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Chapter 1165: 1165

“Boom—–”Wu La Mai and Yin Zun slammed their palms together and there was a violent collision . The aftermath almost overturned the clan elders . Sima You Yue’s spirit realm trembled .

“Ugh—–” Sima You yue was affected . She suffered some injuries, blood trickled down the corner of her mouth .

Tang Yun saw her appearance . “The situation is a bit bad, the strength of this Yin Zun is unexpectedly strong!”

“His level is obviously not much higher, why is there such a strong combat efficiency?” Someone asked .

“It should be related to the technique he cultivated . He uses women as a cauldron to absorb their essence, which is inherently an evil technique . This kind of technique is extremely insidious . But it can make people’s combat efficiency exceed ordinary people . ” Tang Yun explained .

“It seems their differences are not much!” Someone didn’t understand .

“You see that they are evenly matched because they are in that little girl’s spirit realm . On one hand, she is suppressing the strength of Yin Zun while on the other hand, she is providing power to the Violet Water Dragon King . Under such circumstances, it is still impossible to take the other party down . That shows how strong Yin Zun is . ” Tang Yun explained .

“Not good, they seem to be losing!” Someone exclaimed .

Wu La Mai didn’t expect the opponent’s strength to be much higher than he expected . The two fighted for so long without determining a winner .

He could already sense that Sima You Yue was unable to support it . Once the spirit realm collapsed, their opponent would definitely run away .

Chopping the grass without removing the roots was definitely looking for trouble with yourself!

The onlookers in the distance also understood this principal, but they could not do anything after all, his strength was obviously higher!

“It seems that I can’t stand by and watch!” Tang Yun sighed . He leaped up, flyin over and came outside of Sima You Yue’s spirit realm . “Little friend, let me in . ”

Since she didn’t have a good impression of the people of Sage Pavilion, she didn’t let him right away when Tang Yun came over .

If he was here to save Yin Zun, wasn’t she allowing a wolf into the room?

“Yue Yue, your senior brother said that you can try believing in this deputy palace master . ” Little Spirit conveyed Wu Lingyu’s meaning .

Sima You Yue didn’t expect Wu Lingyu to interject . Since he believed him, she would also!

She opened the spirit realm a bit and let in enter .

Tang Yun did not waste any time on words . He directly made a move in Yin Zun .

He was a person who didn’t like talking, he liked to do things directly .

There was one Wu La Mai who had gotten into a tie with Yin Zun . Now there was another paragon rank .  Although his level was lower than them, he became the crucial point that broke the balance at the moment .

Once the balance started to tilt, it became easier to flip it . After a few moments, the two men joined hands to subdue the other .

And when Yin Zun lost his fighting power, Sima You Yue’s spirit realm completely collapsed . She fell down without strength .

“You Yue!”

Everyone wanted to help her, but their distance apart was too far . They wouldn’t be able to in time .

Sima You Yue didn’t feel the stiffness of the earth . She raised her eyes and met Tang Yun’s smiling fox eyes .

“Little friend You Yue, your appearance seems to have changed somewhat from before!” Tang Yun commented .

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“I’m coming . ” Wu La Mai ran over and told them two .

Those pair of eyes that knew everything made Sima You Yue subconsciously guarded against him .

At that time, in order to attract Yin Zun, she changed into an appearance similar to herself . But she didn’t expect so many people to be able to recognize her .

Now that her identity had been exposed, there was no need to hide it . She summoned Little Seven and Little Dream, appearing in front of everyone .

As soon as they appeared, they supported her and pushed Tang Yun away .

“Yue Yue are you okay?” Little Seven asked .

Sima You Yue leaned on Little Seven . “I’m okay, Little Dream, go…”

Little Dream understood what Sima You Yue meant . She appeared next to Yin Zun and sent her divine sense into the other party’s mind . After a while, she came back and nodded to Sima You Yue .

“Kill him!” Someone shouted across .

“That’s right! Kill this bastard, so he can no longer harm girls in the future!”

Sima Yi Fei flew over with his group .

“You Yue, how are you?” Sima Qi Qi and Sima Yi yun came beside Sima You Yue and asked with concern .

“I’m all right . It’s nothing serious . How are you two?” Sima You Yue asked .

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She did this all to save them . If something were to happen to them, wouldn’t her efforts be in vain .

“I almost… . ” Sima Yi Yun started . “If it weren’t for you, I would have gotten defiled . Can you leave this person for me to deal with?”

Sima You Yue didn’t see Sima Yi Yun’s clothes being torn . But seeing how angry she was, she could guess it .

Anyways, Little Dream had already gotten what she wanted . So whether Yin Zun lived or died, it had nothing to do with her .

“Be careful, in case he suddenly counterattacks…”

“I know . ”

Sima Yi Yun left and Sima Qi Qi followed her .

Sima You Yue sat on a chair . She watched Sima Yi Yun fly up, took out a long sword, and fiercely plunged it down .

Yin Zun, who had a single breath left, was stabbed in the heart by her . His vitality slowly dissipated . Because of his carelessness and conceit, he somehow lost his life .

When the girls saw how Sima Yi Yun killed Yin Zun, they thought of their own frights over these days . They also went up to make up for it with their swords .

Those who had lost their relatives or fellow peers also felt righteous indignation . They also went forward and went up to give him another stab to vent their hatred .

Sima You yue sat behind the crowd . When these people had vent enough and scattered . Her sight caught onto a riddled corpse .

“Destroy him completely . ” Sima You Yue told Little Dream .

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Little Dream nodded . She came over and threw a black flame onto the corpse . Soon, the corpse turned to ashes .

Yin Zun who had made everyone afraid for several months had been resolved . Those women no longer needed to be frightened and not dare to come out .

Sima You Yue took a pill and healed herself . She left with Wu La Mai’s group .

Before those people had time to thank her because everyone focused their attention on Yin Zun, they had already disappeared from everyone’s field of vision .

When she left, Tang Yan noticed her back, the corner of his mouth suddenly smiled .

“Why do I feel some kind of link from her?I don’t know whether it is a good thing or not . It really… makes one curious!”

Sima You Yue felt an inquiring gaze behind her . He saw her leave but didn’t try to stop her .

He was one of the deputy palace masters of Sage Pavilion . He was also Sage Pavilion’s youngest paragon rank expert . Why did he help her just now?

They found a place without anyone . Sima You Yue took out Little Door and led everyone into the Little Realm .

“Little Dream, what did you discover in his memory?” Sima You Yue asked after she entered .

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