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Chapter 1173: Chapter 1173 - Another Enlightenmen

“Right, what is a folding space? I never heard of it before” Little Dream said . “The folding space is not a closed space . It is different from a Rubix sky . ” Halcyon explained . “The folding space is actually related to the outside world . But her space is different from the outside space . It’s like a piece of paper folded up . That’s why it has this name . Although we can’t see it, even if we keep moving forward, we may still be million of miles away from the place just now . ”

Sima You Yue knew of this . She didn’t expect that a folding space would be formed here . It was no wonder Di Zhe and the group’s aura suddenly disappeared . It turned out that it was because they were too far away all of sudden . The thing became useless .

It must be the same for Sima Liu Feng and them .

“It can make a space change, indicating that there must be something here or something happened to cause it . ” Halcyon reminded Sima You Yue .

No matter what it was, it showed that the danger was not low .

Sima You Yue nodded, indicating she understood .

“Then let’s go in . ”

In order to prevent a situation where one step would move someone thousands of miles away causing everyone to be stranded, she moved everyone to an enclosed space .  After she entered, she planned to let them out .

She took out a red rope, tying it a piece of grass . She walked forward, taking every step carefully . She didn’t know what was in there and whether the space would suddenly break .

When approaching, Little Seven said that she felt pressure on her body suddenly tightening then disappearing . That indicated she had entered the space .

She looked back and saw that the red rop was less than a hundred meters away from her, dancing in the wind .

She walked a few more steps . She turned her head and the red rope was gone . This should be the reason why Yin Zun saw those people disappear .

She took out a scroll and checked it . Sima Yi Yun’s group’s aura could not be found which meant that they were at least several hundred thousands of kilometers away . Because the longest distance this scroll could detect was some hundred thousands of kilometers .

She looked at it and found there was no specific person here or that there was no specific person on it . So this scroll had no effect here .

She put away the scroll, took out the underworld artifact that Di Wu E gave her . The pointer on it moved slowly and then stopped in one direction .

“You are really here!” Sima You Yue stored away the underworld artifact and flew in the direction pointed out .

But when it came to flying, there was not much difference from walking . Because of hidden space traps everywhere, she must be careful .

After walking for a while, she had used a high amount of divine sense . So she summoned Halcyon .

Halcyon transformed into human form when he came out . After observing the situation, he transformed back into a bird for Sima You Yue to ride on .

“There are many spatial faults here . If you accidentally walked into it, you will never get out . ” Halcyon said .

“I know . ” Sima You Yue nodded .

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It was because of the many faults here she had to walk so carefully . But why did Di Zhe and them come to such a dangerous place?

Halcyon deserved to be called space type spirit beast . He had an innate keen sense of space perception . After reducing his body size, he was flying at rapid speed .

After moving for two days, Sima You Yue took out the underworld artifact and found that the pointer was spinning faster .

It meant that she was consistently approaching Di Zhe’s group .

After flying for a few days, Sima You Yue let him go rest for a while to recover his divine sense .

After Halcyon transformed into his human form, Sima You Yue offered him a few pills for him .

“It’s a big place . ” Halcyon commented . “Although it’s an exaggeration to say one step is traveling thousands of miles, it’s not far from it . ”

“Why is there an immortal land in such a place?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Since so many people came in, they must know something . When we meet them, we can just ask one of them . ” Halcyon replied .

“Mm, it can only be so . ” Sima You Yue agreed . “If we can find Di Zhe sooner, we can just ask him . ”

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She originally wanted to call Di Wu E out and asked him how much farther according to the display on the underworld artifact . But it suddenly occurred to her that the space here was not stable . Maybe a long distance away or she would arrive in a while . In this case, even if one judged how far they are, one wouldn’t know when they would be there .

They made a hold in the middle of a mountain as a resting place for the day . To find a stable space to rest, they needed to find a large place . Otherwise, it was easy for it to be a spatial fault .

They cleared the cave that they blasted out . She let Halcyon go in to rest . Then she took Little Seven and others who were clamoring in the Spirit Pagoda out . Then they sat at the entrance of the cave on a lookout .

Space was really a kind of magical existence . It could accommodate people living in it . It could be far away, closed, or enclosed in a Little Realm, or it could expand into an endless continent .

This was the first time she had deeply experienced the diversity and danger of space as well as its variability . She closed her eyes and sensed the faults and spatial folds around her . Unknowingly, she opened her Spirit Realm .

Little Seven and others trek the foot of the mountain . They felt something was one them . When they reacted, they felt the aura around them had changed .

“Eh? This space even changed?” Little Seven exclaimed .

“Well, it isn’t the space that’s changed but because we are in her Spirit Realm . ” Qing Yi explained .

“Yue Yue’s Spirit Realm? We have never been in it yet!” Little Seven remarked . “Is it safe in Yue Yue’s Realm?”

“This space here is not connected to the folding space outside . ”

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In other words, there were no faults, no folds and no spatial compression . They could run around .

“Really?! I’m going to see what Yue Yue’s Spirit Realm is like!”

Little Seven cheered and ran around . Because she never came in before, she was curious about everything .

The same goes for Little Dream and then . With Flowey, the three little girls peeked here and there . They were excited .

Qing Yi didn’t go with them . He looked at someone in the middle of the mountain who had closed her eyes meditating . He sighed in his heart about her talent .

“It was not long since you comprehended your Spirit Realm . How did you do it?”

For decades, he had seen too many geniuses, although in others’ memory, he had never seen such a talented person .

He could feel that Sima You Yue Spirit Realm was a bit more stable than before . The scope of it had expanded a bit . If she confronted Yin Zun now, she could at least hold him for a few more minutes .

If he knew that Sima You Yue was testing the nature of space and saw an endless universe . What kind of expression would he have?

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