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Chapter 1121: 1121

Knowing Qing Yi’s ability, no one was worried about his safety . With in going with Sima You Yue, they felt relieved . Although his original intention was not to go in and help Sima You Yue . But if You Yue dies, Little Seven would die with her . So Qing Yi couldn’t let any accidents happen to Sima You Yue .

At the most, the previous matters wouldn’t interfere with now .

Sima You Yue send Little Seven into the Spirit Pagoda . Holding the bodhi leaf, she walked towards the valley with Qing Yi .  When they reached the restriction, Sima You Yue paused before strolling in .

Qing Yi’s steps did not change as if the restriction did not exist for him .

Xuan Qiu He as well as his clan looked at the departing back of Qing Yi . Their gazes were deep, filled with thoughts .

Once they were inside the restriction, the white mist disappeared . It seemed that the white mist could only be seen outside .

She called out Little Seven before she took out a scroll and looked at it . However, she still could not find Ximen Feng and the others figures on it .

She frowned, “Aren’t they here?”

But Xuan Qiu He said they were here . He wouldn’t lie to her .

“There are fluctuations deep inside . Just go in and take a look . ” Little Seven said .

“Mm . Let’s go in . ” Sima You Yue closed the scroll .

They walked deeper and deeper . They saw some footprints in the valley, confirming someone had indeed been here recently . As for whether they were someone from Heartbreak Valley, it was not certain .

“There was nothing here . Why did Little Dough in Li’er body bring them here?” Little Seven said inexplicably while holding Qing Yi’ s hand .

Sima You Yue was very puzzled . Although there were rare medicinal materials in this valley . They were not particularly precious and not attractive to her . At least, with her Little Realm and Spirit Pagoda, Ximen Feng and the others wouldn’t be covetous of these things .

Little Dough had stayed in the Spirit Pagoda with Ximen Li, so it knew what medicinal treasure there was . So it wouldn’t be attracted to these as well .

But scanning the place, they didn’t see any treasures there or fluctuations caused from the rare treasures .

What on earth was that Little Dough attracted by?!

“There’s another restriction ahead!” Little Seven pointed to the other end of the valley .

This restriction was different from the one outside . A thick mist covered the one outside, but this one was transparent . If they didn’t sense the fluctuations, they wouldn’t have noticed it .

“There are a lot of footprints here . ” Sima You Yue said . “It’s messy in the mud . They should have stayed here for a while . ”

“Then let’s go in and have a look . They should be inside . ” Little Seven said .

“Wait . ”

“What’s wrong, Qing Yi?”

“The restriction is stronger than the one outside . I don’t know what’s inside . After entering, don’t leave my side . ” Qing Yi told Little Seven firmly .

“Oh, Qing Yi, you don’t have to worry about me so much . My current strength is not low!” Little Seven said .

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Qing Yi looked at Little Seven . He didn’t reply but silently expressed his meaning .

Little Seven was saddened by his melancholy eyes . She waved her hand . “Alright, I got it . I will . ”

“That’s good . Let’s go . ”

“Qing Yi let go of Little Seven’s hand . She pulled a long face at Sima You Yue . She noticed her smiling eyes and pouted, “If Brother Lingyu wakes up, you will face the same . ”

“But he is not awake yet . ” Sima You Yue smiled . “Come, let’s go in . ”

She sent Little Seven into the Spirit Pagoda, and then entered the restriction with Qing Yi .

As soon as they entered, they immediately discovered what was unusual here .

“Antiquity aura!” Sima You Yue whispered, looking around in surprise .

“Yue Yue, Yue Yue, let me out . ” Little Seven shouted in the Spirit Pagoda .

“Yue Yue, let us out as well . ” Little Dream said .

Sima You Yue didn’t expect to feel the antiquity aura here . Intuition she told her that there was an unknown danger here . She thought for while before calling Little Seven, Little Dream, and Flowey out . The other low powered beasts stayed in the Spirit Pagoda .

When Flowey saw Qing Yi, she felt apprehensive . If Little Seven and Sima You Yue gave her strength, she would have fallen down again .

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“Flowey, you don’t have to be afraid of Qing Yi .  With me here, he would not dare to bully you . ” Little Seven patted Flowey on the shoulder .

Flowey nodded and swallowed subconsciously .

Qing Yi glanced at Little Seven and Flowey . He didn’t care for this small flower king . Was this girl trying to live off him and help someone else .

However, when he saw her smile, he felt happy . Although the sight of a strong woman and weak man could be ignored .

“Yue Yue, let’s try if we can find their location from here . ” Little Dream suggested .

“Mm, let me see . ”

Sima You Yue took out the scroll . The news about Ximen Feng and some disciples of Heartbreak Valley appeared on it . It indicated that they were in the same restriction as them .

“Over there . ” Without waiting for Sima You Yue to speak, Little Seven started .

“How do you…” Sima You Yue didn’t finish when she saw a few disciples of Heartbreak Valley being chased by some monsters running not far in front of them .

The ones running in the front were Shi Chen and Ni An Yi . They thought they saw Sima You Yue and at the same time, thought it was an illusion .

Why did boss appear in this place? It must be because their spirit power was running out and their energy was exhausted that they were dizzy and started seeing things .

“Little Dream, Flowey, go help them . ” Sima You Yue knew that her two spirit beasts were strong . Her strength was not enough, so she could only let Flowey and Little Dream go .

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“Yue Yue, don’t worry . ”

Flowey and Little Dream flew over at the same time . They saw that the two disciples behind were about to be overtaken . Flowey waved her hand and a vine whip flew over and pulled these two to their side . They were now free from the monster’s poisonous mouth .

At the same time, another vine whip flew over and wrapped it around one of the monsters . Pulling hard, that monster fell on top of the other monsters, knocking down the others nearby .

The other monsters stopped pursuing the people of Heartbreak Valley when they saw Little Dream and Flowey . They instead turned to attack them .

“Stay over there . ” Flowey flung the two people towards Sima You Yue’s group . She waved her vine whip towards the spirit beasts .

Little Dream flew midair . Her hands continuously congeal seals . Black roses flew out . When the black roses approached the monsters, they disperse automatically . Each petal piercing the monster’s body .

Ni An Yi and the others stopped when they Little Dream and Flowey . Then their sight reached Sima You Yue and Little Seven who were not far away . They immediately jumped up .

“That’s great! We’re saved!”

“Boss, the boss is here to save us!”

“Boss is here . We can finally leave!”

Finally, they were saved from despair!

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