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Chapter 1172: Chapter 1172 - Folding Space

Sima You Yue understand who he was referring to as ‘them . ” It was the one who ate the Sage Pavilion master in Cloud Sea City . “If there is really something that I can’t solve, I will definitely release you . ” Sima You Yue said .

If it really reached that point, it must be a moment of life and death .

She left the spirit pagoda . One day had passed outside .

Little Seven sensed her and ran over . “Yue Yue, when shall we leave?!”

Sima You Yue lifted the spirit barrier and let her enter .  “Just two days . Let Yi Yun and the others leave before coming in . ”

“Right . Speaking of Yi Yun, she had asked for you before . So she must have something to tell you . ” Little Seven said . “She told me to tell her when you come out . ”

Sima You Yue felt Sima Yi Yun was different from before . “I’ll go see her . ”

She easily knew where Sima Yi Yun was staying . She had been in a daze on the mountain peak last time .

She willed and she teleported behind her .

Sima Yi Yun was taken aback when a person suddenly appeared . She stood up abruptly . She was relieved when she saw it was Sima You Yue . She smiled . “It’s you . Are you okay?”

“I recovered . ” Sima You Yue waked to her . She sat down causally . Then she patted her side and beckoned . “Sit down . ”

Sima Yi Yun sat down . “I really want to thank you for this matter . ”

“I am not the only one who saved you . Godfather, Yi Fei, Xin Shu, and everyone came together to save you . ” Sima You Yue corrected . “And the main thing is that I just met Yi Fei and the group . Otherwise, I wouldn’t know you were kidnapped . By the way, how’s Qi Qi?”

“Qi Qi is playing below!” Sima Yi Yun replied . “She is okay . There is nothing wrong with her . She is the same as before . ”

“Aren’t you the same as you were before?” Sima You Yue asked .

Sima Yi Yun looked at her .

“Don’t think I can’t see it . Your eyes are different from before . ” Sima You Yue said . “You used to be gentle, but now, you have a bit more fortitude and a trace of anger . ”

Sima Yi Yun was stunned . She smiled bitterly . “After experiencing some things, people will naturally change . ”

“You’ve been defined?” Sima You Yue asked directly .

“No, but almost . ” Sima Yi Yun said . “In the last moment, he was drawn out . ”

“So you changed is not because of defilement . ” Sima You Yue inferred, “Then is it because you feel you’re weak and want to become stronger?”

Sima Yi Yun looked at her . She didn’t expect her to understand how she felt .

“You don’t need to be so surprised . ” Sima You Yue said . “I understand the feeling, the feeling that I am so small, the feeling that I want to become strong . ”

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“That’s why you improved so much . ” Sima Yi Yun was a little envious of her . How long has it been since they last met? They almost have no progress, but they heard from Little Seven that she had done a lot of things in the past few years, and now she could see how she progressed .

But she also felt distressed for You Yue . Her parents’ whereabouts were unknown . She had to do so many things to strengthen herself .

Speaking of which, those who grew up in the family since childhood, should really feel ashamed to compare to her .

Sima You Yue shrugged, agreeing to her statement .

If there was no pressure, she would not have to move that fast .

But along the way, she also felt tired . If she could, she didn’t want to and would rather move at a slower pace .

However, seeing Sima Yi Yun’s complicated gaze, she said, “Everyone has their road . Being like me may not be the best . Being like now may not be that bad . ”

“If Uncle Liu Xuan and the others knew, how distressed would they feel?” Sima Yi Yun sighed . “Although your achievements are enough to make your parents proud, but with our understanding of Uncle Liu Xuan and them, they would definitely feel distressed . ”

“You met my mother?” Sima You Yue asked .

Sima Yi Yun shook her head . “We don’t know what happened at the beginning . We only know that a major event happened outside . It was related to Uncle Liu Xuan and your mother, who we never saw . When Uncle Liu Xuan came back, he was holding you . Not long afterwards, you disappeared from the family . We thought you were killed . We didn’t expect him to bring you to the Yi Lin Continent .

“You haven’t met my mother…” Sima You Yue said . Seeing her expression, she seemed to never meet her .

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“That matter was not dealt with by the family . At the very least, your mother never came to the family house . But later I heard that many people visited the family and even alerted an old ancestor to appear . ” Sima Yi Yun replied .

This answer was no different what she had overheard before . It seemed that the people of this generation really didn’t have any useful news .

“I also hope that I can be their pride . But the premise is to find them first . ” Sima You Yue said . “I will go out for a while and then I will need to get some things done . Now Yin Zun is dead, there would be no more danger if you go out . ”

Sima Yi Yun understood that she wanted them to leave .

“Are you heading to Uncle Liu Feng and the group’s place?” Sima Yi Yun asked .

“Yes . ” Sima You Yue didn’t conceal it . “They left you guys behind . So I wouldn’t dare to take you over . ”

“It’s dangerous over there . ”

Sima You Yue lifted her chin towards Blood Fiend City . “I am not alone . ”

Sima Yi Yun glanced towards the city and knew what these people she was talking about . They had traveled around the city these few days . They were fierce and evil looking . It must be difficult for her to suppress them .

“Alright, then you must be careful . ” Sima Yi Yun warned .

She didn’t say she would follow her . Since Uncle Liu Feng said they couldn’t go, then they would have to find the opportunity elsewhere .

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After finishing speaking with Sima Yi Yun, she quickly found the other people .

Sima You Yue took them out of the Little Realm . Then with Little Dream, Little Seven, and Qing Yi, they went to inspect Yin Zun’s memory .

“That’s it . ” Little Dream took them to the plains which had grasses taller than people .

They stopped in mid-air . Little Seven looked around . “There’s nothing special here . Are you sure?”

“It’s here . ” Little Dream said affirmatively . “He saw many people disappeared here . ”

Sima You Yue called Halcyon out and let him examine the surroundings .

Halcyon checked for a moment and pointed to where Little Dream was indicating . “There is a folding space here . ”

“Folding space? What’s that? Is it like a space created by Rubix Sky?” Little Seven asked curiously .

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