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Chapter 1217: 1217

People from Feng Qi Continent laughed when the two girls came from Primordial Lands’ side . “Deputy Pavilion Master Tang, one month is not enough time for you to find people?” Pavilion Master Chen felt that he was played . Even if they thought of this method, and the other party challenged them and won . It was unexplainable . They could play small tricks but they shouldn’t make it so obvious!

“Pavilion Master Chen, don’t be angry . These two are our youngest experts here . ” Tang Yun appeased . “Both of them are within a hundred year old . ”

“Even if they are, how come there are only two? Where’s the other three?”

“You require the youngest person to come out of each profession . We only have them too . ” Liu Hai said .

“Can the two of them participate in all five contests?” The gazes of the people from Primordial Land on the two people changed . In this case, at least one of them would have two specialties and the other three specialties .

Multi-specialist spirit masters were not too common in the continent . In order to cultivate and go further in their field, they often do not choose to become multispecialist, but focus on one .

Unexpectedly, there were people like this on their continent . They must be from a small place without long-term vision .

“Pavilion Master Chen, you have set the rule . We can only do so . Otherwise, wouldn’t it be against your rule? What if we won and you won’t acknowledge it?” Tang Yun chuckled .

“Since this is your decision, then you must acknowledge it when you lose . ”

“We will, we will . ” Tang Yun smiled . “Let’s start then . ”

“Sure, since you are small in number then you can decide the order of the competition . ”

In order to make the outcome more stunning, they decided to let the other person play first .

“This is our Armament Master Xiao Hong . She will compete with you in the first round . ” Liu Hai introduced .

The girl next to Sima You Yue took a step forward and looked at the five people before her .

As an armament master, her body was much stronger than average girls . She wasn’t too pretty . A burly man from the other party stepped forward and looked at her in disdain .

Refining tools was hard work . How much could this girl practice? It would be only a matter of minutes for him to win over her .

However, even if he won against her, it wasn’t honorable . If it wasn’t for such an occasion, he wouldn’t agree to it .

“Let’s start . ” Xiao Hong took out her cauldron .

The man did not introduce himself, as he took out his cauldron and started refining .

Competition like theirs was to compare who has a higher rank so they have to refine tools representative of their rank regardless of the amount of time .

Sima You Yue stepped aside to watch the match between the two . She noticed that their ranks were average, probably because of their young age . They were not good enough for people to get excited about .

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If it was Fatty Qu, he would definitely defeat these two people! She said to herself .

What she didn’t know was that refining tools was more difficult than refining pills, because it not only involved mental power but also physical power . She once gave Fatty Qu a method to temper his mental power and temper his physical ability, so his starting point was higher than the average person .

Even if other people have other methods, they were definitely not as good as Fatty Qu .

She poked Wu Lingyu who was next to her and asked, “What do you think, who will win?”

Wu Lingyu was sitting in a chair pondering something with his head down . He looked up at her nudge . “They’re about the same level, so their refined tools should be of the same level . The final call would be the time . ”

Sima You Yue had watched a lot of Fatty Qu’s refining tools, so she could tell . She also saw that two of them were of the same level . She deliberately asked Wu Lingyu when she saw he was in a daze . She didn’t expect that he could see the difference with a single glance . The gap wasn’t just a tiny bit .

But he was a powerful guy, so it would be embarrassing to have him watch this boring game . No wonder he was so bored and was thinking about something else with his head down .

“Do you want to go back first?” She whispered .

“Go back? Where to?” Wu Lingyu was taken aback, but immediately he understood what she meant . He murmured, “They are telling me through my spirit beast . Besides, you’re here . Where am I to go?”

Where she was, he would be too . This was a method of getting along .

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Sima You Yue felt warm when she heard what he said . But she thought of a problem . She didn’t hear about Ba Jia Zi’s group coming to the immortal land . How did he contact them?

Wu Lingyu noticed her questioning look . He rubbed her hair and explained, “I left a devil beast outside, so even if I am inside and it’s outside, we can contact each other . ”

What a sneaky contact!

Sima You Yue parted her lips . The surprise in her heart was self-evident .

“Are you surprised?” Wu Lingyu looked at her and grinned . The smile was like a spring breeze of the past with a trace of evil charm .

But it was tempting that she wanted to hold him!

The shouts in the background recovered her to her senses . She patted her head . “Such an amazing contract connection, it’s normal that I am surprised . ” She turned away . She saw someone of Feng Qi Continent who was controlling his flames turn it into a fire dragon . His momentum was good . No wonder the people over there would clap their hands and applaud .

But this was not enough for her . It was just a little trick . She would be embarrassed to show it off .

What a young person, showing off his abilities!

Wu Lingyu smiled lightly at her appearance . “You are the youngest here . ”

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“Don’t!” Sima You Yue glanced at him . He knew that he was a person who knew she lived a few hundred years in her past life . Compared to these people, she was old, not young!

Now every time people would praise her for her young age . She felt weird in her tender appearance .

The two talked and laughed as time passed . After a few hours, the armament contest finally came to an end .

Wu Lingyu watched the final moments of the contest . He took a second look at Xiao Hong . “I didn’t expect her strengths to be this much . It seems this contest is a close one . ”

Xiao Hong was originally behind her opponent . But she did a good job in finishing and actually made up for the previous shortcomings and improved her speed .

Therefore, originally they thought Feng Qi Continent would get an easy win . But it became a tie because the two of them completed the same rank of spirit weapon at the same time .

Tang Yun was very satisfied with Xiao Hong’s result . He commended, “Next round, Sima You Yue would go compete in alchemy . ”

“Wait a minute!” At this moment, the opponent’s armament master suddenly cried out .

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