compare to you . I’ve been hearing your name for a while, and I’m looking forward to your next game . ”

Sima You Yue chuckled . Although this girl was strong . She had a good temperament and could be friends with .

She saw the other four people finished testing their age . She stood up and said, “I will try my best . ”

“I’ll be watching you, fighting!” Xiao Hong smiled, revealing two cute little tiger teeth .

Sima You Yue returned her smile . She walked towards the center of the arena .

Although it was an arena, it was flat ground . The remaining four people had tested their ages, which were seventy five, eighty three, ninety two, and ninety eight .

The other party seem to have no plans to introduce themselves, so Sima You Yue referred to them by their age .

“We all tested, it’s your turn . ” Seventy five threw the age-testing stone at Sima You Yue .

Unexpectedly, the people of Primordial Lands actually won against them . When they saw SIma You Yue enter, their faces were smug .

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Sima You Yue caught the age-testing stone and fumbled with it for a moment . The other party impatiently urged, “Hurry up, don’t be slow!”

“Sima You Yue glanced at the other party and injected her spirit power . Unlike the silver light and age numbers that appeared before, an emerald green light appeared this time with no number .

“Emerald green? Less than fifty year old?!” Everyone present was stunned .

Everyone knew that this type of age-testing stone could only test from fifty to two hundred . It would appear emerald green if the person testing was less than fifty years old and golden yellow if they were over two hundred .

After she injected spirit power, the emerald green light emitted, indicating she was less than fifty years old!

Sima You Yue stopped injecting spirit power and the light dissipated . She threw the age-testing stone back and saw that the four people were in a daze . She retorted, “Enough of being surprised? Can we start the contest?”

“You’re less than fifty?” Eighty three asked in surprise . “How old are you?”

“How old am I? It seems that it has nothing to do with the competition . After all, I am younger than all of you . ” Sima You Yue replied . “Which one of you is an alchemist? Can we start the contest?”

Seventy five stood forth . “Let’s start . ”

The other retreated and left the arena to them .

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Although seventy five couldn’t compete in age with Sima You Yue, he did not relax his emphasis on the game because the armament master lost . He took out the herbs and prepared to refin the best pill he could refine .

Sima You Yue was not in a hurry to start . She waited for seventy five to take out his herbs and started refining, did she slowly take out her pill furnace and herbs after seeing what grade of pill he was going to refine .

Seeing her sluggish actions, the people of Feng Qi Continent were pleased . Such a little girl would dare to challenge them, if they were to give in, it would be embarrassing .

Those alchemists changed their expression as soon as Sima You Yue started refining her herbs . They discovered her strength was definitely above seventy five!

Everyone waited for a few hours . The people of Feng Qi Continent first watched seventy five refined his pill, but later their eyes moved to Sima You Yue involuntarily .

The appearance of her refining was too beautiful, plus she was beautiful and graceful . It was simply a pleasure to watch her refine pills!

Sima You yue completed refining her pill before seventy five . She packed her pill and her pill furnace was all cleaned up . But seventy five had yet to complete his refinement .

Although seventy five took some time . He still believed that he could defeat her because his grade would be higher than Sima You Yue . How high of a grade can a little doll less than fifty refined?

However, the final result forced him to face reality . Sima You Yue took a glance at the pill in his hand . She indifferently said, “Your seventh grade primary pill takes 15 minutes longer than mine, so you lost!”

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