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Chapter 1182: 1182

Di Zhe saw the look in Sima Liu Feng’s eyes that mirrored his – regret . He just didn’t know what his regret was .

Sima Liu Feng’s heart was indeed filled with regret . He had not yet gone with Sima Liu Yun to find Sima Liu Xuan, neither did they bring Sima You Yue to blind the eyes of those damned old coots . There were many things he still wanted to do .

It was fine if they didn’t do it, but thinking about how Sima Liu Yun now had to do it all alone and that he couldn’t get to see the stupid faces of those blind old dogs, his heart ached!

He suddenly reacted . He said earlier on that he wanted to blind those old dogs, but didn’t that mean he was a dog as well?

His contracted beast knew what he was thinking and couldn’t help but roll its eyes .

“Master, go with the young miss . We will help buy you some time . ” One of the guards said .

“Have you forgotten what I said when we first established ourselves?” Di Zhe threw the question back, “I’ve said it before, I will be with you guys to the end . I will never let you sacrifice yourselves for me . ”

He, Di Zhe, was not a good person . Towards anyone else, he would kill with no hesitation . In the ghost realm, it was simply because he would kill without holding back that his name was infamous .

However, towards people he walked alongside, he respected them . Whatever he promised back then, he would fulfill!

Those guards did feel rather touched when they saw this . Although Di Zhe’s reputation was bad, this was the reason why they were willing to follow under him .

“Master, it’s better for you to go! We…”

Sima You Yue rolled her eyes, saying, “We’re already at this stage but you’re still pushing things here and there, aren’t we wasting time?”

“You Yue, hurry up and go . Why are you still staying here?!” Sima Liu Feng saw that Sima You Yue hadn’t yet taken out her temporary teleportation array, but instead took out a little door and urged .

“If the blood bats are too powerful and you take too long to leave, we’ll all get exterminated . You should hurry and leave . ” Di Zhe agreed .

Sima You Yue blinked before she turned around and looked behind them, “The blood bats are here . ”

The blood bats came closer and they were already able to see their ugly faces .

“Hurry up and leave!” Di Zhe pushed Sima You Yue back, then took out his weapon . He turned around, wanting to go into battle with his guards .

A blinding light overtook the place and enveloped everyone . Before they managed to send out their attacks, they disappeared . By the time they came back to their senses, they were in a different place .

The sound waves of the blood bats had just been released as they got closer, but then they suddenly disappeared . If it were any other time, they would have stayed around to check it out . This time, however, they flew off without even looking back .

It didn’t seem like they were looking for a fight, but that they were running for their lives .

As for the people who saw this sudden change in environment, they only now realised that they had been saved .

“Where is this place?”

Sima You Yue came out and said, “This is my little realm . We can stay here for a while . Those blood bats should leave once they can’t find us . ”

“You actually had a place like this, so why didn’t you say so early? You actually caused us to worry so much and think that we’d be unable to escape from the calamity . ”

“Didn’t you guys keep saying in the beginning for me to go?” Sima You Yue said, “I was wondering whether or not to listen to your instructions! You know I’m really obedient . ”

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For some reason, they just couldn’t find which part of her was obedient . They just saw her sneaky expression .

She just saw their worry .

“I just didn’t want to see you guys so worried . ” Sima You Yue explained, “Exposing this in front of you all takes a bit of courage . If someone starts coveting this, wouldn’t I have rescued an ingrate instead?”

She was as frank as ever .

Di Zhe and Sima Liu Feng knew that she was just joking, but she probably did worry about this before .

“You can relax, my people will never speak of this . ” Di Zhe said .

“It’s not like we’ve never seen a little realm before . Although this is rather special, it won’t entice me enough to steal it . ” Sima Liu Feng said .

Di Zhe nodded . If it was someone else’s, he might actually be tempted . However, this was hers . He was even willing to give her the hundred ghost fan, how could he possibly steal this .

“I also guessed that you guys wouldn’t so I finally decided to bring you in . ” Sima You Yue said, “You guys wait here, I’ll leave for a bit . I’ll bring you out once I’ve confirmed that it’s safe outside . ”

“All right, you go ahead . ”

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“Can we take a look around here?” Sima Liu Feng asked .

“I’ve already set up barriers around forbidden areas . ” Sima You Yue said as she left .

She wanted to check on Little Eleven .

After half a day passed, she went out of the little realm on her own . If the blood bats were still around, she could immediately head into the spirit pagoda .

However, by the time she appeared, the blood bats were long gone .

She led everyone out, and when they had confirmed that all the blood bats were gone, they finally heaved a sigh of relief .

The scent of the blood bats had yet to dissipate from the air . It was clear just how dire the earlier situation was .

“Earlier on, the blood bats seemed to be in a rush . It didn’t seem like they were chasing after us . I’m guessing they bumped into something . ”

“It was too chaotic earlier on . Now that I think about it, something really seems off . ” Di Zhe recounted the situation back then and felt like there was something strange about it .

If they came because of them, they would have attacked since they were so close . Furthermore, once they spotted them, they would have surrounded them on all sides .

“However, even if they were just passing by, when they saw us, they still would have chosen to attack . ” Sima Liu Feng said, “No matter what reason, the outcome is the same . If not for You Yue, it would probably have been disastrous . ”

“That’s right . Cousin, it’s all thanks to you . ” Di Zhe said .

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“I wasn’t referring to that . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Then what?”

“If my guess is right, those blood bats didn’t come here because of us, so why did they fly off on such a large scale?”

“It could be that something up ahead enticed them, or something behind was chasing them such that it was impossible for them to escape . ” Sima Liu Feng understood what she was hinting at .

“That’s what I’m thinking, too . ” Sima You Yue said, “If it’s the first reason, then what direction are they heading towards, and will they be back? If it’s the second reason, then that would be even worse . ”

“Why would it be worse?” One of the guards who was rather acquainted with Sima You Yue asked .

“Idiot!” The head of the guards happened to be standing beside him and tapped him on the head with a fist, saying, “If it’s the second reason, you tell me . It’s something that causes those blood bats to flee . So just what kind of existence would it be? Do you want to head towards it?”

The guard who spoke earlier sucked in a breath . Those blood bats came out from inside the ancient battlefield . If that was true, then didn’t that mean something powerful was in there?!

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