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Chapter 1211: Chapter 1211 - Sounding reputation

“Who got into trouble?” Ximen Li asked . “I don’t know either . I gave them the same, they can build up a spatial tunnel with me at critical moments, so I don’t know who’s on the other side . ” Sima You Yue continued, “Feng’er, gather everyone together and follow me, I’ll go in and take a look first . ”

She and Wu Lingyu went in first, followed by Feng Zhi and the rest, those disciples that were further away also followed and flew in order .

On the other side of spatial tunnel, Kong Valley and Imperial Academy’s members leaned on each other, standing opposite of another group of people

They were surrounded by people in every direction, the headcount was double of theirs, needless to say, the opponent’s strength was higher .

“Instructor Mao, does this lifeline work?”

Mao San Quan too was unsure, usually the lifeline that was given to them would be a transportation array to escape, but the one You Yue gave him was useless now .

He already activated that thing, but there wasn’t any response .

“Didn’t you guys call for help?” The opponent surrounded them closer, “Why hasn’t your help come yet? Seems like no one can save you guys today!”

“Can you guys continue to run? Low in strength, but you’re good at escaping . ” A muscular man said while holding a big sword and pointed to their nose .

“Right, no wonder the strength of people from this continent is so low, all their time and effort are wasted on escaping . ” Others agreed .

Mao San Quan and Kong Xiang Qi’s face blackened, they not only intended to rob their stuff, they were more on insulting them now!

“Hand over the things obediently, it saves us time from chasing you guys too . ” Someone who seemed like the leader of the opponent said, “This way, you guys save energy while we save our effort . ”

“Impossible!” Kong Xiang Yi rejected, “We will not give in to you, wait till You Yue and the rest comes, see if you still can be this arrogant!”

Kong Xiang Yi was initially with Ximen Feng and the rest, but after she bumped into Kong Valley’s members, she left with them . Now she didn’t even know if their help signal would be sent to her .

In fact, they had never seen such a special signal for help .

“You Yue will definitely come, let’s preserve for a little while more . ” Mao San Quan told the rest .

The opponent was a little curious now, it seemed like this group of people had high expectations of this person naming Sima You Yue!

“Then, we shall just settle you guys first, then we will wait for the person you said to come here and see how good she actually is that made you guys had so much expectation in her!”

“Are you talking about me?” Sima You Yue’s voice passed through from mid air, the thing in Mao San Quan’s hand shot out a ray of white lights, the white ray of lights shot out as far as possible, a spatial tunnel opened, Sima You Yue brought a group of people out from there .

A beautiful moth, flying elegantly, her dress danced as her black hair flows, immediately distracted that group below .

There was actually such a lady on earth!

Kong Xiang Yi and the rest’s face showed a smile of hope after seeing Sima You Yue .

“You Yue, you’re finally here, we thought you couldn’t hear our signal!” Kong Xiang Yi said .

“I personally designed it, how can it be useless!” Sima You Yue took a glance at them, luckily, the headcount wasn’t as little as expected .

Kong Xiang Yi felt disappointed after looking around and didn’t see Ximen Feng .

Heartbreak Valley members were all there, why wasn’t he here?

“Feng’er is behind, he will get here in awhile . ” Sima You Yue said as she landed behind Mao San Quan with Wu Lingyu, “Instructor Mao, are you guys okay?”

“We’re fine . ” Mao San Quan continued, “But these people aren’t easy to deal with, I’m afraid that if you bring your people here…”

“We still have more to come!” Sima You Yue continued, “Just right I reunited with Heartbreak Valley members, they’re all behind . ”

The people from extraterritorial saw their members coming in non stop, with stronger people, their faces started to look heavy .

“Destroy that tunnel, don’t let anymore people come out!”

“Yes, Boss!”

A few people congealed spiritual energy and tried to attack towards the spatial exit, but it was dissolved before it even got near .

Heartbreak Valley members stood in a row in the air, looking at the people below fiercely .

With them there, who dared to even touch this spatial tunnel?!

“Boss, these people look different from before, they look much fiercer . ”

“Don’t spout nonsense, I can see it for myself!” That Boss glared at that guy who spoke .

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Heartbreak Valley’s members were full of anger and evil tendencies, how could they compare themselves with the sect members? He could see it without saying!

Sima You Yue turned around, looked at those people and said, “Seems like luck is on our side! We just robbed a group of people, another group sent themselves to us . Such fat meat, everyone, don’t let it slip!”

“Boss, don’t worry, we’ll seize all opportunities, we won’t show mercy on them!” Ni An Yi licked his lips and said excitedly .

Ximen Feng brought the last batch of people out from the spatial tunnel and walked out, seeing Kong Xiang Yi safe and sound, he finally relaxed .

“Feng——” Kong Xiang Yi waved at him when she saw Ximen Feng .

Ximen Feng nodded towards her, then ordered Heartbreak Valley members, “Do as planned . ”

“Yes, Valley Master . ”

Heartbreak Valley members accepted the order and attacked towards them, wasn’t the initial plan to counter rob? They would definitely do it well!

Kong Valley and the sect members didn’t know what their original plan was, but quickly, they understood .

Seeing how they beat the opponent, then emptied the opponent like robbers, everyone felt a sense of messiness .

And looking at Sima You Yue who looked as pure as a lotus and thug aura, it was a perfect mixture, no one would see through her .

“Boss, these people aren’t as fat as the ones before . ” Ni An Yi and Dai Yi said while slanting their lips .

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“So many people, they’re only good to look at but useless!” Sima You Yue sighed .

“Boss, should we kill them?”

“What’s our original plan?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Rob but don’t kill . ”

“We are not hunters, let them go this time . If they’re tactful, they will avoid us when they see us . If they want to seek revenge from us, then just nice, the brothers in Little Realm, heard that you’re living a comfortable life, you guys also want to come out and stretch!”

Once those people heard about the brothers in Little Realm willing to come out, it would be fine even if they let them go, so she kicked those people away .

Those people didn’t dare to stay either, they struggled and helped each other leave .

Those people were so jinx, they were so powerful, if they really saw them, they would have to make a detour!

As they left, the news of a robbery happened in Primordial Land spreaded in Immortal land, those who heard the news went blank .

Who was so daring? Robbing Feng Qi continent people?

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