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Chapter 1119: 1119

Little Seven sat next to Qing Yi . She scanned the dark surroundings . “Qing Yi, why don’t we go by air instead of traversing on ground?”“Sometimes the space looks the same, but it’s distorted . We seem to be walking straight, but we may be going astray . ” Qing Yi explained . “And I am more familiar with the ground . When we walk on the ground, I can tell where we are . ”

“That’s it . ”

Everyone’s doubts were cleared . But they did expect him to have such a fastidious attitude .

Others didn’t know, but Sima You Yue understood the remains of someone of emperor rank would definitely not be easy to find . If they were to make spatial changes, it was a piece of cake to them .

She estimated that they have been underground for five to six days . Qing Yi led them back onto the continent .

He waved his hand, and the aperture disappeared .

“Is this the ruins?”

They looked around and saw no one .

“Now we’re outside of the ruins . There’s a forbidden area in the ruins . It will be dangerous to go down again . ” Qing Yi said .

Sima You Yue examined her environment . The surrounding flowers and plants were still very luxuriant . There was no trace of them being trampled on, indicating that no one had been here recently .

Han Miao Shuang and them also noticed this . “No one has been here . Are we really outside the ruins?”

“The aura’s right . ” Qing Yi finished speaking and stood quietly to the side .

He brought them here, but it did not mean he would always help them .

It was impossible for him to help them with everything . As he said before, unless Little Seven is in danger of life, he wouldn’t bother with anything else .

Sima You Yue knew this . So she was grateful that Qing Yi could bring them here .

“The ruins are so big . It’s impossible for people to be at all the places inside . ” She said . “I will send some bees to observe the environment here .

She called out hundreds of scarlet bees and let them fly around . Some of them flew into the forbidden area which their contact with her broke

“Such a strong forbidden area . ” Sima You Yue exhaled .

“What happened?”

“The forbidden area can actually cut off contract connections . ” Sima You Yue replied . “Perhaps the bees are in a master-slave contract with the scarlet queen bee and they are one of many . It can block the connection, indicating that it is not so strong . ”

“Sure enough it’s an emperor rank . Even if it is just the ruins, the forbidden area is so powerful . ” Shi Qian Zhi sighed .

“If we can get his things or inheritance, that would be great!” Han Miao Shuang exclaimed .

“In fact, there is nothing left here . ” Qing Yi suddenly blurted . “The immortal land has been opened for many times, and the things have already been taken away . ”

“You also knew about it?”

“A lot of people have been here before, and this is what I have heard . ”

“But the ruins are so large . It’s impossible everything has been taken away, right? Maybe there are fish that slip through the net . ” Shi Qian Zhi said .

“There are many people stronger than you . ”

Although what Qing Yi said was not pleasant, it was nevertheless true .

“They are all powerful? I don’t think those people were all that . ”

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“The immortal land is not limited to this Spirit Realm . The ones in other places are more powerful than this Spirit Realm . ” Qing Yi said .

However, the talents of these people to comprehend principle were better than those in other places .

“Other Spirit Realms?”

“This place is not the only one in this world . The whole world is infinitely big . I don’t even know how many there are . ” Qing Yi said .

“It’s alright . I will take you around the world in the future . ” Little Seven grinned .

“Alright . ” Qing Yi smiled which made Little Seven surprised .

They waited a while looking at the entrance . It took more than a day for the scarlet bees to return with news .

Sima You Yue summarized the information . “We are now on the east side of the ruins, the closest place where Feng’er and the others disappeared . It is said that this place has the forbidden area which has the most restrictions . So few people entered here .

“This is just right . No one will snatch our things . ” Little Seven said .

“If we want to go in, we must first break the forbidden area . ” Shi Qian Zhi said . “The more powerful it is, the harder for it to be broken . ”

“It shouldn’t be too difficult?” Little Seven did not know much about forbidden areas . But she understood Sima You Yue’s and the group’s expression that it wouldn’t be easy .

Moreover, Jiang Jun Xian, Han Miao Shuang, and Su Xiao Xiao were alchemists, Shi Qian Zhi was alchemist and poison master, and Shi Qiu Shuang was not a professional . So they were not good at breaking the forbidden area .

While Little Seven, she would be even less counted on .

Therefore, Sima You Yue had to break the forbidden area herself .

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“You Yue, have you broken a forbidden area before?”

“No . ” Sima You Yue’s reply made everyone almost choked . “However, the forbidden area is similar to a spirit barrier or array . It shouldn’t be difficult?”

“Maybe . ”

However, the result——

“Yue Yue, you have been studying it for several days,and you have not found a solution yet!” Little Seven squatted beside Sima You Yue, watching her draw on the ground .

“Not yet . ” Sima You Yue threw away the branch in her hand and sighed . “Although the forbidden area is a bit like those, I can’t find a way . ”

“Even Yue Yue can’t do it, how did they find a way to enter?” Little Seven asked . “The people of Heartbreak Valley did not break the forbidden area right?”

“They didn’t, but…”

“But what?”

Sima You Yue thought of someone . Before coming here, she had called Ximen Li to go with everyone . Later Xiemen Feng had left and Ximen Li followed . Maybe the forbidden area was… opened by the thing inside her body .

She did not know why but she felt this possibility was very high . This was the only reason she could think of that Ximen Feng and the others could enter without breaking the forbidden area .

“Then what shall we do now?”

“Find a place to go inside the ruins first . ” Sima You Yue suggested .

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If it didn’t work here, then they could try other places first . Maybe they’ll find a way in .

“Okay . ”

After two day’s journey, they came to a mountain near the south . The forbidden area here had been broken before .

There were more people here and soon they met people .

Fortunately, Qing Yi had adapted a disguise . Otherwise, he would definitely be recognized .

But even so, the presence of Sima You Yue, Han Miao Shuang, and the group caused a lot of sensation . Soon, many people inside and outside the ruins knew she was here .

Everywhere Sima You Yue went, there would be a group of onlookers . She finally understood how celebrities were .

Unfortunately, she did not like such treatment .

But this also brought her benefit . These people knew she was looking for the people of Heartbreak Valley . They revealed a lot of information about Ximen Feng’s party .

At the same time, it confirmed her conjecture that the people of Heartbreak Valley could not enter without breaking the forbidden area . It was indeed related to the thing inside Ximen Li!

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