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Chapter 1195: Chapter 1195 - Facing the Sima Clan

It was not only Sima You Yue . Even Sima Liu Feng and the others felt the same . The news that their ancestors had left behind was vague while the story written on this stone wall seemed more reliable .

“Could it be that there really isn’t a divine tool?” Sima Liu Feng said .

If that was true, wouldn’t their efforts have been in vain?

“It’s not impossible . ” Sima Liu Feng had just spoken when they heard sounds of battle . The battle sounded incredibly fierce, causing the entire ground to shake .

“It’s Elder’s spirit skill!” Sima Liu Feng said .

“Something’s happened . Go and take a look . ” Sima Liu Feng ran over towards that direction after speaking .

“You guys wait here . ” Sima Liu Feng instructed Sima You Yue before leaving with Sima Liu Yun .

Sima You Yue saw how anxious they were and rubbed her nose, saying, “He’s always dissatisfied with the clan leader, but he still runs so quickly the moment something happens . ”

These were the Sima Clansmen!

“They asked you to wait here . Are you going to?” Di Zhe asked .

He saw Sima You Yue’s sneaky gaze and knew that he had asked the wrong question . How was it possible for this brat to wait here quietly .

“Let’s go take a look!” Sima You YUe said, “What if something happened to Uncle Liu Feng and the others?”

What if the divine tool was really stolen away by someone?

Fine, in actuality, the main point was whatever she didn’t actually say . Sima Liu Yun and the others wouldn’t be injured so easily .

She and Di Zhe went towards the direction in which the battle was happening . They quickly saw a group gathered around a huge pit, faced off against another group .

Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng saw Sima You Yue come over and they were shocked . They were about to say something, but weren’t in time as someone flew towards them .

“Get lost!”

Sima You Yue hadn’t even reacted yet when Master Ghost waved his hands, sending that very person flying against the wall, knocking him dead .

Sima Liu Yun saw that Master Ghost killed a monarch ranked expert in a single move, and realised that the blow he had dealt him earlier on was considered charitable .

Sima You Yue blinked, asking, “What’s going on?”

How did she end up almost getting kidnapped the moment she came?

Sima Liu Feng and Sima Liu Yun flew over and protected her by standing near . They asked, “Didn’t we ask you not to come?!”

“I came to help . What if you weren’t able to defeat them?” Sima You Yue said very seriously .

Sima Liu Yun and Simai Liu Feng looked at her . Not a single one believed what she said .

If they couldn’t even tell what her true intentions were, they would have lived their many years in vain!

Sima You Yue didn’t care whether or not they believed her . However, this wasn’t really a big deal . She didn’t have to pay any heed .

“Who are those people? Why do they want to kidnap us?” She still wanted to clarify the current situation .

She had seen it earlier on just now . That person didn’t come here to attack her . They flew over here where they were . If it weren’t for Ghost Teacher who killed them, they would have kidnapped any single one of them .

“Those people couldn’t defeat us and couldn’t escape, so they wanted to kidnap someone and drag us down . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

“Who are those people?” Sima You Yue saw that the expressions of those people were rather ugly . Each of them looked like they had eaten a dear bird .

“From the Gu clan . ” Sima Liu YUn said, “Because of a divine tool, they backstabbed the clans . ”

“Gu Clan?” Sima You Yue was shocked . She recalled what happened at Cloud Sea City . She really did see the Gu clan with the Sima Clan . They also seemed to be getting along well back then .

However, the two clans were facing each other angrily . Especially the Sima Clan . they looked hurt . It seemed like the relationship had broken off .

“Didn’t they say that there was no divine tool?” Sima You Yue asked .

“It’s not the one we saw . It’s another divine tool . ” Sima Liu Yun said .

Although they didn’t obtain that divine tool, obtaining these things weren’t bad either . It would be able to strengthen the Sima clan .

The Sima Clansmen weren’t with the Gu Clan when they entered . However, when they met in the underground palace, they didn’t chase the gu clan away . However, they didn’t expect that the moment they broke through the barrier here, the gu clan would stop hiding their true wolf colors and attack them directly .

The Sima Clan received a sneak attack and many were injured immediately . Things had been rather passive at that time, but they didn’t expect Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng to run over and directly kill two of their experts, ridding the Sima Clan of the pressure .

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Later on, Sima You Yue arrived and Master Ghost silenced the entire Earth Palace with a single move, and both sides were in a deadlock .

“What are the two of you doing?!” The Sima clansmen were disgruntled when they saw that the two of them, including Sima Liu Yun, were not helping them fight the Gu clan but were instead with someone that they didn’t recognise .

Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng exchanged glances before stepping away from both sides at the same time, revealing Sima You Yue .

Earlier on, the Sima Clansmen didn’t notice Sima You Yue at all . By the time they had reacted, Master Ghost had already sent them flying while Sima Liu YUn and Sima Liu Feng had hidden her behind them .

Right now, they had just seen her clearly . When they noticed that her face was extremely similar to Yu Ke Luo, they sucked in a breath .

“That, that’s…”

The Gu Clan noticed Sima You Yue as well as they cried out, “Yu Ke Luo!”

“That’s not Yu Ke Luo, that should be the child she had that year!”


“Isn’t that… Sima Liu Xuan’s child?!”

The Gu Clan and Sima Clan were in a state of shock . Sima You Yue’s sudden appearance overwhelmed them .

“What is she doing here!”

That was true . Wasn’t she lost? Didn’t Sima Liu Xuan take her away? What was she doing here…

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“You’re that vice valley leader of the new power…” The most senior elder said .

Initially, they looked at Sima You Yue from afar and did feel like she looked rather familiar back then . They didn’t even link it to Yu Ke Luo back then, though .

It turns out that she was actually her…

They saw the way Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng protected her and knew that they had located her long ago!

“This is not the time to be curious about my identity . If you can’t distribute the divine tool properly, why don’t you just give it to me . This way, it won’t ruin the camaraderie you’ve had all these years and continue to live in peace .

The three groups were speechless . She was actually able to speak these kinds of words .

Di Zhe smiled, saying, “Master Ghost, since Cousin wants it, you should help her snatch it . ”

However, Master Ghost remained where he was, unmoving .

“There is very little fluctuation of spirit energy of that divine too . . It’s already a pile of trash . Worthless . ”

“No spirit energy?!” Sima You YUe saw the divine tools on the wall behind the Sima Clan . They looked perfectly fine, but she didn’t expect that there would be no spirit energy left .

“These spirit tools should have lost their spirit energy during the great battle . ” Master Ghost said, “Or maybe it has something to do with the murals we saw earlier . ”

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