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Chapter 1126: 1126

Sima You Yue released Crimson Flame . Using his fire, she merged them with the twelve golden characters . The power of the flames increased greatly, and the space began to burn and become distorted . The Heavenly Net had been here for many years . It had developed its own intelligence, so it could fight with Sima You Yue for so many days .

But in the face of this flame, it felt scared, a kind of yield, yielding to a more powerful power than itself .

Its heart was crying . It clearly was the darling of heaven and earth . Why was there something more powerful than it?

Sima You Yue didn’t know of the Heavenly Net’s inner wailing . She only knew that she had forcibly merged her golden characters with the Crimson Flame’s fire . Now it was breaking apart her body . If this guy still did not give in, she didn’t know how long she would last .

Cracks appeared in her internal organ, her bones shattered inch by inch, and her flesh started to show cracks .

“Are you going to give way or not?!” Her voice was soft but it was firm . The Heavenly Net’s little heart couldn’t bear it .

Alright…I’ll give way . Why are you so fierce!

The Heavenly Net opened a small hole . Sima You Yue’s Spirit Realm immediately entered, enclosing the entire sinkhole .

Little Seven and the others’ tears fall when they see Sima YouYue like this . But they did not cry out loud in order to not disturb her .

People of the Heartbreak Valley were moved when they saw Sima You Yue covered in blood .

How could they meet someone else and be treated the same?


Sima You Yue stored the Spirit Realm and brought out all the people inside .


When Little Dough left, she brought the remaining half of the stone as well . The moment the array stone left, the restrictions outside the caves disappeared automatically, and the spirit beasts all catched up .

Fortunately, the Heavenly Net was powerful and a silver light slashed down . The spirit beasts who were close on them were slashed back .

The moment the Spirit Realm exited, the Heavenly Net immediately closed . Even if the spirit beasts flew from behind couldn’t get out of the sinkhole .


After Sima You Yue brought out the people of the Heartbreak Valley . She could no longer support the Spirit Realm . She passed out after coughing up blood .

As soon as her Spirit Realm shattered, the people of Heartbreak Valley appeared on top of the sinkhole . When they lowered their head, they could see all sorts of spirit beasts underneath . They were frightened that they almost lost their balance and fell .

“Yue Yue! Yue Yue!”

Little Seven and the others rushed over, wanting to hold the Sima You Yue who fainted . They didn’t dare reach out to touch her when they saw her covered in blood .

Even the Crimson Flame couldn’t help appearing . He stood beside her with a frown .

The shouts on one side awakened the people who were immersed in joy . They looked over and saw Sima You Yue lying in Little Dream’s arms covered in blood . They all flew over .

Her white skirt was soaked in blood . The red patches filled their vision .



“You Yue!”

Although they didn’t know what happened, they knew why she was like this . It was to save them all .

Now they all came out . They didn’t expect to see her like this .

“Quickly give Yue Yue the healing pill!”

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“No, she is gravely injured . I don’t think the pill will work . ” Little Seven exclaimed . “Use my essence blood!”

Little Seven pierced her finger and opened Sima You Yue’s hand to put the blood in . But she was stopped midair before she touched the lips .

Qing Yi grabbed Little Seven’s hand and wiped her finger with his right hand . The wound disappeared .

“Qing Yi . ” Little Seven looked at him with tears .

Qing Yi sighed when she saw her panicking . “With me here, don’t be afraid . Don’t hurt yourself . ”

He cut his hand and squeezed out a drop of golden blood . He opened Sima YouYue’s mouth and dripped it in .

Qing Yi’s blood was filled with vitality . For healing, his essence blood was even better than Little Seven .

There was no need for Sima You Yue to swallow . The essence blood contained vitality . It ran through every part of her body along her meridians and began to repair her body .

At the same time, her divine devil physique also started healing, repairing her body together with the vitality aura .

Her condition slowly stabilized .

“What happened just now . How did she suffer such a grace injury?” XImen Feng asked .

Little Seven and the others were not in the mood to explain to everyone . So Ni An Yi explained all the things Sima You Yue had done in the past few days .

When talking about the latter, his eyes were red . The rest were about the other disciples who were rescued by Little Dream and them .

Although they could feel Sima You Yue’s care for them . It was far less shocking than seeing her doing this in person .

“Deputy Valley Master…”

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Sima You Yue was in a coma right now . So she couldn’t see them all with red eyes . But their conviction increased .

“Why is the deputy valley master wearing a skirt?”

Someone finally noticed it .

“Boss is a woman, so there’s nothing weird about wearing a skirt . ” Dai Yi replied .

“Deputy Valley Master is a woman?”

“That can’t be?”

“Oh my god!”

Although they didn’t want to admit it, the current appearance of Sima You Yue explained everything . This discovery stunned them .

Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the person who made them followed her desperately turned out to be a woman .

“She is a female, so we should call her Young Miss instead of Young Master?” The bird clan member said .

“Probably… yeah . ”

“Young Miss is really amazing! She’s worthy of being my King’s contract master!”

When the Four Winged Rocs saw Crimson Fire, they couldn’t help but kneel down .

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Crimson Fire only glanced at them once, only one glance, caused the bewildered sparrowhawk clan and egret clan to kneel down .

Lord Divine Bird, the true king of their bird race!

Sima You Yue didn’t let the people of Heartbreak Valley follow them when she helped Shui Qing Man give birth in the Little Realm . So they never saw Crimson Flame before . Now this suddenly appeared; it really scared them .

“Get up . ” Crimson Flame said lightly . He turned away from them and looked at Sima You Yue’s situation .

The sparrowhawk and egret clan members recalled how the four winged rocs knelt down first . They were not surprised by Crimson Flame’s identity . They grabbed the people beside them and asked, “You already knew the King appeared?!”

The members of four winged roc clan blinked, admitting .

“God, you already knew!?”

“Why didn’t you tell us!”

“Our King didn’t want us to say . So we didn’t say . Otherwise the King will be angry and that would be serious . ”

“I see . Wow, I need to properly digest these two news . ”

“Me too . ”

The people of Heartbreak Valley noticed that the bird clans were abnormal . They became curious of Sima You Yue’s contract beast beside her .

They had witnessed the bird races weren’t like this when they see Little Roc . It indicated that this person was even more powerful than Little Roc .


Sima You Yue rubbed her eyebrows and groaned .

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