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Chapter 1118: 1118

Crimson Flame ignored Little Seven and thanked Qing Yi, holding onto the essence, he flew to the tree top . Sima You Yue looked at the tree of life, thinking of that sentence, “Phoenix rests on parasol trees, birds rest on vessel trees”, wondering if the rainbow bird and the rest came in .

She was also unsure how Feng’er and the rest was doing .

“Alright, since it’s already settled, let’s go outside . ” Little Seven said when she felt Sima You Yue worrying for Ximen Feng .

“Mm . ”

Sima You Yue brought them to the tree cave, then Qing Yi brought them out .

Han Miao Shuang and the rest were waiting outside, seeing them coming out, they flew to him and said, “Little Seven, you succeed in evolving?! I heard something happened to you, are you okay now?”

“It’s all good now . ” Little Seven said .

Han Miao Shuang stroked Little Seven’s head and sighed, “Little Seven has already grown so big and already become a lady!”

Little Seven clapped her hand away, “You sound so old and decrepit . Does this mean that you’re saying you’re old?”

“Old? How am I old? I’m forever sixteen, like a flower . ” Han Miao Shuang said while she raised her chin .

“Heh heh, yes, you’re forever a doll . ” Little Seven beamed and said, “But it’s okay if you’re old or young, you’re the same in his heart . ”

After she spoke, she raised her chin towards Jiang Jun Xian .

“Oh, now you’ve grown, your broken intention grew too! See how I’ll deal with you!” Han Miao Shuang said as she was going to hit Little Seven .

Little Seven ran towards Jiang Jun Xian, just right before Han Miao Shuang caught her, she dodged and hid behind his back, Han Miao Shuang then pounced into his embrace .

“Alright, Little Seven, that’s it, what are you both arguing about . ” Jiang Jun Xian blocked Han Miao Shuang’s waist and said softly .

Han Miao Shuang’s face turned red and got out of his embrace and said, “Help me to catch her, how dare she tease me, I’ll settle scores with her today!”

Little Seven flew in between Sima You Yue and Qing Yi and said, “You found an assistant, I found mine too, I have two while you only have one!”

Han Miao Shuang saw how she coiled her arms on Qing Yi’s arm, whiningly, “You’re good!”

“Hehe . ” Little Seven laughed proudly .

“Alright, since everyone is out, let’s go to the ruins . Feng’er is still there and not yet out, I’m abit worried and go there and take a look . ” Sima You Yue said, turned around to look at Shi Qiu Shuang and asked, “What about you guys?”

Shi Qiu Shuang looked at Shi Qian Zhi and Jiang Jun Xian, hesitated for a while and said, “We too want to take a look at the ruins, let’s go together . We’ll separate after we leave this island . ”

“Sounds good . Just two of you walking on the island seems dangerous . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Qing Yi, let’s start, once it’s done, we’ll leave . ” Little Seven released Qing Yi .

Qing Yi nodded, let everyone leave, he flew in mid air and waved his hand, dazzling bits of golden lights fell from his hand, it shrouded the whole tree of life .

“What is he doing?” Han Miao Shuang said .

“He is keeping the tree . ” Little Seven said .

“Keep for?”

“Bringing it along! Qing Yi is going with us . ” Little Seven said .

“What? He is coming with us?!”

“That’s right! Why are you guys so surprised . ” Little Seven covered her mouth and laughed as she saw Han Miao Shuang stutter .

Heh heh, seeing on how you always bullied me, I will let you be shocked for a while .

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Sima You Yue who felt her thoughts couldn’t help it but slightly raised the corner of her lips .

When did this fellow get bullied? No doubt she was the one who always bullies others in the past .

“He, why, why is he coming with us?” Shi Qian Zhi and the rest stuttered .

Qing Yi shrunk the Tree of Life and it flew onto his hand .

“Done!” Little Seven flew over to his side .

“Mm . ” Qing Yi opened his palms, a mini tree of life laid in the middle of his hand .

“Why is your embodiment so cute!” Little Seven said surprisingly when she saw the pocket-sized Tree of Life .

“Do you like it?” Qing Yi asked .

“Mmmm, it’s really cute! It’s much nicer than mine!” Little Seven said .

“Put it on you if you like it, alright?”


Qing Yi took out a green rope from somewhere, and brushed it through the tree of life, the green line went through the tree point, with the pressure of his hands, the tree became a small locket .

He leaned over and put it on Little Seven and said softly in her ears, “Put it on you no matter where you go, okay?”

Little Seven dumbfoundedly touched the little tree on her chest, hearing his gentle words, she unconsciously nodded .

“Good girl . ” Qing Yi kissed Little Seven’s forehead .

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“I’m tired and confused, does this mean that both of them are together?” Shi Qian Zhi and the rest rubbed their eyes .

Not only did Qing Yi follow them, he got together with Little Seven as well . What happened to this world?

Only Little Seven broke into laughter while shaking her head, Little Seven would flip out in a while .


“Ah, Qing Yi, why are you so annoying! You actually take me as a child!” Little Seven punched Qing Yi’s shoulder with little force .

That sentence, good girl, wasn’t it supposed to be said to a child?!

“Hehe… . ” Qing Yi caught her hands and laughed contentedly .

“Oh my god, this is totally different from the tree of life earlier!” Shi Qiu Shuang murmured .

Although the Qing Yi earlier on only killed one person, everyone could feel his indifference and distance .

And in front of them was someone who was smiling so gently, was he the same person as before?

“Let’s go . ” Sima You Yue waved at Little Seven and the rest, summoned Halcyon and flew on it .

“Do you know where the ruins are?” Qing Yi released Little Seven and held her hand instead .

“I have their direction . ” Sima You Yue took out a scroll and creased her eyebrows .

“What happened Little Junior Brother?”

Sima You Yue waved the scroll in her hand, the image of the scroll showed up in the air .

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“I can’t find Feng’er and the rest . ” Sima You Yue said .

Han Miao Shuang looked through the whole image, indeed, they couldn’t find Ximen Feng and the rest .

Qing Yi flew Little Seven over, took a glimpse of the scroll and said, “If it’s a forbidden area, it won’t show here . ”

“Then let’s go to the ruins and see . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Qing Yi, since you’ve been here for so long, do you know where the ruins are?” Little Seven questioned .

Qing Yi nodded, he actually knew where it was .

“I’ll bring you guys over . ”

He casually drew a circle in the air, a pale golden circle was formed just like that .

“Get in . ”

Sima You Yue took a glance at Qing Yi and flew into the golden circle, followed by Han Miao Shuang, Jiang Jun Xian, Su Xiao Xiao and the rest . After they all got in, Qing Yi then held on Little Seven’s hand and got in .

Everyone thought he would bring them through the air, they didn’t expect that when Qing Yi got in, that golden circle bore them into the ground, then traveled towards a direction in high speed, if there were a lot of tree roots on the way, the roots would give way in advance .

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