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Chapter 1124: 1124

“Yue Yue be careful!” Little Seven noticed the net was releasing energy . She called out to Sima You Yue . Sima You Yue turned and jumped away when she felt the energy fluctuation and stopped midair .

“Heavenly Net . ” Qing Yi said .

“Qing Yi, what did you say?” Little Seven asked .

“This is the Heavenly Net . ” Qing Yi said . “A kind of net formed by the power of heaven and earth . Once trapped inside, unless the person who arranged the Heavenly Net, they cannot get out . ”

“Wouldn’t Brother Feng and them be in danger?” Little Seven’s eyes widened . “Can they come out from the ground?”

Qing Yi shook his head . “The Heavenly Net covers the entire range of ground and even underground . ”

“Heavens! What should we do then?” Ni An Yi was stunned . Then the disciples of the valley would just…

“There must be a way . ” Sima You Yue murmured . “All things are complementary to each other . Even if it is by the power of heaven and earth, there must be a solution . ”

Qing Yi was startled . He didn’t expect Sima You Yue to say this . He admired her agility and wit .

“You are right . There is indeed a way to break it . ”

“Really? What is it? Qing Yi, tell us!” Little Seven urged .

“Originally there wasn’t one . But your Dao and Spirit Realm are the exact nemesis of the Heavenly Net . ” Qing Yi replied .

“Can this be broken with my Spirit Realm?” Sima You Yue asked .

“It’s not to break it . It doesn’t affect you . ” Qing Yi explained further, “Your Spirit Realm and your Dao is like the power of heaven and earth which is similar to the Heavenly Net . As long as it recognizes you, you can go down and then bring them out smoothly by putting them into your Spirit Realm . ”

“Is this all?” Little Seven asked .

“Don’t think it’s easy . ” Qing Yi patted Little Seven on the head, regarding her like a child again . “Although they are taking advantage of the power of heaven and earth, the difference is at large . It won’t be easy for her to get the approval of the Heavenly Net . ”

“Then let’s try . ” Sima You Yue flew to the edge of the sinkhole . She sat cross legged, released her Spirit Realm, and then summoned her twelve golden characters to merge with the Spirit Realm .

The edge of the Spirit Realm approached the top of the sinkhole, slowly coming close to the Heavenly Net . The Heavenly Net immediately blocked it with a bursts of white light .

At this time, the twelve golden characters that were integrated with the Spirit Realm glowed with golden light, merged with the white light and began to confront each other .

“Can this work?” Little Seven asked .

“It’s up to her if she can do it . ” Qing Yi smirked . He was quite confident in Sima You Yue .

Ni An Yi stood by the side . He was worried about the situation below . He helplessly walked back and forth constantly . He felt extreme anxiety . He took out a son mother stone and contacted Feng Zhi and them .

“Big brother, are you all right?”

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“Old sixth? Where are you?” Feng Zhi and the group had not heard from the above for the past two days . Now they contacted Ni An Yi, they were excited .

“I’m fine, the spirit beasts that were hunting us are all dead . ” Ni An Yi said . “How are you all?”

“Fortunately, we can hold on for while more . But if we can’t think of something…”

“Big brother, don’t worry, boss is here and currently thinking of a way above . As long as we open the Heavenly Net, you all will be fine . ” Ni An Yi comforted .

“Boss? You said boss is here?!”

These people who had been listless heard Sima You Yue was here, they felt energized .

“Yes . ” Ni An Yi confirmed . “Boss is trying to open the Heavenly Net above . You guys hold on for a few more days . As long as boss succeeds, everyone will be safe . ”

“When did Boss come?”

“Deputy Valley Master is here . We have hope . ”

“That’s right! Everyone hold on for a bit longer . If you run out of spirit power, take the pills to recover them gradually!”

Kong Xiang Yi grabbed Ximen Feng’s hands excitedly . “Feng, it is You Yue, You Yue is here! You must have contacted her the last time you tried!”

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Ximen Feng was very happy . There was finally hope . It was not in vain that he exhausted his spirit power and was injured .

“But, the thing above didn’t respond when we all attacked it . You Yue is alone . How can she open it?” Bi Sheng was still worried .

Little Seven jumped over . “Old Bi, don’t worry . Although the Heavenly Net is a bit hard to break . Yue Yue has a way to deal with it . It only takes a little time!”

Little Seven and Sima You Yue had always been inseparable . Hearing her voice was seeing Sima You Yue here, their hearts became firmer .

“How is she going to break it?”

Little Seven felt her posture speaking was uncomfortable . She simply took the son mother stone from Ni An Yi’s hand and sat on the ground to explain to everyone .

“This Heavenly Net is a net that uses the power of heaven and earth to be set . It was originally very powerful . As long as the people locked inside except those who set up the Heavenly Net, no one can escape out of it . ”

Listening to Little Seven, everyone felt bitter . It was so powerful?

But thinking it over, there were many antiquity beasts locked here . At the same time, back then this was not an immortal land . Once it opened, what kind of disaster would strike the outside world? In fact, it was expected that the Heavenly Net would trap them .

But with such a powerful Heavenly Net, how were they going to get out?

Little Seven guessed their thoughts and continued, “Are you all really worried now? Haha, if there’s no Yue Yue, you need to be worried, but with You Yue, there’s nothing to worry!”

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“Didn’t you say that no one can open it except the person who arranged it?” Kong Xiang Yi asked .

“Sister Xiang Yi, you have to believe that all things are arrangements in the dark . ” Little Seven still played along . “If it was a few months ago, Yue Yue and you all were locked here together, there would be no hope . But now, this is not a problem!”


What could change in a few months?

“Because You Yue has comprehended her Dao during the period of separation . And it is related to the Heavenly Dao . She also comprehended her spirit realm . ” Little Seven exclaimed proudly . “This is closely related to the Heavenly Net . Now she’s trying to establish connection with the Heavenly Net . As long as the connection is successful, she can bring you all out . ”

She actually comprehended her Dao! She also comprehended her Spirit Realm which only a paragon rank could do!

There was an uproar in the sinkhole . Their Deputy Valley Master was simply extraordinary!

But it was precisely because of this that they had the hope of surviving!

They like this aspect of her!

Time ticked by and passed on like this for several days . Although most people had used up their spirit power, they were still holding one because they believed that she was about to save them .

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