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Chapter 1168: 1168

“What are you looking at?” Wu Lingyu grabbed a handful of her black hair and wrapped it around his fingers .

Sima You Yue turned around, drawing her hair along which also pulled him up . “Let’s go, I don’t know what it is . ”

Wu Lingyu was pulled along with her . They went to the small tower in the Spirit Pagoda .

Sima You Yue seldom came here . She usually had Little Spirit take whatever she needed from there and wouldn’t come here specially .

Every time she came here, she would remember how she said those words and was struck by lightning and got an afro .

Little Spirit appeared . “I thought you forgot about this . ”

“I have been busy lately?” Sima You Yue said . “Why don’t you tell me what’s in it instead of having me come . ”

“You’ll know when you look through . ” Little Spirit kept her in suspense . “Let’s go . ”

He led Sima You Yue and Wu Lingyu in . They ascended level by level and stopped when they were between the third and fourth level .

A faint cloudy mist enveloped the upper stairs . Since Sima You Yue hadn’t gone up before, it hadn’t dispersed .

“Go up . ” Little Spirit said to her .

Sima You Yue nodded and stepped up .

Those cloudy mist slowly dispersed as she ascended to the fourth level . All the cloudy mist dissipated the moment she reached .

Wu Lingyu followed . The two of them stood in front of the gate of the fourth level, waiting to see what was inside that caused Little Spirit to be so mysterious .

Sima You You took a deep breath . She stretched out her hand and slowly opened the door .

This floor was different from the other floors . IIt wasn’t a mountainscape world nor was it a mine . It was just a big dark room . A very, very large one at that .

“It’s so dark . It’s covered entirely in dust . ” Sima You Yue waved her hand in front .

“You became stupid after getting injured . ” Little Spirit said contemptuously .

She had been getting better and better recently, which he almost forgot about the times he always despised her .

“…” Black lines formed on her face . This guy was trying her again .

Didn’t he say that she could control it? He could just remind her instead of giving her such undisguised contempt .

She willed and the dark room immediately became bright . But the sudden scenery stunned her . Even Wu Lingyu was surprised as well .

After a while, Sima You Yue came back to her senses . She looked at the pile of scrap iron in front . She asked in disbelief, “Is this the thing on the fourth level?”

“Yes!” Little Spirit replied affirmatively .

Sima You Yue’s mouth twitched . No wonder this guy wanted her to come see for herself . If he told her that, she wouldn’t believe it .

Little Spirit looked at her disdain and rolled his eyes . “You really think they are a pile of scrap iron?”

“Isn’t it?” Sima You Yue turned around confused .

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Little Spirit couldn’t help rolling his eyes again . “That is treasure!”

“Treasure?” Sima You Yue picked up a piece shaped like a hand . She really didn’t see how it was a treasure .

“I said your stupid and you’re acting dumb!” Little Spirit reproached . “The real thing is inside, not here! behind!”

Only then did Sima You Yue know behind the room, which was bigger than a few football fields filled with broken scrap iron, was a door .

“Why didn’t you say earlier?” She rolled her eyes back at Little Spirit . Holding Wu Lingyu, she stepped past the pile of scrap iron .

“They are all treasures . But you don’t have the ability so you can only regard them as broken pieces of metal . ” Little Spirit said .

“Really? Then you try, turn them into treasures and let me see . ” Sima You Yue retorted .

“If I had that ability, would I still be an artifact spirit?” Little Spirit glared at her .

Sima You Yue curled her lips and ignored him . The broken scrap iron under my feet was very uneven . She had to walk carefully . Hmm, it was just like that .

They walked for a while before they came to the opposite side . After treading over a pile of scrap iron, she finally saw something that resembled a door .

They went down and Wu Lingyu went to open the door . But the door remained motionless .

“You can’t, only she can open it . ” Little Spirit said .

This was her place, only she can come and go freely here .

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Sima You Yue walked over and pushed gently . The door opened .

Behind the door was a dark area . With her previous experience, Sima You Yue willed and it became daytime .


After seeing the things here, she took a deep breath . Machine-like people stood neatly in line while outside was just a combination of broken scrap metal .

“Are these mechas?!” She covered her mouth in disbelief .

“That’s right . ” Little Spirit confirmed . “I said those were scrap metals . But you don’t know how they are used so that’s why you thought so . ”

“Okay, I admit you are right this time . ” Sima You Yue came over and reached out to touch one of the mechas .

These mechas in the opinions of the people of the continent and that of the previous life’s robots for ordinary people . They were a tall existence . It is said that the fighting power of a mecha is more powerful than the spirit beasts of the same level .

“This is really surprising, there are actually mechas . ” Sima You Yue exclaimed . “But how do you control these?”

“How do I know . ” Little Spirit replied . “No one among my former masters did those . ”

“Do you know?” Sima You Yue asked .

“I know a bit . But I’m particularly familiar with it . ” Wu Lingyu answered .

He had only heard of this before going to the Devil Realm . He hadn’t encountered this before, even after he went to the Devil Realm, he didn’t find out more .

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“What do you know?”

“I am the control method of the lowest level mecha . ” Wu Lingyu replied . “It seems that different levels had different control methods . ”

“Oh . ” Sima You Yue never thought that Wu Lingyu knew everything . “Then tell me the basics . When I go out, I will go look in the books for more information . ”

“Then you still have to differentiate the levels . ” Little Spirit said .

“Where does it require me to differentiate levels? Isn’t it obvious? You can easily tell . ” Sima You Yue replied .

“Oh? You became smarter?” Little Spirit asked .

Sima You Yue couldn’t bear it . She pulled him into her arms and rubbed his face vigorously .

“These mechas are in different appearances . It’s impossible that the finer they are, the lower level they are? I can still understand this!”

She had noticed the appearance of the mecha in each area was different . Some were rough and some were fine . They were easily ranked at first glance .

Some even look similar to real people, but they lacked expressions .

Suddenly, her hand stopped . Her face was surprised as she held Little Spirit and walked towards one of the mechas .

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