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Chapter 1162: Chapter 1162 - Rescued

Sima Qi Qi looked outside the cave . Did someone really come to save them?It happened so suddenly . They still suspected that it was auditory hallucination .

“Little Roar, stop making trouble! Take me in! Yin Zun will be back soon!” Sima Yi Fei said anxiously outside the cave .

“Look at you being anxious . Isn’t this baby opening the spirit barrier? This is a spirit barrier arranged by a paragon rank . Even for this baby, it will take some time . ” Little Roar retorted .

His claws were placed on the spirit barrier, and a faint blue halo slowly broke it . When it was opened, Sima Yi Fei eagerly got in .

As soon as he entered, he saw Sima Yi Yun lying on the bed wrapped in a skirt and Sima Qi QI kneeling on the side with a tear stricken face .

“Yi Yun, Qi Qi, are you alright!”

“Yi Fei!” Sima Qi Qi cried even harder when she saw her brother . But this time she cried with joy .

Sima Yi Fei looked at the tattered clothes on the ground and the coat on Sima Yi Yun . He said in heartache, “Yi Yun, you have been…’

“No, that Yun Zun went out before it even started . But he tore Yi Yun’s dress . ” Sima Qi Qi explained .

“The guys inside . Why are you not coming out? Are you gonna wait until that big bad guy comes back?!” Little Roar shouted from outside .

“Right, we can talk later . Come with me!” Sima Yi Fei said . “You guys also come with me!”

He saw that Sima Yi Yun still hadn’t moved . He walked two steps forward and princess carried her . He told Sima Qi Qi, “Let’s go!”

Those girls had already gone out . Little Roar let go of his paws when the three of them also became excited .

“Quickly follow me!” Sima Yi Fei summoned a temporary teleportation array, appearing in his head . He injected some spirit power into it . He took everyone and left this place .

In a valley not far away from Sima You Yue’s group, Sima Yi Fei led everyone out .

“Haha, we are saved!”

“Are we really out?!”

“I thought, I thought we…”

The girls cried together in joy that they were saved .

“Thank you Young Master for saving us!” The girls said gratefully .

Little Roar flew in the air . He waved his small paw . “It’s me, it’s this baby who saved you all!”

Those girls knew that if it hadn’t opened the spirit barrier, they wouldn’t be able to escape . Seeing that it was inviting credit, they were attracted by its cuteness .

“Thank you divine beast for your help!”

“Yes, thank you very much! Many thanks, divine beast . ”

Little Roar who was floating around . When he saw that many beauties, he rubbed his arms and patted his chest .

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Sima Yi Fei saw that Sima Yi Yun was not as joyful as the rest in being saved . He lowered his head to hers and said with self-blame, “Sorry, big brother came late . ”

He seldom called himself big brother, but this sudden self addressed, Sima Yi Yun recovered back to her senses and her tears fell .

“Big brother…”

This ‘big brother’ carried the feelings of rebirth, sadness, joy, grievances, and sadness . It contained so many emotions that made a steadfast person like Sima Yi Fei eyes reddened .

“Sorry, I came late . ”

Sima Yi Yun leaned on Sima Yi Fei and shook her head . She cried for a while before stopping at that time, most of her panic and fear had disappeared .

Sima Yi Fei noticed that her mood stabilized . He spoke to Sima Qi Qi, “Take her to change clothes . ”

“Mm . ” Sima Qi Qi supported Sima Yi Yun . “Let’s go . ”

Sima Yi Yun came down and tightened her clothes afraid of it falling off .

“Qi Qi, you were also injured just now . Take a pill first . ”

“I’m fine . Let’s go . Let’s go change clothes . ” Sima Qi Qi helped her to the side of a big rock .

When they came out again, Sima Yi Yun had changed her clothes and Sima Qi Qi had also taken a pill .

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“Big brother, how did you come to save us? Who is that divine beast?” Sima Yi Yun walked over and saw Little Roar mingling with the other beauties to ask .

“That’s You Yue’s spirit beast . To be honest, she was the one who saved you . ” Sima Yi Fei said .

“You Yue? You met her?” Sima Yi Yun and Sima Qi Qi were surprised when they heard Sima You Yue’s name .

“That bastard is so strong, who has the ability to draw him away?”

“You Yue’s godfather, the dragon king of Violet Water Dragon clan . ” Sima Yi Fei replied .

He left with them on the teleportation array . He gave them an overview of Sima You Yue .

Because of the vow, he omitted the matter about the Little Realm and Spirit Pagoda .

“Unexpectedly, we owe her such a big favor . ” Sima Yi Yun said, “If it weren’t for her, I’m afraid I would already … . ”

Thinking of that scene, her whole body couldn’t help shaking .

Sima Yi Fei stepped forward and hugged her . “Don’t be too surprised when you see her . ”


“You’ll know it then . ” Sima Yi Fei kept them in suspense .

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They were not far from Sima You Yue’s group . They didn’t hear much about her, so they didn’t know she was a girl . If she hadn’t taken the initiative to recognize them when they met, they wouldn’t be able to recognize her .

“Then where are they now? Let’s go see . If something happens to her, I’m afraid we won’t be able to be at ease for the rest of our life . ” Sima Yi Yun said .

“Honestly, I am also worried about them . But if we go over, I’m afraid we’ll drag them down . ” Sima Yi Fei said .

How could they participate in a battle with paragon ranks? Even if they die, they would drag them down .

“We won’t participate, we’ll look from a distance . ” Sima Yi Yun reasoned . “I want to see that person died!”

Sima Yi Fei felt her deep hatred . If he didn’t allow her to see him die, he was afraid she would never let this go .

“Alright, let’s go over . ” Sima Yi Fei said .

They went to get Little Roar . That guy was sucking up to the beauties . When they heard they were going to find that bastard, all the girls were frightened and determined not to go .

Sima Yi Fei didn’t force them . “If that’s the case, then let’s send our farewells here . You go back to your sects and families . We’ll go find our friends . ”

Those girls hesitated again . With their previous experience, they no longer dared to act along . Sima Yi Fei who had saved them was not their patron saint in their hearts .

“How about let us go with you . ” A girl spoke up . “Don’t you all want to see that bad guy get killed?”

When that girl said those words, the hurts of those girls started to shake again . They finally decided to go together . But they had to stay far away and resolutely not try to approach Yin Zun .

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