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Chapter 1180: 1180

The ghost clansmen were quite strong and they got rid of those people while they were talking . It was fine that they were not like the others who hid far away, but they actually dared to loudly proclaim that they wanted to kill them . To fit with the ghost clansmen in the ancient battle was simply asking for death .

“Master, we’ve gotten rid of them . ” One of the guards returned with a report .

“Mm . ” Di Zhe nodded lightly, then turned to Sima You Yue, saying, “Are we going to hurry on our way?”

“Yeah . ”

Di Zhe let the guards find out some information before continuing to hurry along . However, this time, it was not only Halcyon leading the way . There was also Sima Liu Feng .

They walked for more than half a month before they finally walked out of the cluster of mountains . They came to a place where the spatial area was the most stable .

If you wanted to say that the place they came from was desolate with only vegetation and no living creatures, then this area was a place where even grass wouldn’t grow .

The soil was scorched and the ground was cracked . After the world had gone through ten million years of changes, not a single living thing grew here .

They flew in the sky, and each and every single place in front was the same . The black ground looked exactly like a patch of ocean, swallowing the hopes of everything around it .

Sima You yue returned to the ground . Although the space here was very stable, it didn’t mean that a spatial flow couldn’t suddenly appear and whisk her away . She had taken great pains to come here, and if that happened, she wouldn’t even have tears to cry .

“How is it?” Di Zhe and the others didn’t dare to casually go up . They didn’t have the knowledge towards this kind of space, and could only wait below .

“The places ahead are all the same . We should have landed on the ancient battlefield . ” Sima You Yue said, “Just what kind of battle could have resulted in a place like this .

“Nobody knows, and the ancient texts don’t talk about it either . If it were not because there were people who happened to land up here and spread the news, we wouldn’t even have known about it . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

As the clan that had been the focus of that news, the Sima Clan had encountered countless pressure all these years . It was a good thing that the wonderland didn’t show any sign of opening all these years, so the Sima Clan could live in peace . Otherwise, they might have long since been exterminated .

At that time when word of this first got out, nobody in their generation knew . However, looking back now, what happened back then didn’t really bring them much benefit . Especially when everyone knew about it, that was ten thousands of years before this place was set to open, and the Sima Clan didn’t have a single peaceful day since .

Also, they just couldn’t understand why their ancestors who had received word about this back then had let everyone find out about this, causing them to be the focus of the attention of the continent .  They didn’t expect that as time went by, the news would spin so differently to the point that it diverted some attention and ended up throwing the clan into an even worse position .

The others started to send out even more news about the Sima Clan, but even they didn’t know much and the outside world seemed to know a lot more than they did .

Although, when they came in, the Sima Clan didn’t encounter much danger, they knew that there were many who kept tailing them in order to find this ancient battlefield .

Actually, they didn’t have much interest in this place . So many years had already gone by, how much treasure was there to be gleaned? Were the things from the ancient past really that much better than now? After so many years, who knew whether these things were of use . What was the use in coming to a place as dangerous as this .

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However, this way of thinking was useless . Sima Liu Yun’s way of thinking was unable to stop the clansmen . The group of old coots insisted on coming, so he had no choice .

Furthermore, these few years, because of Sima Liu Xuan, the two of them were unable to rise up too high in the clan’s ranks . That was why he did have this train of thought but was unable to say it . He had no choice but to come along .

“You guys didn’t know this either?” Sima You Yue asked Di Zhe .

Di Zhe shook his head . He really didn’t pay any attention to this .

“A single battle resulted in this large fracture in space . This proves that this battle was one of epic proportions . It’s impossible that not a single bit of written or oral account remained . ” Sima You Yue said, “Could it be that this ancient battlefield wasn’t in the ancient primordial lands but formed somewhere else?”

“Formed somewhere else? Do you mean… outside the continent?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

“I feel like this is largely possible . ” Sima You Yue said .

“How do you know there’s a space outside the continent?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

Those from the inner realms were more familiar with the space outside the continent . For people like Sima You Yue who were young and had not much experience of life, it was more likely that she wouldn’t know .

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“Qing Yi said so . ” Sima You Yue siad .

“Qing Yi?”

“The tree of life . The area that we exited from down below . ” Sima You Yue siad .

When she was chatting with Sima Liu Feng a few days ago, she told them about how Sima Yi Yun and the others had been caught and he also happened to pry about that area .

She didn’t keep it from him either, or rather, she also told him about this because she wanted him to know about what she had been doing . Maybe this way, he would be able to tell her father about her .

Also, aside from letting him sigh about her talent and bringing him joy, it wasn’t really useful . During this period of time, whenever she asked about her father, he would just directly tell her that it would be best for her not to know, or he would change the subject or ramble about this and that .

In any case, to sum in up, he would on one hand, be excited about how talented she was, and on the other hand, die before he gave her any useful information . She was so annoyed that she grit her teeth .

However, she couldn’t go inside his head to take a look . She could only glare at him from the side .

As for Sima Liu Feng, when he was young, he was a person who was extremely shameless . Now that he was old, he had even more practice, so his shamelessness was even more . No matter how she glared at him, he just refused to acknowledge it .

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However, Sima You Yue was not somebody who would give up that easily . The two of them carried on like this as the days passed . One would keep asking and the other would keep dodging . The two of them were messing around quite happily .

“How does that Qing Yi know of the world outside? Isn’t he just a tree?”

“Yeah, a sentient tree . ” Sima You Yue siad, “He told me that we’re not the only ones who have been here . People from other places have been here as well . After all, this place can accept our entry, so it can accept theirs as well . So, this place isn’t necessarily formed by our continent . ”

“It is possible . ” Di Zhe said, “If it really was a battle of epic proportions between supernatural beings, some traces would remain . The battles that happened in the ancient and old days always had some traces remaining . It wouldn’t be like now, where there’s no information available . ”

Sima Liu Feng nodded, agreeing with her point .

“Something’s coming . ” Ghost Master suddenly said .

“Not another spatial flow, right?” Sima Liu Feng’s expression changed .

Earlier on, he had just arrived at the ancient battlefield when a spatial flow had come and whisked him away . Was he about to get whisked away again?

Life wouldn’t be that cruel, right?!

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