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Chapter 1169: Chapter 1169 - Ling Long Case

Wu Lingyu and Little Spirit didn’t know what was wrong with her . She suddenly didn’t speak . Sima You Yue came to one of the mechas . She was stunned to see that there was the same pattern carved onto the mecha that was similar to hers .

Little Spirit turned around and saw that under the mecha’s collarbone, there was a balck lotus similar to the one on Sima You Yue’s back . The black lotus was in full bloom on the white collarbone, looking very charming .

“Yue Yue, this is the same as the one on your back . ” Little Spirit ignored Wu Lingyu’s existence when he spoke .

Wu Lingyu’s eyes narrowed slightly . He saw her back? Although he was an artifact spirit, he was still a male . As long as it was a male, it can’t be forgiven!

Sima You Yue examined the black lotus and thought of the story of Emperor Azure and a girl called You You .

“Black lotus… how could there be a black lotus here…” She murmured .

This shouldn’t be related to Emperor Azure, because the mecha period was obviously earlier than them . But certainly, this person must be related to Ninth Underworld Mountain’s black lotus . Otherwise this black lotus wouldn’t appear here .

However, without records or legends, her conjecture was only conjecture .

“Ninth Underworld Devil Lotus, why is it here . ” Wu Lingyu sighed .

“Senior Brother, you know about the Ninth Underworld Devil Lotus?” Sima You Yue asked .

“I heard about it . ” Wu Lingyu replied . “I only know that the Ninth Underworld Devil Lotus was once a ruling clan in the Ghost Realm . I don’t know anything else . And this is something before my time . After so many years, I don’t know how they are now . ”

“This person imprinted a black lotus on it, indicating that the owner of this seven-storied pagoda had seen the black lotus before and knew about it . ” Sima You Yue reasoned .

Ninth Underworld Devil Lotus, how was it related to her? Why did she have this flower on her back?

“Forget if it is the black lotus or not . It’s useless to think about it now . ” Little Spirit said .

“That’s true . ”

Before Sima You Yue left, she reached out to touch the black lotus . But as soon as her fingers touched the black lotus, she felt the lines of the black lotus on her back heat up .

The black lotus on the mecha seem to come alive . Originally, two petals were still closed but when Sima You Yue touched it, they all blossomed .

“How could this be?” Little Spirit whispered .

Sima You Yue was also surprised by this scene and she stood unmoving .


A crisp sound was extremely loud in this quiet environment . Sima You Yue looked down and found a mechanism appeared on the girl’s body, revealing an empty belly .

Sima You Yue leaned down and saw a case inside . She reached in and took the case out .

“There’s also a black lotus on the case . ” Little Spirit pointed out . “Open it and see what’s inside . ”

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Sima You Yue looked around and didn’t find any other mechanism .

“Senior Brother, have a look, how do I open this?” She handed the case to him .

Wu Lingyu took it and examined it . “This is a Ling Long Case, I can’t open it . ”

“Ling Long Case? What kind of case is it?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Ling Long Case is the strongest case in the world . If you don’t have the key, then no one can open it . ” Wu Lingyu explained . “Even a paragon rank can’t force it to open . ”

It was not strange that the person back then who owned the seven-storied pagoda and could use mechas had this .

“Sounds amazing! It’s not just a case?” Sima You Yue took the case back and turned it over . “I don’t see anything strange about it?”

“This case looks ordinary, but the material is very rare . ” Wu Lingyu said . “Now you have this, it’s another treasure . ”

Sima You Yue squinted her eyes and grinned . “Why hide such a sturdy case here? Others can’t open it anyways . ”

“Although the case can’t be opened, if someone obtains it, it will be taken away . ” Wu Lingyu guessed . “If this the case, then he intends to have it given to a specific person which purpose has yet to be achieved . ”

Sima You Yue was startled . She understood from what he said that this case was reserved for people of the black lotus clan .

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Thinking of the scorching heat on her back and the sudden changes in the mecha’s body, it probably was like what he said .

“Let me see if there is a key inside . ” Little Spirit leaned into the mecha’s body and peered in . “There’s none!”

“There’s definitely none . ” Wu Lingyu said . “This Ling Long Case mechanism is different from other cases . There is a small mechanism within the case . Everytime you closed the case and put something in when you want to open it again, if there is something in it, only with the things related to that thing inside has to be used to open it . ”

“Then how can this be opened!” Sima You Yue looked at the Ling Long Case .

The things that were placed in the case which itself was hidden inside the mecha’s body . They must be something precious .

But now she could only look on the surface . This was not a normal feeling of being stifled .

“I think this should be related to you . ” Wu Lingyu said . “You opened the mecha, and the case is related to black lotus . ”

“Do you want me to go to Ninth Underworld Mountain and pick up a black lotus to put on top of it?” Sima You Yue was depressed as she spoke glibly .

“Even if you want to go pick one, it won’t necessarily work . ” Wu Lingyu flicked her head . “Since it is related to the black lotus, it may be related to your bloodline . Try dripping a drop of blood on it . ”

“Oh . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t have high hopes for this . After all, there were thousands of things that person could have chosen, not necessarily related to her blood .

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Sima You Yue pinched her finger and dripped a drop of blood on it . She watched as the blood seeped in and then a loud click .

“It worked!”

Sima You Yue gently opened the case . The case that was motionless before actually opened .

What was presented before them was a small space . It was not as small as seen from outside . There were many books in there .

Sima You Yue took out a few books and flipped through the few . All of them were about armaments .

Wu Lingyu took one over and said in surprise, “Those books…”

“What’s up with these books?”

Wu Lingyu pulled out two of them and commented, “These two books are comparable to the array book I found for you . ”

“That amazing?!” Sima You Yue whispered .

How high a position was that array book in the array world? It could be seen from Big Wei and Little Wei’s attitude towards her . Are those two books as outstanding as Mount Tai and North Star?!

“These two books are manuscripts . It can be clearly seen that they are written by the craftsman himself . I read one to two of them, they are very insightful . ”

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