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Chapter 1117: 1117
Chapter 1117 Don’t poop on my head

Seeing Qing Yi blaming himself, Little Seven got up and walked to his side, held his hands and said, “Qing Yi, I’ve never blamed you before, stop blaming yourself . Although it was painful at that time, what past is past, I’m living well now, you know, I’m very happy now . ”

Qing Yi looked at Sima You Yue with gratitude, he knew it was because of her, that was why Little Seven became happier .

But this couldn’t change his mind on blaming himself .

“What happened next?” Sima You Yue asked, “Even if you don’t have vitality anymore, your flesh is a supplement for human beings, how did you manage to stay alive?”

“My last consciousness was that I heard someone attacking that clan, but I don’t know how I stay alive after . ” Little Seven continued, “But it’s not important, the past is nowhere possible to do textual research, nowhere to seek revenge, just let it pass . I’m a whole new me now . ”

Sima You Yue smiled, she wasn’t as open as Little Seven .

Nevertheless, it was already ten thousand years ago, it remained the same, but people had changed, those people definitely died long ago and wouldn’t be able to seek revenge . Might as well let those things past, giving oneself a worry-free future .

“But, when I left, Qing Yi was still a Vessel Tree, when we met again, he had already evolved to a Tree of Life . ” Little Seven coiled on Qing Yi’s arm, leaning her head on his shoulders, full of yearning . “You have to protect me in the future now that you have become so strong!”

“Mm . ” Qing Yi responded .

Without extra speech, without extravagant words, without world-shaking oaths, Little Seven knew that he would use actions to prove to her .

The corner of Sima You Yue’s lips raised when she looked at the cute and helpless looking Little Seven, thinking how she used to say that she wanted to beat up someone so frequently .

She was happy that Little Seven found someone she could rely on, even though this happiness came too sudden . If she becomes like this next time, she wouldn’t have to worry that Little Seven would become violent .

But it seemed like she thought about it too fast .


“Oh right, Qing Yi, are there many people outside trying to take advantage of you? Let’s go, we’ll go deal with them! Just nice that I test my strength after evolving . ” Little Seven said as he was dragging Qing Yi’s clothes .

Sima You Yue sat on the ground, with a face of defeat, she sighed in her heart, it was indeed harder to change a character compared to changing rivers and mountains!

Qing Yi was used to the current Little Seven, he stroked her head and said, “Those people are already gone, there’s no one outside now . ”

“Huh? They left? Why so fast!”

Fortunately they left, if they stayed here, they would be beaten up by you . Sima You Yue muttered in her heart .

“Now we’ll only need to wait for Eldest Senior Brother and the other two to come out . We’ll go look for Feng’er and the rest when they get out . ” She said while standing up .

“They’ve already come out . ” Qing Yi said, “I came down wanting to tell you that . ”

Sima You Yue blinked, how were they so fast?

“Not everyone can attain enlightenment here . But the things they got weren’t that bad as well . ”

Alright, she thought they could .

“Then let’s go . ”

“Qing Yi, you said you’ll go with me . ” Little Seven swayed Qing Yi’s hands .

“Mm . ” Qing Yi nodded, then told Sima You Yue, “I’ll plant the source in spirit pagoda . ”

Sima You Yue nodded and brought them into the spirit pagoda .

Before she realised, she was thinking if she could gang up with Qing Yi to leave with her, but she didn’t think that it was already done when Little Seven took over .

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Qing Yi went to choose a wide space, he unfolded his left hand, a shrunken version of the Tree of Life floated on his palm . He planted the little tree in the soil, that tree grew rapidly, soon, it was identical to the tree outside . ”

“Done . ”

Little Seven moved her main part in too, planting it under Qing Yi’s tree .

Both of them could stay and rely on each other this way!

“This is the legendary Tree of Life . ” Thousand Resonance watched the Tree of Life excitedly, in his tradition, the Tree of Life was out of reach, he didn’t expect that it would actually appear in front of him .

“Aiyaya, then can we cultivate here next time?” Iron Claw Tiger asked .

“Of course you can!” Little Seven coiled around Qing Yi’s arm, lifted her head and looked at him, “Qing Yi, there wouldn’t be a problem right?”

Qing Yi was actually used to quietness, used to being alone, he didn’t really like it if someone was with him . But Little Seven already agreed, he didn’t want her to be unhappy .

And he could see that Little Seven really liked them, so he decided to adapt slowly .

Crimson Flame suddenly appeared, looked at Qing Yi and said, “I want your Ten Thousand Years essence fluid . ”

Qing Yi looked at Crimson Flame and said, “Divine Vermilion Bird, you’re suffering from serious injuries . ”

“Give me Ten Thousand Years essence fluid, I’ll use other things to trade with you . ” Crimson Flame said .

“I don’t have anything in mind that I want . ” Qing Yi shaked his head .

He had no desires, he already had one request, that was Little Seven . So, Crimson Flame had nothing that could attract him .

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Sima You Yue always knew that Crimson Flame had injuries, but she didn’t think that it would be serious . She thought it was lesser!

Even Qing Yi said it was serious, how serious would it be?

But Crimson Flame had never asked for anything, this time he directly requested from Qing Yi, meaning that thing was very important to him .

“Qing Yi, can you help Crimson Flame . ” She was a little embarrassed because it seemed as if she got him in here with a motive .

But Crimson Flame’s health was important, so she could only ask .

“Qing Yi…” Little Seven shaked Qing Yi’s arm, looked at him beamingly which goes without saying .

Qing Yi shaked his head helplessly, why did he feel like a girl must be married off when she is of age?

But as long as she was happy . Since he would be keeping it anyway, it wasn’t of any use to him .

But it was the same as an animal shedding its skin, a bird’s shedded feather wasn’t allowed to be touched by anyone, he had a different kind of feeling with his own things .

A golden branch flew down from the tree and landed in Crimson Flame’s hand .

“It’s yours . ”

Crimson Flame caught the tree branch, he could feel the vigorous vitality inside .

“Next time, you can stay in my tree to rest . ” Qing Yi said .

“Mm?” Sima You Yue and the rest didn’t understand .

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“Phoenix rests on parasol trees, birds rest on vessel trees . ” Crimson Flame said .

That bird, indicating the Divine Vermillion Bird .

“Good good!” Little Seven responded, “But Crimson Flame, you better don’t poop on my head . ”

Everyone was speechless, Little Seven was too… .

Little Seven couldn’t care less, last time, there was a bird that landed on Qing Yi and pooped on her head!

She remembered that feeling forever, from then on, she abhorred those birds that landed on trees and lifted their buttock up to poop .

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