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Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:22 AM
Chapter 1164: Chapter 1164 - Everyone’s Surprise

Previously, he was just interested in Sima You Yue .  Now he looked at her directly . “A spirit realm requires one at a paragon rank to comprehend it . How can a little divine rank comprehend it?!”

Sima You Yue looked at him . “You want to know? I won’t tell you! Godfather, make your move!”

The underlying meaning was to hurry up . To trap such a paragon rank in her spirit realm, she needed to expand energy . Therefore, she didn’t know how long it could last .

She had told Wu La Mai a while ago . So when he heard her signal, he understood what she meant . He attacked with the egret clan elders .

Now they didn’t have time to chat . At this time, killing him should be the focus!

Sima You Yue didn’t take action . She only needed to control the spirit realm, but that role was more important than everyone’s .

Inside someone else’s spirit realm, he couldn’t use his own spirit realm . He would wonder how she could use her spirit realm unbeknownst .

Incorrect! It was not unbeknownst . Her movements were large . But they were all covered up under the spatial lock .

She used the spatial lock not only to dissolve his attack, it was also used to cover up her use of spirit realm!

As for himself, he never thought she would comprehend a spirit realm at such a young age, so he didn’t consider that aspect at all! He only regarded the fluctuation in space as a result from the spatial lock!

Because of his carelessness, he let himself fall into a passive situation . This was something that had never ever crossed his mind!

Moreover, Wu La Mai’s attacks were no longer weak as before . Each of his attack was powerful . Coupled with Sima You Yue’s suppression, it made them a little difficult to deal with .

When Sima Yi Fei and the others arrived, they happened to see them inside a spirit realm . Hearing the conversation between Sima You Yue and Yin Zun, they were shocked .

“I didn’t hear anything wrong, did I?” Sima Yi Fei called out .

Spirit realm? SIma You Yue actually comprehended her spirit realm! How could this be!

“It’s really impossible, but it can only be him . ” Sima Yi Yun said .

The others were spirit beasts, and spirit beasts were unable to comprehend a spirit realm . Only Sima You Yue and Yin Zun were human, if it wasn’t Yin Zun, then it could only be Sima You Yue .

“Yue Yue is mighty, You Yue is the best!” Little Roar rolled in Sima Yi Yun’s arms .

At this moment, Sima Qi Qi suddenly shouted, “Sima You Yue is a girl?!”

Sima Yi Yun also reacted, seeing that familiar face was indeed in a female dress .

They were shocked by what happened in Sima You Yue’s spirit realm that they didn’t notice this at all . Seeing her like this, they almost dropped Little Roar to the ground in shock .

Little Roar recovered his balance a few centimeters before he landed . Then he flew up and returned to Sima Yi Yun’s arms . “What’s strange about my Yue Yue being a girl!”

“Sima You Yue? Is Sima You Yue the Deputy Valley Master of Heartbreak Valley? That legendary rising star?” Someone exclaimed .

“Right , right! My little Yue Yue is the Deputy Valley Master of Heartbreak Valley . ” Little Roar comfirmen .

“Unexpectedly she saved us…”

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“What’s more unexpected is that she is actually a girl…”

Everyone fell in silence . A person younger than them was so powerful and had saved them . It shocked them to their hearts .

“Sure enough, we can’t compare . ” This was everyone’s final unanimous thought .

“We’d better step back a bit . If we get affected, it won’t be good . ” Sima Yi Yun said .

Although they were far away, if they get affected, it would be too late for them to regret .

They retreated nearly a kilometer and stopped at the edge . This way, they could see what was happening, and if something were to happen, they could escape .

The battle here soon attracted a lot of onlookers . They felt shocked at the stunning batter . Those people could only watch at a distance .

“Isn’t that person a paragon rank? Someone can actually compete with him . ”

“Amazing! He can actually fight with a paragon rank . ”

“No, it’s several people fighting together . ”

“Why is this little girl so close? Isn’t she afraid of being affected?”

“Right! Such a willful girl!”

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“What do you understand! Look she must have a divine artifact on her . The attacks dissipate every time before it hits her . ”

“What divine artifact that can resist the battle between paragons . ”

“No matter what rank is the divine artifact, it’s definitely not something people like you and me can have . ”

“That’s right . It must be those big forces that can possess that kind of divine artifact . ”

“What a lucky guy with so much good resources . ”

“Isn’t that so . ”

The onlookers talked a lot . They didn’t find anything wrong until Tang Yun showed up with people from Sage Pavilion .

“These people are really powerful!” The people of Sage Pavilion sighed .

“It would be great if we also had such a powerful divine artifact . Then we won’t be afraid of other people’s battle affecting us . ”

“What do you know . ” Tang Yun looked at the battle with surprise . “That girl is the key . ”

“Deputy palace master, what did you say?”

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“Spirit Realm, they’re all in that person’s spirit realm . ” Tang Yun replied in disbelief .

“No way, Deputy Valley Master . Shouldn’t a spirit realm be only comprehensible for a paragon rank?”

“I used to think so too . ” Tang Yun said . “But, obviously the world made a big joke with us . ”

It was not that people of low strength couldn’t comprehend a spirit realm, but their talent was too low for them to comprehend it .

“Isn’t that Sima You Yue!” Someone recognized her . “That seems to be the dragon king of Violet Water Dragon Clan . I heard others talk of them when I was outside of the immortal land . ”

“Those are all spirit beasts . Then this spirit realm is really Sima You Yue’s! This is too unexpected!”

“Amazing, not to mention her background, just her talent is beyond my reach . ”

Sima You Yue also knew a lot of people had come . She had guessed earlier that this battle would attract others so she wasn’t surprised .

As time passed, she felt more and more strenuous . Supporting a spirit realm was like manual labor .

If they didn’t get rid of this guy soon, she was afraid she couldn’t hold on anymore .

But looking at Wu La Mai’s performance, it didn’t seem that he could defeat him in three to five minutes .

No, if this goes on, her efforts today would be wasted . If he escaped, she wanted to catch him again, it would be a joke .

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