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Chapter 1197: Chapter 1197 - Sweeping away the existence of the three realms
Chapter 1197 Sweeping away the existence of the three realms

Di Zhe, who had always replied to her questions without fail, didn’t speak . Sima You Yue turned her head over to look at him and saw his expression that carried even more shock than when they saw the mass groups of blood bats .


She hadn’t even managed to get her second word out when Di Zhe pulled her and ran towards the Earth Palace .

They were the first two to enter, followed by Di Liu and Master Ghost . The moment Master Ghost entered, he surrounded the entire Earth Palace with a barrier .

Later on, only three to five of the people remained as they ran inside . The others were trapped outside the barrier .

“Let us in! Let us in!”

“I’m begging you, let us in!”

“Ah, help!”

Those people cried out desperately outside, but Master Ghost hadn’t the slightest intention to let them come in .

Sima You Yue stood behind them . She had no intention to accede to their pleas .

It wasn’t that she was too cold-blooded . It was that those people could have chosen to leave this place earlier on, but they didn’t because they wanted to stay behind to kill her and Di Zhe .

Towards people who wanted to kill her, she wasn’t that pure and kind-hearted as to save them in dangerous times by ignoring the safety of herself and Di Zhe to plead with Master Ghost to open the barrier .

“Let us in! Let us in!”

“Those people were still crying out crazily . A few saw that it was hopeless, and could only turn their attention to defeating that weird entity .

A few others continued to run backwards, but stopped before they made it far . That was because the cloud of black mist had stretched out into a circular shape, surrounding the entire area .

It was only now that Sima You Yue understood why Di Zhe and the others didn’t take her and escape further back, but chose to stay in the Earth Palace .

However, this wasn’t the steadiest of plans . Otherwise, Master Ghost wouldn’t have surrounded the place with a barrier .

“Just what is going on here?”

“This should be Devil’s Blood . ” Di Zhe said, “Who would have thought that this place would actually form Devil’s Blood . It’s no wonder that those blood bats would escape so far away earlier on . ”

“Is Devil’s Blood that powerful?” Sima You Yue was speechless . Even those blood bats were that terrified of it, so just how scary was its existence?

“Yes, in front of it, we are powerless to do anything . ” Di Zhe said with a pale expression, “If we knew that Devil’s Blood was here, we would never have come to the wonderlands . You can say that facing it is like facing the god of death himself . ”

“Is it an underworld beast?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Not really, you can only say that it’s a dark spirit beast . This kind of thing can form in the ghost and devil realm . It can also pass through all three realms . No matter who it is, even a paragon ranked expert, has no sure chance of success . Unless you’re an emperor, only then can you fight it . ” Di Zhe explained .

“So powerful!” Sima You Yue sucked in a breath . An emperor had yet to appear in all these years, but something so powerful actually appeared, “If it leaves this place and goes to the outside, wouldn’t it swallow every single person on the continent whole!”

Di Zhe and Master Ghost didn’t speak, tacitly agreeing to what she said .

No matter where this thing went, it would destroy entire continents .

“This thing has never appeared before?”

“It has . It’s rumored that it appeared once in the ancient times . The losses were dire, and it resulted in countless deaths . However, at that time, Emperors were many and they managed to exterminate that thing . ” Master Ghost said .

And right now, they didn’t have even a single Emperor . Man, Devil and Ghost, these three realms were in a lot of danger .

“It’s a good thing that this thing has yet to completely grow . If a few who have half a step into the emperor rank attack it together, they might be able to exterminate it . ”

Half a step into the emperor rank . Even if they only needed those half a step in, aside from the Ghost King and Devil King, there were no others .

Of course, that didn’t mean that there were none . They were probably just laying low and news wasn’t spread .

However, just how many people were half a step into the emperor realm? There was no way they could rush here now and defeat this thing .

“What is going on?” The Sima Clansmen had not yet finished exterminating the Gu Clan when they ran over . They were just battling when they heard the sounds outside so they cut short the battle to see what was going on .

The Sima Clan initially wanted to see the battle to the end . The Gu clan’s betrayal had really infuriated them, and they didn’t want to let this go .

However, the Gu clansmen were right . If something really happened, they could still face it together .

“You Yue, didn’t you guys go outside? What are you still doing here?” Sima Liu Feng looked at Sima You Yue, walked over and asked .

Sima You Yue turned around to look at Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun . Her little face was pale as she replied, “We’re in big trouble . ”

“What trouble?”

Sima You Yue recounted what Master Ghost had told her, and the Sima Clansmen and Gu Clansmen were frightened .

Damn it, they came here hunting for treasure, right? How did they end up encountering something so terrifying?!


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Tortured cries rang out from the outside as the people in the earth palace looked to see what was going on . They were horrified by the scene before them .

No matter how terrifying Sima You Yue’s earlier words were, it could not compare to what they saw with their own eyes .

“Hu hu-”

Howls from the wind were heard, and it was nothing like the shrill cries of beasts, but it still frightened those from the earth palace to the core .

This was a kind of mental torture, even more terrifying than fighting a huge battle with spirit beasts .

“How long can this barrier last?” An elder asked .

“It is currently eroding my barrier . Based on our current circumstances, the maximum is half an hour . ” Master Ghost said .

Half an hour…

So he was saying that they only had half an hour left?

“Why don’t we strengthen it together?” Someone from the gu clan suggested .

Everyone looked at him as if he were an idiot .

The Master Ghost was a ghost clansmen . Everyone’s spirit energy clashed with his . If you went to help him, wouldn’t you just be causing more trouble?!

The person realised this and was rather embarrassed as he no longer spoke up .

“Do we really have no other choice?”

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The unending silence brought with it a deep sense of despair .

“Master Ghost, could it be we really…” Di Liu looked at Master Ghost, hoping desperately that he would have an answer .

However, even Master Ghost could only shake his head .

Was there really no other way?

Silence . It swallowed their time along with their hope .


One of the people who came in behind Master Ghost couldn’t take being oppressed by the despairing atmosphere anymore and cried out .

“Do we really have to die here?” Another person said tearfully . In the face of this entity, they couldn’t resist at all . They could only watch with their eyes wide open as they walked through death’s door .

“Shut up!” Sima You Yue was irritated by their tearful cries and she shouted at the both of them . Her tyrannical nature stunned everyone else .

Was this a temperament that a little lady should have?

Sima You Yue cared nothing for the way they looked at her as she came to Master Ghost’s side, asking, “Master Ghost, creatures of the dark hate fire and lightning . What about this thing? Is it afraid of them too?”

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