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Chapter 1120: 1120

The person who told her the news said that Ximen Feng and the group were blocked outside the forbidden area at that time . They had planned to leave when a woman told Ximen Feng, “Second brother, there are treasures inside there . I can take you guys in . ”Ximen Li was the only one who could call Ximen Geng second brother . And Ximen Li’s biggest secret was Little Dough in her body .

Little Dough cherished her life very much . Since it was connected to Ximen Li’s life and death . It wouldn’t treat her life like a game .

From this perspective, Ximen Feng and the others were not in danger now .

After confirming this, Sima You Yue’s heart felt more at ease .

They started searching the ruins, wanting to pick up things left behind . But after walking around, they discovered that people who had come before had swept the palace clean like locusts on the fields .

Just when they were about to leave, Sima You Yue sensed a vibration from son mother stone that she gave Ximen Feng as if asking for help from them .

“Something happened to Feng’er . ” She told the people beside her .

“How do you know?”

Aren’t they unable to communicate with the outside world .

Sima You Yue took out the son mother stone . The vibrations that came up had not completely dissipated .

“Feng’er and the others have been inside for so long . They must know that contact is closed off between the inside and outside . If it wasn’t an accident, he definitely would not use the son mater stone to contact me . Although it was only for a moment, it is his distress signal to me . ”

“This is not far from where they went in . Let’s rush over and take a look . ” Jiang Jun Xian said .

“Mm . ”

They ran all the way to the east to the place where Ximen Feng and the others disappeared . They found the space here was fluctuating .

“Someone is breaking the forbidden area . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Let’s go see . ”

They went around the canyons and saw a huge courtyard . Outside there was a group of people waiting .

“They did not attack the forbidden area . ” Han Miao Shuang whispered .

“There should be someone coming out from inside . ” Sima You Yue said . “Let’s see who is it . ”

The forbidden area had not been destroyed . It indicated that that person was another who could ignore the forbidden area .

She looked at the clothing of the people outside . She could guess who was inside .

After a while, Xuan Qiu He came out from the courtyard . He immediately noticed Sima You Yue’s aura . He looked in the direction where she was .

“Young Master . ” People of Xuan Qiu family gathered around .

“Young Master, is your enlightenment a success?”

“Young Master, inside…”

Xuan Qiu He raised his hand to stop them from continuing .

Everyone realized that he had been looking behind them . When they glanced back, they noticed Sima You Yue’s group .

Xuan Qiu He patted his wheelchair, and the wheelchair rose up from the ground and came directly in front of Sima You Yue’s group .

Sima You Yue walked over . “Xuan Qiu, I didn’t expect you to be here . ”

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“I was a little surprised to hear that you are a woman . ” Xuan Qiu He began . “I didn’t expect it to be so . ”

Sima You Yue chuckled .  “You just came out from there . What good things did you get?”

Xuan Qiu He didn’t conceal and replied, “There are some inheritances and I was lucky enough to get one or two of them . ”

“Can you go inside directly?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Yes . ”

“Does it work with any forbidden areas?”

Xuan Qiu He was a clever person . He immediately understood what she was thinking about .

“Do you want to find your vally master?” He asked .

“Mm, I just received his request for help . Something dangerous must have happened inside . ” Sima You Yue asked, “Can you help me get in?”

“I can help you, but…” Xuan Qiu He hesitated .

“But what?”

“I have something that allows people to enter and exit at will, but that can only be used by one person . Even if I give it to you, you can only enter alone . ” Xuan Qiu He replied . “But no one knows exactly what the situation inside is? There are so many people of Heartbreak Valley that need help . If you go in, it may not be useful . You might even put yourself in danger . ”

“Please lend it to me . ” Sima You Yue insisted . “I will be fine . ”

“Are you sure?”

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Sima You Yue nodded . “I’m certain . Please help me . ”

Xuan Qiu He saw that her attitude was firm . He took out a leaf-like thing . He took her hand and placed it on the palm of her hand .

“I hope to see you exit . ”

When Sima You Yue touched the leaf, she felt relief . “What kind of leaf is this?”

“Bodhi leaf . Only this one is present in this world . ” Xuan Qiu He replied .

Bodhi leaf?!

Sima You Yue was surprised . There were really bodhi trees in the world!

According to the legend, enlightenment under the bodhi tree can get twice the result with half the effect . Its effect was no less than the Tree of Life .

However, enlightenment under the bodhi tree was more related to buddhism . While the enlightenment under the Tree of Life was more to life .

In the past, the Tree of Life and bodhi tree were both legendary sacred trees . Now she saw the tree of life, she didn’t expect to see the bodhi leaf .

She held the bodhi leaf in her hand . “I will come out, and will take out together . I owe you a favor . ”

“I said before, we are friends . Friends help each other when they meet . ” Xuan Qiu He said .

“Okay . ” She nodded . She didn’t think so in her heart . He didn’t care, but how could she just forget it .

“The people in the Heartbreak Valley are in the two valleys ahead . ” Xuan Qiu He informed .

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“How do you know?”

Xuan Qiu He was slightly startled . “When I came in, I heard about her sect members . So I asked people about it .

“Thank you . ” Sima You Yue thanked .

“You’re welcome . I’ll take you there . ”

“Then I’ll trouble you . ”

Xuan Qiu He took them on two turns before arriving at a valley . “It is here . ”

Sima You Yue examined the place . The top of the mountain was covered by a layer of mist . It was impossible to see what was going on inside .

“The restriction here is very powerful . It must be more dangerous inside . You have to be careful . If there is danger you can’t handle, escape . No matter what is inside, it cannot leave the forbidden area . ” Xuan Qiu He said .

“I got it . ” Sima You Yue nodded . Then she turned to Han Miao Shuang and the group . “Do you want to check out other places?”

Han Miao Shuang shook her head . “We will be waiting for you to come out . At the same time, we will think if there is a way to open the forbidden area . ”

“Alright . ” Sima You Yue said . “Little Seven…”

“We’ve already established a contract, so I must go in with you . ” Little Seven stated . “Just wait for me here . ”

“The restriction doesn’t affect me . ” Qing Yi said, which meant he was going to go with Little Seven .

After hundreds of thousands of years apart, he didn’t want her to leave his sight for even a minute .

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