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Chapter 1213: Chapter 1213 - Requesting for help

The battle between Ghost clans was filled with dead atmosphere and darkness, this made the Humans uncomfortable . Maybe this was the reason why they dislike the Ghost clan .

But since one side was the Boss’s Elder Brother, and another side was here to kill her, Heartbreak Valley members definitely wouldn’t sit still, they joined in the battle .

Sima You Yue summoned Little Birdie, she said while looking at the small flame in her palm, “Can you differentiate who’s the enemy?”

Little Birdie nodded, what was difficult about this, the opponent’s clothes were different anyway!

Sima You Yue understood it’s thoughts and said, “Then you go ahead!”

Little Birdie didn’t shone much flame as both sides weren’t far apart, it was shone only as big as the tray of mill in the Ghost clan battlefield .

Once it stood out, it immediately made big changes in both sides’ terrain, both sides of Ghost clan fear from it’s rising .

Di Zhe’s side was still okay, they knew it was Sima You Yue’s flame, they knew it wouldn’t hurt them . But the opponent wasn’t doing that great, because they realised that the flame was there to attack them, those lower in strength was burnt to ashes right away by the flame .

“This flame… could it be… . ”

Their eyes widened when they saw that flame and didn’t believe what they saw with their own eyes . ”


Little Birdie was burning lively, it burnt happily every time it saw it .

Once this little guy starts to get happy, he loses himself while enjoying, the flame becomes stronger, that led Di Zhe’s side people back away helplessly, preventing the bystander being affected .

The ghost clan that was sent by Ghost Concubine was depressed, before they came here, they didn’t know Sima You Yue had such a powerful flame, even if they knew about it… . It wouldn’t change anything! They would come if they had to! But at least they could prepare something .

Seeing Little Birdie being so powerful, they couldn’t help but put their focus on it, but their attack wasn’t effective on it at all, instead, their attacks were burnt by it cleanly, contributing to stronger flame .

Di Zhe’s side were all shocked by the scene, if this flame was used on them, they were afraid they had nowhere else to run!

Seeing how they couldn’t fight back, the rest wanted to escape, but when they turned around, they saw Master Ghost standing behind them .

“I’ve already said I’ll keep you guys here, you don’t have to leave!” Ghost Master said .

The opponent’s face was sunken and released a group of evil ghosts to attack him .

“There’s ghosts! I like it!”

A delicate voice spread through, the ghost was sucked away by an energy before it could get close to Master Ghost .

Those evil ghosts that were tamed before were harder to deal with, even Master Ghost would take a toll on his energy if he were to deal with that group of evil ghosts, but he didn’t expect that her reaction was so fast to suck the evil ghosts into Hundred Ghost Banner .

“Hundred Ghost Banner?!” They were surprised to see the Hundred Ghost Banner in Sima You Yue’s hand .

How could she even have the jinx of Ghost clan!

Sima You Yue with her lips curled as she watched the Hundred Ghost Banner absorbing those ghosts in,

“This thing is so useful! I don’t have to be scared anymore next time if I see ghosts?” She muttered, and told the others, “Do you still have any more ghosts? If there is, then let it all out! Just right I didn’t get any spirit from the ancient battlefield, you guys can help me to cut my loss!”

The opponent’s face blackened like charcoal, she snatched their evil ghosts and even spoke like that, it was a total insult!

Firm attack couldn’t win Little Birdie, releasing evil ghosts got absorbed right away . Then what was there to fight?!

Half an hour later, those who came to kill her lost their life here, a bunch of life jade in Ghost Realm became ashes .

Life Jade protector heard there was movement inside, he got a shock when he went inside to take a look, and quickly reported it to Ghost Concubine .

Once Ghost Concubine heard that the people she sent were killed, she was so angry that she overturned the table in front of her .

Her distinct facial features were twisted because of anger, she didn’t have the appearance of a Ghost Clan’s Queen at all .

Ghost Concubine trembled in anger, it was only one human, but it made her lose so many soldiers, how could she swallow this .

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“Send more people there, I’ll not rest unless I kill this little guy!” Ghost Concubine shouted .

“Queen . ” A guy came in from outside, that handsome face made the angered Ghost Concubine calm down .

“Why did you come here?” Ghost Concubine sat back on her seat and asked .

“I heard that the Queen is raging, I’m afraid that you’ll hurt your own health, so I came to check . ” That guy casually looked for a seat and sat down, it was obvious that his rank in front of Ghost Concubine was high .

“How can I not be angry when such things happen?” Ghost Concubine clenched her fist, she was highly angered . Seeing that guy and said, “Mo Yu, how about you go and help me?”

Mo Yu seemed as if she didn’t hear what Ghost Concubine said, he directly took out tea and water, and unhurriedly made a pot of tea, pouring a cup for Ghost Concubine, then pour himself another cup, he tapped lightly, then opened his mouth and said, “You know, I’ve never like the son of yours that wander everywhere, you want me to revenge for him, do you think it’s possible?”

Ghost Concubine was just speaking too fast, seeing Mo Yu didn’t reply to her, she already could already guess the answer . So she wasn’t surprised hearing him said that .

“I just said it casually . ” She explained .

“I know . ” Mo Yu took a sip, “This tea from Human Realm is really delicious, too bad there is not much left . ”

“If you want, I can send someone to send it to you . ” Ghost Concubine put it down after a taste .

She wasn’t interested in Human Realm’s tea, but she made it because he liked it .

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“No need . ” Mo Yu rejected straight away, “Although the tea you sent is savoury, it doesn’t make me fond of it deep down . So I intend to search for it myself . ”

“You’re going to the Human Realm?” Ghost Concubine asked in doubt .

“It’s been a long time since I went, who knows if someone already breeds savoury tea in Human Realm . I want to go and look for it . ” Mo Yu said .

“When are you going?”

“I don’t know, tomorrow maybe, or many years later . I’ll go when I feel like it . ”

“You’re always so erratic . ” Ghost Concubine said helplessly .

“I still have some things I have to settle . By the time I go into Human Realm and if your man has yet to deal with her, I might be able to help you to check on her . But don’t even think of getting me to fight!” Mo Yu closed his eyes and smelled the fragrance of the tea, this tea smelled so good!

“If you attack, it would be hard for her to live! It’s a pity you aren’t willing . ” Ghost Concubine said faintly, “But if you’re willing to get information about her, it’ll definitely be useful to me . ”

“You’re not sending anyone into Immortal land anymore?” Mo Yu frowned .

For now, Ghost Concubine already calmed down, “Since it’s useless to send to many people, it’s pointless to send more . I’ll wait for your news, that is it she can get out of Immortal land alive . ”

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