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Chapter 1181: 1181

The expressions of the others changed as well . After walking for such a long time, they finally reached this place . Were they about to get sent all the way back to the start?

“It’s not a spatial flow . It’s something that’s flying in this direction . ” Ghost Master said .

When they heard the news, everyone let out a breath while also simultaneously paying attention .

They had been wandering around the space for almost a year without encountering any, so why did they bump into it now that they were here?

Also, for creatures that managed to live here, they were uncertain how powerful they were .

It was alright if they were weak, but if they were weak in strength but had many numbers, that would be problematic .

A short moment later, everyone heard the sounds of movement . There were buzzing sounds coming nearer and they were approaching very quickly .

“Blood bats!” Ghost Master said to Di Zhe, “Some are hard to deal with!”

Ghost Blood Bats were relatively harder to deal with in the underworld . They were strong and came in a group . Every time they appeared, there would be a big group of them . That was why nobody wanted to encounter ghost blood bats in the ghost realm .

“Everyone, be prepared!” Di Zhe’s guards said to the people behind him .

Ghost Master wasn’t a stranger to the ghost clansman . That was why there was no panic as they waited for instruction in an orderly fashion . They would wait for the ghost bats to arrive, before dispatching the people to action .

Sima You Yue saw how prepared the guards were and said, “Are those ghost bats hard to deal with?”

“Yeah, those blood bats look to be only the size of one head, but they’re quick and powerful . Their mental attacks are also exceptionally strong . If they attack all together, their powers are multiplied . ”

The combined attack of a hundred beginner divine ranked ghost bats was equivalent to an intermediately ranked one . If it were a thousand of them, they would be equivalent to an advanced rank .

This kind of formidable might was something that other herd animals didn’t have . Furthermore, when they appeared, there would be at least a thousand of them or, if there were many, there could even be ten thousand of them . That was why the ghost clansmen didn’t want to encounter them .

Sima You Yue heard Di Zhe’s explanation and felt like their luck was just too great . They had encountered such vicious beasts just as they entered this place .

“You don’t have to be too worried . Our guards aren’t that weak . Even though the ghost bats have come, they won’t be that problematic . ” Di Zhe comforted her .

The guards standing behind him pursed their lips . They really didn’t think that a day would come where their master would comfort someone else . If it were not because the person was his cousin, Princess Yu Ke Luo’s daughter, they would have suspected that he had started to get romantic feelings .

Sima You Yue nodded her head, saying, “I’m not too worried . If you can’t can’t deal with it, I still have the underworld tool that you gave to me . They don’t really have much use against the things of that world right?”

“Yeah . ” Di Zhe said, “These things have incorporeal bodies . Ghost bat’s sound wave attacks are only useful against physical ghost clansmen . ”

“That’s good then . ” Sima You Yue wasn’t too worried about it now . If these guards really couldn’t do it, then she would just use the hundred ghost fan to attack ghost ghost bats .

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However, before the ghost bats even came close, Ghost Master felt like something was off as he said, “Master, something’s wrong!”

“What’s wrong?”

Di Zhe looked at Ghost Master and his voice had changed . This was something that rarely happened .

“These blood bats are different from the ones in the ghost realm . They should have been mutated!” Ghost Master said .

“Mutated blood bats!” Di Zhe’s expression changed as he said, “What are mutated blood bats doing here? We can’t stay here . Retreat!’

He was still rather confident just now, but things changed immediately .

Sima You Yue didn’t understand at first why they would be so afraid of the mutated blood bats, but she understood later on .

Di Zhe said earlier that the average blood bats were only the size of a washbowl, but the ones that she saw chasing at them, damn it, how was that a washbowl? That was obviously the size of a water tank, alright?!

If it was just this mutation, it wouldn’t have caused Ghost Master’s expression to falter and cause them to want to retreat . Their strength must definitely have multiplied as well . Otherwise, running for their lives like this would have been too embarrassing!

They wanted to run, but they were helpless as there was a huge ravine behind them . They were unable to escape quickly while those blood bats were extremely familiar with this place . As they flew, they easily avoided all the ruptures in space and caught up to them quickly .

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Right now, they could only hope that their numbers were few . If there were a hundred of them, they would be hard pressed to win .

“Damn it all to hell!”

The blood bats came closer and closer, looking like a huge blanket of black . How was that a hundred of them! That was quite obviously more than ten million, okay!

“How are there so many blood bats?” Even Ghost Master was feeling unstable .

This would kill them so cleanly that not a single bit of them would remain!

When Sima You Yue saw Ghost Master acting this way, she knew that it would be a straightforward battle . There was no need to mention how they only had a few hundred guards and didn’t lack the ability to fight back at all .  Even if they had many more guards, just based on the sheer number of mutated blood bats, they were done for!

“They’re gaining on us too quickly, we can’t escape them at all!” Even Di Zhe’s guards were losing hope .

Sima You Yue was initially thinking of using the ghosts inside the hundred ghost fan to deal with the blood bats, but it seemed like right now, even if she took it out, the ghosts would only be able to hold them back for a moment . They weren’t really of much use .

“You’re an array master . You don’t have to worry about us, In a moment, just use your array and leave . ”

“Yes, we will buy some time for you, we don’t know how long we have, do you must make the most of it . ” It was the first time Sima Liu Feng agreed with Di Zhe, and it was so they could protect her .

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They all knew that she was an array master, so leaving on her own would not be a problem . However, it would not be certain that she could take them all with her . One had to know that setting up a large array needed time .

Sima You Yue didn’t think that the two of them, who had disagreed with each other the entire way here, would now stand on the same side . They stood in front of her so that, in the event that it was hopeless, they would be able to open a route for her .

And that was only because she was a family that they cared about!

Sima Liu Feng and Di Zhe didn’t think that there would be a day they stood shoulder to shoulder in battle, and the preconceived notions they had about each other lessened a little .

Earlier on, Sima Liu Feng hated that Di Zhe’s aunt had dragged his brother down while the other blamed that the other party’s sibling had dragged his Little Aunt down . If it were not because Sima You Yue was with them, they probably would have fought .

Now, however, the both of them stood together and the way they felt towards Sima You Yue allowed them to accept each other .

Of course, this just meant that they accepted the other party . It didn’t mean they accepted their entire clan .

“It seems like if you die here, you won’t be able to go to the ghost realm . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

“Mm, we can only stay here forever . ” Di Zhe said lightly . He was not afraid of death, he was only afraid of being regretful forever .

He would be unable to rescue his Little Aunt personally . If he was not around, when would this cousin of his be able to rescue his Little Aunt? When she went to the ghost realm, who would be able to help her?

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