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Chapter 1161: Chapter 1161 - Yi Yun in Danger

Inside the cave, Yin Zun was interrupted by Sima You Yue . He was furious . When he returned to the cave, he saw the scene of girls crying together . He was upset and roared, “Don’t cry!”More than a dozen girls were yelled at by him . A few of them shut their mouths, while others cried more because of fear .

The one who was crying the most was the girl who had just been defiled .

“I said don’t cry!” Yin Zun yelled at that girl, and a force soared forth .


That girl vomited a mouthful of blood . Her facial features started to bleed . Her eyes opened wide . She fell to the side in disbelief and lost her life .

“If either of you all keeps crying, you will end up like her!” Yin Zun threatened .

The girls that had been crying were frightened dumb . They forgot about crying and didn’t dare to cry again .

“Hmph! That’s good . ” Yin Zun touched the face of the nearest girl . Then he went to the innermost cave and sat down and began meditating .

Although he was interrupted just now, he gained some more strength . He had to go refine it .

Sima Yu Yun and Sima Qi Qi were next to each other . They both had cried .

“Yi Yun, what should we do?” Sima Qi Qi glanced at the girl’s corpse and leaned on Sima Yi Yun in shock .

“Don’t be afraid . We’ll be fine . ” Sima Yi Yun patted her hand . She herself didn’t even believe it .

Being caught by such a person, even if they contacted Uncle Liu Feng, they might not be saved on time .

He was very strong . Sima family didn’t even have paragon to send out

Why did such a powerful expert like him come here? If he wanted to find girls, he should have looked for them outside . After all, there were more girls outside .

“Sigh, Yi Yun, what did you think that was? Could it be someone who came to save us?” Sima Qi Qi asked .

“Probably not?” Sima Yi Yun glanced outside .

“I think it’s very likely . Otherwise who would provoke such a person?” Sima Qi Qi said . “Even if it wasn’t to save us, they may be trying to save one of these people . It would be nice it was to save us by the way! When I think of the fate of those people before, I feel…”

Sima Yi Yun felt her body trembling . She stretched out her arm to hold her . “Don’t be afraid, let’s face it together . ”

“Being controlled by him, we can’t even suicide . This is the gap in our strength . ” Sima Qi Qi whispered .

If they could, they would rather commit suicide before being defiled, rather than end up like that .

Sima Yi Yun wanted to comfort her by saying that there was hope . But even her own heart only held despair .

One day later, Yin Zun woke up . The girls in the cave began to tremble .

Everytime he woke up after absorbing a girl’s essence, he would repeat his previous actions . Everyone shrank themselve, afraid that that danger would fall on them!

Yin Zun looked around . Finally his gaze landed on Sima Yi Yun .

Sima Yi Yun’s body froze when she felt his gaze .

Was it her turn now? She still hadn’t waited for someone to rescue them yet?

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“You, come here!” Yin Zun beckoned Sima Yi Yun with his finger .

Sima Yi Yun closed her eyes and took a deep breath . It really was her .

Want her to come over? Was it possible?

She stood up slowly . Sima Qi Qi grabbed her on the side .

“Yi Yun, don’t!” Sima Qi Qi shouted .

Yin Zun swept his gaze over Sima Qi Qi . “I haven’t tried it with two girls . Since you two have a good relationship . Then go together!”

Sima Qi Qi’s body stiffened . Together?

She wanted to say no . but Yin Zun found they were troublesome . With a wave of his hand, a gust of strong wind brought them over .

The moment Sima Yi Yun approached close, she suddenly shot a burst of spirit power towards Yin Zun’s chest .

Even if she couldn’t hurt him, if she could irritate him and make him kill her . It would be better than being defiled…

Unfortunately, her power was too weak in front of him . Her attack dissipated before getting close to him .


Yin Zun grabbed her neck . She couldn’t breathe for a moment .

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“Hahaha, I like fierce girls like you . Quite satisfying!” Yin Zun cackled .

“Kill me if you have the ability!” Sima Yi Yun said with difficulty .

“Want to irritate me so I can kill you?” Yin Zun laughed . “Little girl, you are a bit too tender for this trick . Don’t worry, I will give pleasure in a while!”

He threw Sima Qi Qi aside . Then he freed his hands to tear Sima Yi Yun’s clothes .


The sound of tearing closed shattered Sima Yi Yun’s last hopes .

If there was a second life, she must become stronger and not let anyone bully her!

“No!” Sima Qi Qi screamed . She tried to jump over, but was thrown against the stone wall by Yin Zun’s casual hand . She spit out a mouthful of blood and felt pain on her back .

“No!” She watched Sima Yi Yun’s clothes were torn to pieces, revealing jade-like skin . She couldn’t do anything . Tears kept streaming down . She cried on the ground .

“Little beauty, don’t worry . This paragon would give you pleasure soon . ” Yin Zun smiled . “To be honest, I am a bit reluctant to kill a beauty like you . If you’re obedient, this paragon will make an exception and spare you . I’ll allow you to follow me . ”

Sima Yi Yun looked at him with deep hatred and said slowly . “You better kill me, or else I will kill you!”

“Hahaha—–” Yin Zun laughed . “The more you keep saying, the more reluctant this paragon is to kill you . This paragon decided to keep your life . This paragon wants to see how you will kill me . ”

“I will, I definitely will!” Sima Yi Yun enunciated each word .

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“This paragon is waiting . Now, little beauty, please make this paragon feel comfortable first!”

Perhaps, he was attracted to her, he took out a bed for the first time, instead of doing it on the spot before .

He put Sima Yi Yun on the bed . When he was about to proceed, the explosion sounded at the entrance of the cave again . He got a shock and his mood had flown away .

If it happened several more times, he didn’t know if he would be scared to impotence!

“You again . This time, I must catch you! Little beauty, wait, I will come back and make you comfortable . ” Yin Zun got up . He put on his pants and went out .

“Yi Yun!”

Sima Qi Qi got up from the ground and took her clothes to wrap around Sima Yi Yun .

“Don’t be afraid . Someone is here to save us! Listen, there is the sound of fighting outside . ”

Sima Yi Yun’s eyes rolled . Her eyes brightened .

“Will someone come save us?”

“Yes, they must be here to save us . ” Sima Qi Qi hugged her .

“Haha, there is a spirit barrier here . It’s time for this baby to use his powers!” Little Roar’s voice suddenly transmitted from the entrance of the cave . The faces of the people in the cave became happy .

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