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Chapter 1212: Chapter 1212 - Ghost clan is here again

Whoever dared to Feng Qi continent’s people, in others eyes, it meant that they had guts . Are they tired of living?

Everyone was curious what kind of forces had such daring guts, after Primordial land’s people knew it was Sima You Yue’s Heartbreak Valley, they understanding showed expected expression .

If the robbers were Heartbreak Valley members, they wouldn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary .

What kind of people are those Heartbreak Valley members? Those are fugitives, wouldn’t it be asking for it to rob them?!

Also, You Yue was never once a Master that was scared of anything, if not she wouldn’t do so many things in Primordial land .

Those years in the dark forest, she was just a little girl who just advanced to Divine Rank, who dared to plan and kill so many Monarch rankers, with such a gut, would she be afraid of Feng Qi continent’s people?!

But Feng Qi continent people didn’t know about all this, they only knew someone actually dared to rob their people from the continent, although they didn’t know them before they joined, everyone had the same thought, since they were from the same place, they wouldn’t let others bully them!

Everyone actually understood this kind of thought, although everyone always fought badly, but once they got out, they would think that since they were from the same village, then they would be my classmate . They put down their internal battle and focus on battling the outsiders as priority .

So, they were angered when they heard someone dared to counter rob Feng Qi continent people .

How dared a little stub attacked them? Must be sick of living!

These people hooted out to handle Heartbreak Valley members, when Primordial land people heard about it, they laughed cheekily in their heart .

Go ahead go ahead, they would send themselves as Heartbreak Valley’s toy! If they couldn’t win them, someone would definitely clear them!

Sima You Yue wasn’t sure about what was going on outside, although she could guess that two groups that would spread the news out, but she didn’t know it would attract such huge effect in Immortal land .

Sima You Yue found a neutral spot, bringing out Sima Liu Feng, Sima Liu Yun, Di Zhe and the whole of the ghost clan out at a place with nobody, since she was outside, she couldn’t keep them in Little Realm the whole time .

But, this time, Wu La Mai and Shui Qing Man came out together, they recuperated in Little Realm these few years, because Shui Qing Man was weak after delivery, that was why they stayed in Little Realm .

Now that they heard others were coming,they both came out after hearing that the Violet Water Dragon clan might bump into these people .

Others didn’t know who Sima Liu Feng was, but they knew who Ximen Feng and Wu Lingyu, a group of people exchanged greetings for a while, then they discussed on how to deal with Feng Qi members .

Di Zhe didn’t care about those people, he only cared about her .

“Once your news is spread out, Ghost clan members would come for you . It’ll be better for me to be with you this period of time, going against Ghost clan members, I’m more familiar with it . ”

Di Zhe’s words sounded as if he wouldn’t let any counter attack happen, Sima You Yue also worried that they would bump into them after leaving, so she agreed to his suggestion .

Sima You Yue initially thought Sima Liu Feng would look for Sima Qi Qi and the rest after they came out, afterall, these younger generations would be dangerous to travel alone .

But Sima Liu Yun left a while and came back saying, Greatest Elder and others already found Sima Xin Shu and the rest, so they both didn’t need to go back, and also Greatest Elder said they wanted them to stay there to represent Sima clan to protect her safety .

Sima You Yue drew the corner of her lips, representing the Sima clan to protect her safety? She drew her lips, these people talked nicer than singing .

If she didn’t have all these talents, if she didn’t have all these backgrounds, would the Sima clan even be bothered about her?

The answer was of course no .

Sima Liu Feng knew what she was thinking once he saw her eyes filled with sarcasm, he extended his arm, knocked her head and said, “There aren’t many ifs . Even if there is, you’re also Sima clan’s member . ”

Sima You Yue covered her head, how could this guy knock her head, it was so painful!

Also, she was just thinking about it for a while and didn’t make any actions .

“Don’t even think about it . ” Sima Liu Yun continued, “Before you leave Immortal land, I’ll follow you . It will only be over my dead body if anything happens to you . ”

Sima You Yue was touched, if it was what she thought, she wouldn’t know how Sima clan would treat her, but she knew that both her Uncles would treat her like before .

Everyone rested for a few days, she thought the first person who would look for problems was Feng Qi continent’s people, she let go of them for a reason .

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If Feng Qi continent’s people knew about it, they might seek revenge from them, that way, they could rob them openly . But she didn’t expect it would be the Ghost clan .

These Ghost clans didn’t come in straight away, they came after Ghost Concubine sent them after she killed Yu Du .

So to say, these people weren’t seeking for treasure, but to kill her!

She looked at the Ghost clan’s member that surrounded her and said to Wu Lingyu, “These people’s strength doesn’t look that weak . ”

“Of course they aren’t weak, they are sent by Ghost Concubine to kill you . ” Di Zhe saw how she wasn’t nervous, he thought in his mind that this Cousin really wasn’t afraid of anything .

But thinking back on those times they communicated and the performance she showed, wasn’t this her character?

Same as Little Aunt!

Those Ghost clan members saw Di Zhe and Sima You Yue together, also in a position of defending, they chided, “Di Zhe, are you trying to defy the King and Queen’s order?!”

“Order? What order? I didn’t receive any order!” Di Zhe said with a cold face, “This is my friend, you can’t kill my friend . ”

He still didn’t want to expose Sima You Yue’s identity, those people hadn’t seen Yu Ke Luo, even if they sensed the Ghost clan’s aura in her, they wouldn’t have thought of Yu Ke Luo .

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“Di Zhe, don’t try to do anything as you like just because your Mother is the princess, if you dare to defy the King’s order, no one can save you even your Mother!”

“Hehe… . Since when did I, Di Zhe, care about those?” Di Zhe sneered .

“Master, don’t even bother to talk to these guys . ” Master Ghost said .

These people are dead soldiers, they only listened to the King and Queen’s order, even if they talked so much, they wouldn’t waver their thoughts .

“Master Ghost, you as a royal guard, you refused to execute the King’s order, I think you don’t want the other half of your spirit anymore!”

Master Ghost’s face blackened under the cloak, lowered his tone and said, “So, we will definitely not let you escape and go back to report! If you guys don’t tell, the King’s side will never know!”

Before they knew, he started to attack .

Once he started, both sides started exchanging blows, Di Zhe’s guard also went up to join in the battle .

Sima You Yue stood aside, her eyebrows slightly frowned upon hearing what they said .

Another half of the spirit?

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