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Chapter 1170: Chapter 1170 - Specially Prepared Gif

Sima You Yue knew Wu Lingyu’s armament mastery was high . Since he said that with all seriousness, then that would be really powerful .

However, there were armament books of Mount Tai level . That meant the person’s level wasn’t low . It was not surprising that he could draw such insightful insights .

Wu Lingyu continued to read . A trace of doubt flashed through his eyes later before becoming clear again .

“These are suitable for you . ” He handed her the books to read .

“Hmm?” Sima You Yue looked at her in puzzlement .

“These scripts are for beginners to advance . ” Wu Lingyu said . “This is suitable for a beginner . ”

“That good?”

“It’s really surprising . ” Wu Lingyu said . “The general large manuscript doesn’t have the rudimentary elements . But they are in here . ”

“That’s really strange . ” Sima You Yue said .

“If it was an ordinary person, it would be hard to explain the strangeness . But combined with these things…” Wu Lingyu glanced at her . “This should be specially left for someone like you . ”

If she didn’t find it, but someone else found it, would it be left for that person .

“Who would have this great power? Why did they leave these?” Sima You Yue asked suspiciously .

Wu Lingyu shrugged . If she didn’t know, how would the devil king like him know .

“This…” Wu Lingyu turned to the bottom of the book and suddenly let out a low cry .

“What’s the matter?” Sima You Yue moved her gaze away from the scrubs and leaned over to ask .

“This book should be opened only by you?” Wu Lingyu handed the book to Sima You Yue in question .

Sima You Yue put the other books in Wu Lingyu’s hand . Then she accepted the book and saw there were blank pages inside . “Wordless Heavenly Book?”

“Look at the front . ” Wu Lingyu pointed .

Sima You Yue turned the book over and saw three big characters written on it – mecha skill book .

“This is the book for making and controlling mechas?” She said in surprise . “Why are there no words in it? How are people gonna read it?”

“Look at the first page . ” Wu Lingyu said .

Sima You Yue turned to the first page . It said, if you can open this case, then your bloodline should be able to crack the secret technique in the book .

“Bloodline again? Is this person my ancestor? Or is he someone carrying the black lotus bloodline?” Sima You Yue asked .

Otherwise how could everything have to do with blood?

“It’s not impossible . ” Wu Lingyu said . “Try it . ”

Sima You Yue tore open the previous wound . She dripped another drop of blood onto the book .

The blood was absorbed into the kraft paper . The book slowly revealed the black characters .

“It really works!”

“It seems that this book really needs your blood . ” Wu Lingyu said .

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Sima You Yue flipped through the book and saw the words on the last page were different . She stopped .

“This is the one left behind . ” Sima You Yue scanned the few jargons and saw the clues .

She read through the few pages and at the end, sighed .

“What does it say?” Wu Lingyu asked .

“It’s a love story of a girl from black lotus clan . ” Sima You Yue replied . “It was earth shattering at that time . Unfortunately, it was not a good ending . ”

It seemed that the two love stories she knew about the black lotus clan didn’t end well .

Thinking of this, she looked at Wu Lingyu .

Wu Lingyu grabbed her shoulders and said, “That’s someone else’s story . We are different from them . Don’t worry . ”

“Mm . ” Sima You Yue really didn’t take it to heart . She didn’t think that what happened to others would happen to her . “By the way, this girl is also called You Yue, at least that’s what this person calls her . ”

Wu Lingyu raised his brow . Also called You You?

Great Emperor Azure’s beloved was called You You . This girl was also called You You . That was a coincidence?

“That’s too coincidental . Do people of black lotus clan like to be called You You!”

“Who knows!” Sima You Yue said . “But look at this . With this book, I can already learn to control these mechas . ”

“I believe it won’t be easy . ” Wu Lingyu said . “As for you, it won’t . ”

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“Why do you think he put so many armament books here?” Wu Lingyu reminded her .

“Ahhh—” Sima You Yue slapped her forehead . “Does the mecha controller need to be an armament master?”

“You’ll know if it does . ” Wu Lingyu said .


Sima You Yue flipped through the book again . This time she turned to the title page which only had a few sentences on it .

She glanced at it and read the words . She was suddenly speechless .

“Except for the lowest mecha, the others need to be controlled by an armament master . What the hell is this?!”

Wu Lingyu looked at her with an amused smile .

She was an alchemist, array master, beast tamer, and spirit master except she wasn’t an armament master . Now that these treasures could only be used by an armament master, it would be strange if she wasn’t angry!

“Don’t forget, you promised Ling Long to help her . All these years have passed yet you haven’t started learning armament . ” Little Spirit reminded .

Sima You Yue rubbed her head . “I will learn them as soon as possible . ”

In the past years, she had been really busy . She didn’t have the time to learn armament .

But now, the mechas in the room and the broken scrap metal that could be used outside, she should go and learn .

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“Don’t worry . You’re still smiling . There is still a long time to study it . Don’t push yourself . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“I know . ” Sima You Yue pursed her lips .

“Why doesn’t the lowest level mecha need to be operated by an armament master?” Little Spirit asked .

“Because the control of the lowest mecha is very simple . If you want to control them, you just need to inject your spirit power into their energy source . But I think it should be relatively simple . Wait until you studied this matter carefully . ”

Every minute in the immortal land was precious because opening time was limited .

Therefore, the armament learning could wait until she leaves the place .

“With these books, it will be easy to learn armament . ” Wu Lingyu said .

“Aren’t you an armament master? Teach me . ” Sima You Yue said . “I will ask you later if there is something I don’t understand . ”

“All right . ” Wu Lingyu nodded . “But if you say that I teach you armament, would I be your master?”

Sima You Yue glanced at him and replied lightly, “What do you think?”

“I think this proposal is good!”

“… Go away…”

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