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Chapter 1198: 1198

Master Ghost looked at Sima You Yue, and his eyes suddenly shone, saying, “Fire and lightning are the arch nemesis of this thing . However, because its existence is heaven-defying, the average fire and lightning is useless against it . However, if it’s your flame, it’s not like we don’t have a shot . ”

How could he have forgotten the existence of her flame!

However, Sima You Yue didn’t just want something so uncertain like a shot at it .

“Master Ghost, if I added calamity lightning on top of my flame, will the chances increase?”

“Calamity lightning?” Master Ghost was stunned, “If it was truly they calamity lightning on top of your flame, that would definitely work . However, there’s no calamity lightning here at all . ”

How could a calamity lightning appear at this time?

However, Sima You Yue wasn’t worried about this at all . She turned around to look at the elder and everyone else, saying, “If I can save your life, can you swear that you will not take advantage of the situation to harm me or my ghost clansmen?”

Senior Elder didn’t think that she would actually put forward a request like this as he replied, “Alright, I promise you . ”

“I need every single person here to promise me . ” Sima You Yue said, “Also, I also mean that you cannot harm us now or ever in the future . ”

“If you can solve this problem, of course, it would be no problem to promise you this . ” Senior Elder said .

He had never ever thought of killing or Sima Liu XUan . If she was able to save them, this would be no loss to him .

Sima You Yue glanced at the others and asked, “What about you guys?”

If she could save their lives, they weren’t even able to beg her quick enough . Who would dare harbour other thoughts? Every single one hurriedly nodded and agreed .

“Remember your words . ” Sima You Yue said as she walked outside, saying, “Master Ghost, I’m going to head outside . When heaven’s lightning strikes, I’m afraid that your barrier…”

Di Zhe grabbed her immediately, saying, “What are you trying to do?! Don’t you know how dangerous it is out there?”

“Cousin, take a look at Master Ghost’s barrier . How much longer can it last? Sima You Yue asked .

He was worried about her and his hand was trembling, showing her how he really felt .

Honestly, she didn’t have a hundred percent guarantee by going out either . However, she didn’t like just sitting around and waiting to die .

However, she felt like there was hope . Since nobody else could do it, she would let the heavenly law save her!

Di Zhe grabbed her and didn’t want to let go . He didn’t want her to go and face this danger .

“Cousin . ” Sima You Yue looked at him and smirked, “Relax, I will return . You’ll have to hide inside for a moment . Wait for everything outside to settle down before coming out . ”


“Cousin, we’re running out of time . ” Sima You Yue looked at him firmly .

“Master, relax . With her flame, even if she can’t kill that thing, she will be able to return . ” Master Ghost said .

However, if it truly came to that, there would be no more need for her to return . Because the barrier would not be able to last until then . Returning would no longer be a safe haven .

Di Zhe knew about Sima You Yue’s flame . He released her and told her, “Be careful . ”

“Mm . ”

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Sima You Yue came to the end of the barrier where Master Ghost was about to open the barrier to let her out when he saw her fuse with Little Roar and leave .

The Sima Clan recognised the spirit skill she used and cried out with surprise, “She actually knows how to use fusion! Sima Liu Feng, were you the one who taught her?!”

Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun were extremely surprised because they had never taught her any sort of skill .

“We found her during the pill competition in Cloud Sea City . Looking at her proficiency at fusion, does it look like she began learning back then?”

The Sima Clansmen fell silent because that was definitely impossible .

“She is Liu Xuan’s child . Even if she didn’t grow up in the clan, it’s not strange for her to know of these things!” Sima Liu Feng said, “However, she’s merely thirty years old right now . I wonder which of the geniuses in the younger generation of our clan at the thirty years of age are as accomplished as she is?”

Senior Elder and the others fell silent . There was no need to even mention the younger generation . Even in the past, there was nobody as heaven-defying .

Now, these divine tools weren’t even around anymore . If she was able to return to the clan, it wasn’t impossible for her to shake up the clan!

When they thought of this, the way they looked at Sima You yue changed . The others thought the same as well, and everyone’s gazes changed .

Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun saw the changes, but they didn’t say anything .

They had to properly think things through for themselves .

If they were able to accept her, then they could look forward to her return to the clan .

However, the prerequisite was that they had to safely pass through this calamity .

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The outside of the earth palace was already completely surrounded . The entire sky had turned pitch black, as if it was covered by a piece of black cloth .

Everyone watched as she left the barrier and was afraid that she was going to be swallowed by the Devil’s Blood . Every single one of them felt their heart clench tightly .

Di Zhe and Sima Liu Feng were the most worried about her . The elders were just afraid that they would lose a rare talent and lose the opportunity to ascend . The others were afraid that she would die and that they would lose their only hope of survival .

They only saw that the moment she left the barrier, her body was surrounded by an intense gold flame . The black mist around her was burnt cleanly, and a silhouette appeared in its midst .

“Such a powerful flame!” Someone inside the earth palace cried out .

Although they were so far from her, they could feel the intensity of the heat . This proved how hot it was .

It was such a powerful flame . Who knew, it might really be able to defeat the Devil’s Blood .

“Hu- Hu-”

The flame continued to burst forth, and the sound was even more intense than before .

The Devil’s Blood grew increasingly violent!

Sima You Yue could feel the power sucking Crimson Flame’s energy as she said to the space, “Crimson Flame, I’ll have to trouble you this time . I need you to buy me a few minutes . ”

A silhouette flashed out from inside Sima You Yue . when he appeared, his body was also surrounded by flame .

His body suddenly moved and flew into the air, turning into his original form . It flew directly into the dense black mist .

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The opponent was too strong, so he had to change into his true form to increase his strength . It would buy him more time .


He released a long cry, and everyone in the earth palace could sense the immense pressure .

“This, this is… a phoenix?”

“No, it’s not a phoenix . ” Master Ghost looked at Crimson Flame with shock, “That’s the Divine… Vermilion Bird!”

Everyone in the Earth Palace was stunned . They had actually seen the Divine Vermilion Bird . The Divine bird of the legends!

It was no wonder her flame was so strong . It was because of it .

The black mist dispersed, focusing its strength to defeating crimson flame . Sima You Yue remained where she was and began to activate the purple lightning in her, allowing it to draw the calamity cloud .

Calamity Cloud was sleeping soundly in the sky, it was the most idle here . Suddenly, it felt the beckoning of someone and was immediately woken up .

This guy again!

It initially thought of not going over, but it could feel that there was some kind of heaven-defying entity there, so it could only sit on the calamity cloud and head over there .

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