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Chapter 1125: 1125

When Little Dream and Flowey brought over the others from the valley, they witnessed Sima You You sitting on the edge of the sinkhole . She was trying to fuse control of the Spirit Realm and Heavenly Net . “Little Dream, you are back!” Little Seven waved at Little Seven and Flowey, inviting them to fly over . “Are you all right?”

“We’re fine . What is Yue Yue doing?”

Little Seven explained to them about the Heavenly Net . As a result, everyone waited together .

Inside the sinkhole, the situation was getting more and more dangerous .

“Valley master, everyone’s spirit power is almost exhausted . This thing requires too much spirit power, and we are unable to support it . ” Bi Sheng came over and told Ximen Feng who was nursing his injuries .

Although Sima You Yue was currently thinking of a solution, if time became too late, even if she opened the Heavenly Net, they would already be buried in the bellies of these spirit beasts .

Everyone understood this . The atmosphere in the sinkhole dropped to another low point .

Ximen Li, who sat beside Ximen Feng, felt guilty . Her tears poured out .

“I’m sorry, if it weren’t for me, no one would be trapped here . ”

“Li’er, it’s not your fault . ” Ximen Feng comforted . “If it weren’t for my order, this wouldn’t have happened .

“That’s right, Miss Li’er . You can’t blame yourself for this . Everyone didn’t know what’s going on

Ximen Li was different from her sister and brother . Ximen Feng was cold and You Yue was abnormal . Only this little girl who was cute and sensible gets along with everyone . People could help but pity her .

Sometimes they thought, how could Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng have such a pure and lovely sister? Shouldn’t she also be dark and abnormal like her sister and brother?

Although this matter started because of her, everyone didn’t blame her . After all, this was their own choice, and no one forced them .

“That’s right, Miss Li’er . Don’t blame yourself . ” Other people also comforted her .

But the more they were like this, the more Ximen Li blamed herself . Her hands holding Little Dough subconsciously tightened .

“Oww, hey, it hurts!” Little Dough suddenly cried, shocking everyone present .

“This guy can talk?!”

Everyone gathered around and looked at the Little Dough curiously .

The current Little Dough was no longer what it used to be . Just like its name, it was a white Little Dough, especially after eating the stone . It became whiter .

“Little Dough, you brought everyone down . Do you have a way to bring everyone out?” Ximen Li asked .

“…” Little Dough pretended to be dead as if it didn’t utter anything just now .

“Little Dough!” Ximen Li was angry . She kneaded Little Dough into various shapes with both hands .

Little Dough still didn’t say anything .

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“Little Dough, if you act this way again, I will… I will terminate the contract between us!” Ximen Li threatened .

Little Dough still ignored her . This little girl was spoiled while growing up . Then she lived in the valley for ten years . She still had a pure temperament . She wouldn’t break the contract with her!

But she didn’t know that the more pure one’s temperament was, the more crazy things they would do because of self blame .

Seeing Little Dough was still indifferent, Ximen Li began to terminate her contract with Little Dough .

Little Dough saw she was serious and was shocked . She shouted, “Oh, Oh, I know . Don’t be angry!”

Ximen Li stopped . “You’re not going to pretend to be dead?”

“Cough, cough, not pretending, not pretending . ” Little Dough suddenly expressed her stance . At the same time, she thought to herself, although this girl looked innocent, her cruel temperament was really like her sister!

“Then do you have a way to go out?” Ximen Li asked .

“This is the Heavenly Net, what can I do?” Little Dough said . “Sigh, don’t cry! Why are you crying even harder now?”

“Valley master, everyone can’t hold any longer!” Someone on the side shouted .

Everyone was continuously inputting spirit power into the stone . Many of them were already exhausted .

Once their last bit of spirit power got exhausted, the antiquity spirit beasts locked in the cave would rush out, then they…

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They looked up at the intertwined white light and golden light . After so many days, they were afraid that they would not be able to see the Heavenly Net opened .


They could hear the roar of the spirit beasts . At the entrance of the cave, they sensed the restriction was weakening . They constantly charged at the spirit barrier .

Ximen Li’s face turned pale in fright . If everyone died, how could she forgive herself?

Thinking of this, her tears flowed more intensely, dripping on the Little Dough’s body almost melting it .

“Oh, don’t cry, don’t cry . I will become a batter if you keep crying!” Little Dough protested loudly .

If it were normal times, everyone would laugh at this scene . But now, they had no more energy to pay attention to this .

Their spirit power was exhausted . If these spirit beasts come out, they would have no way to fight them .

“Oh, didn’t I say to stop crying!” Little Dough said helplessly, watching Ximen Li sobbing harder . “I said there was no way to take them up . But I didn’t say there was no way to relieve the current situation!”

Everyone caught on the last sentence and glanced over .

“Little Dough, what’s your plan?” Ximen Li asked .

It glanced at the person who was inputting spirit power and was condensing less and less spirit power . Seeing that the spirit power was about to be exhausted, it sighed, flew out of Ximen Li’s arms and fell on the stone with a slap, wrapping around it .

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Everyone was stunned by it’s behavior . Thinking that it was about to eat the other half of the stone, they were just about to stop it when they noticed the caves turned quiet .

“Now, tell that ruthless woman that I can only support it for two days . ” Little Dough snorted . “If she doesn’t break the Heavenly Net in two days, you can’t blame me anymore . ”

Anyways, when the spirit beasts come out, they wouldn’t dare touch it!

Everyone’s hanging heart suddenly fell . Although two days wasn’t a long time, it was hope .

Feng Zhi contacted Ni An Yi and them and explained the situation here .

Ni An Yi was anxious . Because he couldn’t go urge Sima You Yue, he felt his body was being burned .

Sima You Yue heard what was said . Knowing that time waits for no one, but the Heavenly Net was like a bull, unwilling to cooperate and refusing to give her way .

When she heard the following situation, she became angry as well . She poured out her divine sense and minimized her Spirit Realm . She pressed it against the Heavenly Net .

“I don’t care who set you up, or if you had the power of heaven and earth, if you don’t open up for me today, I will burn you into ashes!”

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