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Chapter 1196: Chapter 1196 - Turn to dust…

Sima You Yue immediately thought of the final mural that was on the wall . When it depicted the divine tool, it showed that a lot of spirit energy had flowed out . Perhaps all the spirit energy in the tool had already been spent back then . The reason it had not rusted over was probably because it had been isolated from the world .

“How is that possible?!” The gu clansmen cried out . If they really were damaged and useless tools, and they had for the sake of those things, broken off relations with the Sima Clan, then the gains would not have made up for the losses today .

No, it was a huge disaster!

“Are you for real, Master Ghost? Don’t scare me!” Sima You Yue cried out .

She had, because of these items, almost been taken hostage by those people, for ransom . She had made the hard journey here, but was actually told that these spirit tools were useless . This was too heart wrenching!

Later on, she didn’t need the Master Ghost to reply to her . When those spirit tools were broken in the restriction, they immediately turned to dust .

Earlier on, the Sima Clan only broke through a majority of the way through and hadn’t managed to break through completely before the Gu clan started acting . However, before the battle was completed, their energy slowly eroded through the final part of the barrier . Right now, with the disappearance of the barrier, the spirit tools touched the outside air and felt the light tremors, causing them to crumble into dust .

Sima You Yue wanted to cuss out loud, but thought about how she was now dressed as a female and could only swallow her words .

However, it was at this moment that the other side rushed over upon hearing the sound . Many watched as the spirit tools crumbled away with their own eyes . They were just in time to hear what Master Ghost said and found out that they were spirit tools . However, they didn’t know how the spirit tools were like before .

“What is going on here?!” They cried out loudly, hearts breaking .

Nobody answered them . They didn’t expect anyone to answer them either . That was because nobody needed to say it . They could already guess why .

The others were still alright . The Gu Clan and Sima Clansmen were the most heartbroken .

The Sima Clan had already been thinking about this for many, many years . Especially because they had placed all their hopes of rising up again on these spirit tools . Now that they were gone, everyone’s hearts were chilled .

As for the Gu clansmen, they went for wool but came back shorn . They initially thought that they would be able to obtain the divine tools, but there was no need to even mention those things . They even offended the old companions that they’ve had for so many years and gained an enemy who knew them so well .

“What do we do now?”

Now? What else could they do? Now that the items were gone, were they just supposed to stay here and watch as the others fought?

The Sima Clan and the Gu clan would definitely fall out this time . If they stayed behind, they would definitely get dragged in .

As such, the powers that just arrived left again . Without the spirit treasures, they had no intentions to stay .

Very quickly, only the Gu clan and the Sima Clan remained . The Sima Clansmen quickly blocked off the exits of the Earth Palace, trapping the Gu clan .

Since there was nothing left, they simply had to avenge today’s hatred!

“You guys should leave first . ” Sima Liu Yun said, “We’ll look for you once this is over . ”

The battle today would be intense . If she remained here, she might get injured .

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue replied to this extremely quickly as she left with Di Zhe and the others .

She had come here for the sole purpose of stealing the treasure . Now that it was gone, there was naturally no desire for her to stay .

Also, this was something the Sima Clan had to settle . She had no plans to join in .

When she left, she heard the Gu clan say something about regret . It was a pity that it was too late to talk about it now .

However, they encountered some trouble when they went outside .

When they left, there were many powers gathered together . When they saw Sima You Yue and Di Zhe come out, they surrounded them .

“Ghost Clansmen, it’s your rotten luck that you encountered us today . Hand your lives over obediently!” Someone cried out .

Another one!

Sima You Yue couldn’t help but roll her eyes . Why did all these old coots from the inner region seem so ignorant? She wasn’t sure when she was still outside, but now, the first sentence they spat out would always be to ask them to hand their lives over obediently etcetc . Were they stupid or dumb?

“Little Lady, you’re still so young . We’ll give you a chance now . If you leave and swear never to hang out with these people again, we’ll spare your life this time . ”

“That would be hard to do . ” Sima You Yue siad .

Since they were her blood relatives, how was she to avoid them forever?

“Little Lady, do not insist on doing things the wrong way!” Someone threatened her, “We gave you this opportunity based on the fact that you are still young . It would be such a pity for you to die so young . ”

“Thank you for your kind intentions . ” Sima You Yue said, “It’s a pity that I cannot accede to your request . ”

“So you’re saying that you will stay with them even upon death? Then, do not blame us for not letting you off!”

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Sima You Yue saw the killing intent in their eyes and said icily, “You never planned to let me go from the start, I guess . You had killing intent in your eyes from the start!”

“Hmph, we gave you a chance that you refused, so leave your life behind as well!”

When they finished speaking, that person took the preemptive strike . He avoided Master Ghost and Di Zhe, aiming straight as Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue’s eyebrows raised, was she that easy to bully?

She had just thought of reacting when Di Liu attacked and quickly got rid of that person .

Sima You Yue felt that the people were looking at her differently . So, after Di Liu had gotten rid of them, she went to check on their subconscious .

“They’re actually Yun Zun’s subordinates!” Sima You Yue saw Yun Zun’s matters in the person’s memories and was rather dumbfounded . This guy was giving her so much trouble even after he died .

As for the powers that remained, Master Ghost had gotten rid of them all with a single strike . The moment the others saw, they were immediately stunned .

“Scram!” Master Ghost ordered in a low voice .

“A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him . The ghost clansmen are too powerful . We should retreat for now!”

As such, these people turned tail and ran away . However, before they could run far, they were stuck where they remained and they watched as the sky abruptly turned black .

“This is…”

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“Oh my-”

A strike was heard as the people who ran in front were the first to be swept up . The next time they appeared, they were already a pile of white bones .


Those people were so afraid that they started running back where they came from, wanting to escape from the black mist that was coming ever closer . However, they weren’t quick enough . Those who were rejoicing in the fact that they managed to run away quickly were now incredibly regretful .


“Help! Ah-”

Many people were constantly eaten up by the black mist and their bones were spat out one after another . The scene was incredibly terrifying .

Sima You Yue was shocked as well . She watched the horror-filled scene and asked, “Cousin, is this something from your ghost realm?”

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