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Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:24 AM
Chapter 1163: Chapter 1163 - Frontal Attack, Spirit Realm Opens!

Yin Zun came to the entrance of the cave and saw Wu La Mai’s group at a distance . “It was also you guys yesterday?!”“Yes . ” Wu La Mai replied . “Hand over those girls!”

“But you’re only a spirit beast of paragon rank . Don’t be arrogant in front of me . ” Yin Zun looked at Wu La Mai contemptuously . He didn’t even put him in his eyes .

He cultivated a divine technique . His strength is much higher than people of the same level, not to mention people who are one rank lower than himself .

“To kill you, it’s enough!” Wu La Mai said .

“Then you can try!”

Yin Zun attacked Wu La Mai, but Wu La Mai stood still as if he did intend to counterattack . He just threw a small ball over .

A small ball could withstand his attack? That was looking down on him!

But the small ball exploded as soon it met his attack . It was obviously just a fist sized iron ball . But his attack was negated .

When the aftermath passed, the elders beside Wu La Mai exclaimed, “His strength is much higher than ours . Let’s go back and think of a good countermeasure!”

“That’s right! Let’s go back first!”

Wu La Mai looked unwilling but he gritted his teeth . “Let’s go!”

Several people turned and flew away .

“Trying to escape?!” Yin Zun shouted at them . He chased after .

It had to be said that this Yin Zun’s brain wasn’t very good . He had not thought whether there was a trap before pursuing .

But it was his confidence in his strength . He believed that no one in the immortal land could do anything to him . He didn’t take all those things to heart .

Sima You Yue and Sima Xin Shu waited anxiously . As long as they draw Yin Zun out, Sima Yi Yun and them would be fine . But that also meant that the danger was coming at them .

“Here he is, Xin Shu, get ready . ”

Their figures gradually approached . Sima Xin Shu’s nervousness made his palms sweat while waiting for Yin Zun to come to the top of the array .

But as he watched him come into range, he suddenly stopped in midair .

Because he noticed Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue adapted an appearance similar to her original appearance . When Yin Zun landed his eyes on her, he was shocked for a while .

How could there be such a beautiful girl in the world?!

Although her strength was not low, she was very young and later could still advance .

When Sima You Yue saw that Yin Zun hadn’t moved anymore, she wondered if he had started to suspect . She shouted to Wu La Mai . “Godfather, you must kill him!”

Yin Zun looked at how Sima You Yue showed fear and hatred towards him . He seemed to understand Wu La Mai . “Hahaha! Little girl, don’t be afraid . Follow this paragon and this paragon will allow you to walk freely in the world!”

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“Go away, you bastard… . ” Sima You Yue cried . “You are so bad, you will not end well!”

“Really? Hahaha! Then follow me and see how I am unfettered in this world!” Yin Zun laughed .

Sima You Yue was trembling in fright . She turned and ran back .

When Yin Zun saw her, he looked back on Wu La Mai and others . He chased after her . After flying for more than ten meters, he was trapped .

“Dragon trapping array!” He recognized the array immediately . He was surprised but he didn’t panic .

He wasn’t in a hurry to escape . He looked at Wu La Mai’s group . “How dare does a spirit beast like you who just got into paragon rank challenge me? Hmph! It turns out that the array was arranged in advance . ”

Sima You Yue stopped . She turned to look at Yin Zun in the dragon trapping array . She didn’t know how effective the poison was and how long he would be trapped .

She flew back . “It seems that you know this array . Then you should know that you can’t get out of the array . ”

“Really?” Yin Zun was not in a hurry . “Did you arrange this array?”

“Yes, it’s specially arranged for people like you!” Sima You Yue exclaimed . “So you can never go out to harm people in the future!”

“You can set up this kind array at such a young age . You’re very talented!” Yin Zun said . “However, do you know that your array can’t trap me for long? As long as I want it, it will be broken in two strokes . ”

“Hmph, then you try! Let’s see if you can do it within a short time!” Sima You Yue didn’t believe it .

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Yin Zun liked Sima You Yue’s temperament, so confident that made people want to ruin it . When he caught her, he must slowly destroy her self-confidence!

“Well then, watch carefully!”

He attacked the array . The first moment, it made the array shaky and her expression changed immediately .

Yin Zun laughed and launched the second attack .

After that attack, there was a faint ripple that remained in the array . Yin Zun casually sent out a ball of spirit power to break the array .

“Not bad . It can actually withstand three attacks . ” Yin Zun said with satisfaction . “With time, your arry should be able to trap me for a longer time . ”

Sima You Yue’s face turned pale . She shouted, “Godfather!”

“You want to catch my baby, you’re seeking death!” Wu La Mai attacked him .

“Hmph, overestimating your abilities!” Yin Zun waved his hand and resolved Wu La Mai’s attack . “With your strength, you do not have the rights to fight me! I will show what it means to be someone truly strong!”

Wu La Mai didn’t use all his strength . According to plan, he had to maintain his strength before entering the Spirit Realm . By letting Yin Zun look down on him, he would be able to catch him off guard later .

Yin Zun shot a ball of spirit power which turned into a red spirit beast and attacked Wu La Mai .


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Wu La Mai shot a water dragon over which was quickly embroiled in a fight with Yin Zun’s spirit beast .

“Let us help as well!”

The clan elders used their spirit power to materialize an egret to help Wu La Mai .

But the few of them combined were not stronger than Yin Zun . Though it broke their front, it even charged towards them .

“Spatial Lock!” Sima You Yue shouted and sealed the manifested beast .

Yin Zun did not expect her to use spatial lock . He was getting more curious about her .

She was so young yet she was already able to set up a dragon trapping array . She even comprehended a spatial lock . If he waited for her to grow up, he could hardly imagine what she would be able to do .

“Little girl, you’re really making me… more and more interested!” He licked the corner of his mouth . He looked at Sima You Yue like a prey .

“I will make it such that you will never have any interest! Explode for me!” Sima You Yue coldly shouted . The transformation spirit beast exploded and the spirit power dissipated in the air .

“Little girl, wait until I deal with your godfather and we’ll have a nice talk . Now, stay aside obediently . ”

Yin Zun once again used his spirit power . But he found that his strength was suppressed . He closed his eyes to sense around . He suddenly opened his eyes and looked at her . He was shocked for the first time .

“Spirit realm! You put up a spirit realm! How is this possible?!”

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