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Chapter 1174: Chapter 1174 - Found Them

When Sima You Yue woke up, two days had passed . She discovered her Spirit Realm evolved . She revealed a smiling face .

She stored away the Spirit Realm and the people inside found she woke up .

“Yue Yue! You’re awake?” Little Seven’s group looked at her gleefully .

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue got up .

“Yue Yue you’re amazing! Not long afterwards, you attained another enlightenment!” Little Seven exclaimed .

Sima You Yue smiled . “This is because the space here is different from the outside . ”

“No matter what, your Spirit Realm is powerful . ” Qing Yi rarely complimented here .

Halcyon came out . “Are we continuing on the journey?”

“Mm, it’s better to get to Hundred Ghost Banner early . Besides, I have something to ask him . ”

Something about her mother .

Because Halcyon had to shrink his body, Little Seven and them had to return to the Spirit Pagoda .

Sima You Yue took out the underworld artifact to determine Di Zhe’s group’s direction . Then she had Halcyon bring her on the way there .

However, the deeper she went, the more distorted the space became . Di Zhe’s group was in her direction then they may be in another direction after a few hundred miles .

It seemed they couldn’t be traced at all .

Since there was no direction or distance at all, she simply couldn’t continue this way she let Halcyon return . She walked casually in the space and then she found them a month later .

“When one intentionally plants flowers and doesn’t bloom and unintentionally plants willows with a fortuitous outcome, the ancients can’t fool me!” She sighed inwardly .

She didn’t hide her trace . Before she found them, they had discovered her . In other words, they waited for her in a place for a long time .

“What are you doing?! Do you know where this is? You actually ran down here . Do you want to die or don’t want to live anymore?” Di Zhe scolded her when he approached her .

Sima You Yue looked at him . What was the difference between wanting to die and not wanting to live?

“I don’t know where this is . I don’t want to die but I want to live . I don’t want to come here either, and I… . ”

“You don’t know yet you still came? You don’t even know where this is, then what are you here for?!” Di Zhe reprimanded coldly without waiting for her to finish .

Didn’t she know how dangerous this place was? Half of the people he brought here were gone .

And she actually dared to come here alone, which almost scared him to death .

Di Zhe’s subordinates looked down when they saw how angry their master was . They looked as if they could not help her .

“Are you worried about me?” Sima You Yue saw how he yelled at her . His eyes were full of worry and fear . She was more certain of her previous guesses .

“Of course I am…” Di Zhe didn’t finish his words . This little girl must have found it . So now she dared to talk to him so confidently .

Sima You Yue watched his cold face . “You must be worried about me if you’re like this . But didn’t you want to kill me before?”

“I…” Di Zhe was speechless again . He looked into her clear eyes . “You knew?”

“Knew what?”

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“You don’t know…”

“Know that you are my cousin?”

Di Zhe’s face turned dark . Was she playing him? He was angry and was about to scold again when he saw that familiar face . He held back .

The people behind him felt the surrounding air pressure drop and then it disappeared . Everyone felt they could breathe again .

Sima You Yue saw that he wanted to be angry, but couldn’t . She felt he was not that annoying .

Di Zhe took two deep breaths, and then asked, “When did you know that I was your cousin?”

“A few months ago . ” Sima You Yue replied . “But I wasn’t sure . I can be sure now . ”

“How did you know?”

“I killed Yu Du, and then I caught Di Wu E . He told me . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“Di Wu E? The person of the Di Wu family who followed Yu Du?”

Sima You Yue nodded .

“Then what are you after me for? Family acknowledgement?” Di Zhe glanced at her lightly, making her feel that he didn’t really want her to come with him .

Because what he was going to do was too dangerous . The space here was too dangerous .

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He thought she would shrink by saying so . But she rolled her eyes in returned .

“Do you think I would be interested in your acknowledgement? In this case, Yu Du He will be my uncle!”

She could use someone like Yu Du? Can that useless trash be the same as him?!!!

Di Zhe felt he was going to be pissed off by his cousin who was a fraction of his age . But seeing how she looked similar to his aunt, he couldn’t bear to get angry at her .

“Then what do you do? Why are you looking for me?”

Sima You Yue was satisfied with his performance . He repeatedly tolerated her several provocations . It seemed that Di Wu E was right . Even though her mother’s whereabouts are unknown, he still remembered their original friendship .

Regarding her purpose, she didn’t want to hide it . She stated, “One is make sure Yu Ke Luo is my mother, and the other is to ask you something, and ask you for something . ”

Di Zhe also wanted to make a confirmation . “Release your ghost clan aura . ”

Sima You Yue did so, but only released it for a few seconds . She was afraid that if she released it for a long time the ghost clan aura would lose control .

Although the time was short, Di Zhe was already quite sure in his heart .

“You’re indeed the daughter of my aunt . You have the same aura as her . It is impossible for others to resemble it . ”

The first problem was solved .

“Sure enough…” Sima You Yue finally received a confirmation . After so many years, she finally knew her mother’s name .

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“If you have any other questions, ask it altogether . ” Di Zhe said . “But if I answer your question, you must leave here . ”

Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows . “Are you threatening me?”

“You can think so . ” Di Zhe didn’t deny it either .

Sima You Yue smiled . “My master once said that my mother and I have a very similar personality . Do you think if it were her, would you compromise?”

This… was really hard to say!

“It’s really dangerous here . You have divine rank strength . Do you know how dangerous you are here?” Di Zhe rubbed his head . “I want you to leave for your own good!”

“I know it’s dangerous here, but looking at you like this, I’m afraid it’s not as good as letting me mix in here?” Sima You Yue confidently spoke .

Their loss was not considered as not serious . But she didn’t have any injuries on her .

They were speechless!

“Alright, now you can answer my question instead . ” Sima You Yue said

It was useless to say or threaten . Di Zhe felt helpless .

“What do you want to know?”

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