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Chapter 1116: 1116

When those people came back to senses and wanted to talk to Sima You Yue, they realised that she too had disappeared . In order to escape from them, she used blink, with a few dodges, she already left them far away .

“Blink! This can only be used by Array Masters from Monarch rankers and above . I didn’t think that she knew how!” Someone cried out .

“What’s there to be surprise, my goddess knows how to do everything!”

“That’s right!”

“Her strength has yet to reach the Monarch Rank, this means that she is an Array Master . ”

“She is ranked first in the alchemy contest, didn’t expect that her knowledge in arrays were so powerful as well!”

“My goddess, such an all-rounder!”

“Alright, don’t act all smitten, she’s already gone . ”

“Eh, my goddess left just like that!”

“Alright, no point sighing . There’s nothing here, let’s go to the ruins and take a look . Aren’t Heartbreak Valley members still there at the ruins? Sima You Yue might go to the ruins and look for them . ”

“Oh right! Then let’s quickly go find the ruins!”

Once they heard Sima You Yue might have gone to the ruins, everyone flew towards there .

Quickly, no one was seen on the grassland .

Looking at the peaceful grassland, Sima You Yue, Han Miao Shuang and the rest sat on Qing Yi’s tree branch and wiped their non-existent sweat .

At this point, the Tree of Life was still there, just that it was hidden by Qing Yi’s power .

“Qing Yi, why do we need to do that?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

“To get rid of these people . ”

“I was almost deceived by you guys . ” Sima You Yue continued, “If I didn’t feel Little Seven’s presence, I might have gone far away . How is Little Seven doing?”

“Very good . She’s almost done evolving . ” Qing Yi said .

“Oh right, Little Junior Sister, what happened just now, why did you suddenly advance in so many ranks? And what happened to Little Seven?” Han Miao Shuang asked with deep concern .

“Little Seven had some problems while evolving, we’ve established a contract . The power of my advancement was bestowed to me by the power of contract . ” Sima You Yue didn’t tell them how dangerous it was at that moment, she only explained to them vaguely .

Despite that, Su Xiao Xiao and Han Miao Shuang both guessed how dangerous that situation was, if not she wouldn’t use Sima You Yue and Little Seven’s relation or use a contract to settle it .

“It’s alright now that she’s fine . ” Han Miao Shuang patted her shoulders .

“Mm . I’ll go wash up . ”

Although she didn’t suffer serious injuries, she can’t stand how she looked after being struck by lightning and rolling on the floor .

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She entered spirit pagoda, when she came out, she had already changed to a long white dress accented with green, matched with a pair of green earrings and necklace, simple and fresh .

“Are you going to wear women’s clothings from now on?” Han Miao Shuang asked .

Sima You Yue led her dress and said, “I’ll just dress as a lady from now on . I dressed as a male previously because it’s easier to do things, however, since others now know about this secret, then there’s no point cross dressing as a guy . ”

“That’s good . ” Han Miao Shuang held both her hands, smilingly and said, “You’re a girl, definitely more beautiful in women’s clothes . ”

“Mm . ”

Those people left, Qing Yi finally got to live peacefully . Although people came in everytime immortal land opened up, he didn’t care about it from the start, but this time Little Seven was here, he became impatient towards those people .

“I’ll go take a look at Little Seven . ” Sima You Yue told Qing Yi .

Once Qing Yi waved, she appeared in the tree cave where Little Seven was .

Little Seven was almost done evolving, Sima You Yue sat beside her, she wanted to touch her but was afraid that she would interrupt her .

She still remembered the look on Qing Yi when he was anxious, remembering he said that sentence where she already died once .

“You guys have known each other for ten thousand over years, that means Little Seven lived over ten thousand years?” She silently thought, “But your memory isn’t ten thousand years, is it related to that time where you died once?”

Why did she and her contract beast always have a bitter past?

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She carried the hatred of the extermination of the clan in her past life, Little Dream and she was the same, didn’t expect that Little Seven who was so carefree also had a past where no one knew .

“Yue Yue… . . ”

Just when she was staring blankly at Little Seven, Little Seven became human form, she pounced on her body, making her fall to the ground .

After evolving again, her body grew quite a bit, she already looked like teens .

The danger of evolving didn’t affect her happiness, her eyes were filled with smiles .

“You’re done with evolving?” Sima You Yue was happy seeing her awake .

“It’s already done for quite a while, but you were in a daze and didn’t notice me . ” Little Seven pouted .

“Really?” Sima You Yue laughed, “Why is your character still the same after growing so much . Let me get up first . ”

“No . ” Little Seven said beamingly, ” If Brother Lingyu knew you’re that easily pounced on the ground, would he be very happy?”

Sima You Yue’s face was filled with black lines, this little girl!

“How’s your body, is there anywhere uncomfortable? Has the internal injury healed?” She asked .

Speaking of which, Little Seven got up from Sima You Yue and said, “The internal injury was healed when we contracted . There won’t be this problem next time . ”

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“What did Qing Yi mean when he said that? What’s with you guys knowing each other for over ten thousands years? I thought your memories weren’t as long as ten thousand years? What do you mean by dying once?” Sima You Yue made sure she was fine before asking the doubts she had .

Qing Yi came over and looked at them both .

Little Seven glanced at Qing Yi and said, “Qing Yi and I actually knew each other over ten thousands years ago . ”

Qing Yi leaned on his own branch with his eyes filled with sorrow .

“Qing Yi and I are life partners, we’re plants that grew together . ” Little Seven continued, “Speaking of which, I’m luckier, Eye of Earth wasn’t as rare as now, but I’m the only one who can grow together with the Vessel Tree . ”

“You’re life partners, does that mean you guys are childhood sweethearts?” Sima You Yue said .

No wonder Han Miao Shuang said Qing Yi treated them differently, there was indeed an underlying reason . She guessed it was related to Little Seven and got it right, but she didn’t think that they would have such a connection .

“Mm . ” Little Seven nodded and continued, “I evolved earlier than Qing Yi, when I became a matured Eye of Earth, he was still a little green tree . After that, I was caught by people, to help a person to attack the Emperor . My spiritual energy was absorbed completely, but it wasn’t enough, so he also absorbed my vitality . Fortunately at the last moment, I protected a little bit of my original source, that’s why I didn’t die . ”

“It’s my fault, I didn’t protect you well . ” Qing Yi blamed himself, “I told you that I’ll protect you, but I could only see you being caught by others in front of my eyes and get absorbed completely by them, thrown away to some unknown place, windswept and battered by rain for ten thousand over years . ”

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