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Chapter 1113: 1113

“Little Seven?”“Oh right . ” Sima You Yue said . “Remember how Little Seven look at Qing Yi . It’s clear that she and Qing Yi know each other . ”

Han Miao Shuang thought about it . Little Seven did act weird back then .

“But Qing Yi had stayed here for several decades . Little Seven never came here before . How did they meet?” She did not understand .

Towards this, Sima You Yue wasn’t very clear .

“Maybe they met before in the past? When Little Seven comes out, we can just ask her . ”

“Before I came in, Little Seven said that she might be able to evolve here . I didn’t expect her to actually evolve . Little Junior Sister, Little Seven is so powerful and if she evolved, what level of power would she reach?” Han Miao Shuang asked . When she saw Sima You Yue wasn’t listening, she called out, “Little Junior Sister? Little Junior Sister?”

“I’m here, Senior Sister . What’s up?” Sima You Yue replied .

“I’m talking to you . What are you thinking about? You are so absorbed . ”

“Nothing . ” Sima You Yue chuckled .

She remembered what Qing Yi told her before . He said that in addition to helping cultivation, Little Seven could help advance someone, especially those of monarch level .

She didn’t pay attention at that time . Now when she recalled it, Qing Yi’s voice fluctuated a bit when he said it . It indicated he was emotional at that time .

Why was he emotional when he talked about this? Was it because he witnessed it before?

In other words, Little Seven experienced such a thing before?

Han Miao Shuang saw that Sima You Yue didn’t say much before she went back to being absorbed . Knowing that she might be trying to think, she stopped disturbing her .

There were fewer and fewer people outside . Many people seemed to have understood Qing Yi’s temper . Knowing that there was no hope, it was boring to continue to stay .

After a few more days, Su Xiao Xiao had succeeded in enlightenment . His was very simple, firm perseverance .

Although it was only two characters, it was very good for Su Xiao Xiao who was not too talented .

“Xiao Xiao has come out . Now we’re waiting for Little Seven and Jiang Jun Xian . ” Han Miao Shuang was very happy for Su Xiao Xiao .

“Senior Brother is also here?” Su Xiao Xiao asked .

“He’s here . Not only here, he also reconciled with Senior Sister!” Sima You Yue informed .

“Little Junior Sister you’re being slick again!” Han Miao Shuang pretended to be angry .

Su Xiao Xiao was bulky guy, but that did not meant he was dumb . With those two going back and forward, he immediately understood what was going on .

“Senior Brother and Senior Sister are together?” He asked Sima You Yue .

You Yue smiled and nodded .

“It’s really unexpected . But it’s a good thing, lest you feel so sad every time you think of him . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

“Who would be sad when they think of him . ” Han Miao Shuang denied .

“Do you think I didn’t know? Little Junior Sister was not always with us . But we have lived together for a long time . I know every time you cry . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

“You know, why didn’t you comfort me . ” Han Miao Shuang squeezed Su Xiao Xiao’s hand .

“I’m not Senior Brother, what’s the use of comforting you . ” Su Xiao Xiao said .

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Alright, it really wouldn’t work . But it was better than nothing!

Especially when she felt that she had hidden it well . She didn’t expect Su Xiao Xiao to know if from beginning to end .

Because of Su Xiao Xiao’s enlightenment, QIng Yi sensed Little Seven’s change . His expression changed slightly and he immediately disappeared in a flash .

Sima You Yue who was not standing far from him, frowned when she saw him in a hurry .

Could it be that something happened to Little Seven?

Inside the tree hole, Little Seven was groaning in pain . The white light that wrapped her was sometimes strong and sometimes weak .

“Little Seven?” Qing Yi condensed his spirit power and poured it to the white light to supplement the strength she needed .

“Qing Yi…” A faint voice transmitted . It showed uncomfortable Little Seven was now .

“Little Seven, don’t be afraid . You’ll be fine . ” Qing Yi encouraged her while sending in power .

“Yue Yue… Yue Yue…” Little Seven called out twice before going silent again .

Qing Yi was taken aback for a moment . Then he disappeared from this place, came to the branches, grabbed Sima You Yue’s hand, and led her to the tree hole .

“Qing Yi, what are you doing?!” Sima You Yue’s hand hurt from his grasp . She saw Little Seven wrapped in white light . Disregarding the pain on her hand, she ran over . “What’s wrong with Little Seven? Why is her aura unstable?”

“She is evolving . There shouldn’t have been any problems, but because of her old illness, which suddenly absorbed a lot of her energy . Now she doesn’t have enough energy to advance . ” Qing Yi explained .

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He didn’t expect Little Seven’s body to still possess the old illness from back then . He didn’t expect that this would affect her evolution .

He kept sending more of his power in, but it didn’t give much help to Little Seven .

Sima You Yue took out the pills and precious medicinal materials from the Spirit Pagoda and cast them all onto Little Seven . But it was still not enough .

“Damn it!” Little Seven power is seeping out real fast . We can’t replenish it fast enough!” She said anxiously .

“It’s all my fault . I let her come here to advance without checking her body . ” Qing Yi blamed himself . If it weren’t for him letting Little Seven evolve, such a thing would not happen .

“Qing Yi, it’s not your fault . ” Little Seven’s voice rang again . Even if she doesn’t evolve this time, it would still happen the next time she evolved .

“What should we do?” Sima You Yue found Little Seven’s power continuing to dissipate . She was getting more anxious .

Power, power, she suddenly remembered the lightning spirit fluid she had obtained the last time . It was said that she could use it to regulate their bodies . But she never had the chance to use it .

She didn’t know if that would work?

Now she didn’t care whether it would be useful . She took out the lightning spirit fluid and poured all the bottles on Little Seven .

The lightning spirit fluid slowly blended inside Little Seven’s body, injecting a lot of strength into her, making Qing Yi surprised .

“Lightning spirit fluid?!”

Little Seven’s power was replenished a bit . But it was not enough for her to evolve now . The spirit power was rapidly disappearing .

Qing Yi saw that the lightning spirit fluid was useful and asked, “Lightning spirit fluid is useful . Do you more?”

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“No more, I took out all of it . ” Sima You Yue replied .

No more!

“What should we do now?!”

If the loss of spirit power couldn’t be fixed, Little Seven would not be able to preserve her life even less to be able to evolve!

“Little Seven, I did not expect our reunion time to be so short . I had said that I will protect you next time . You’re going to have to protect yourself later on . ”

After Qing Yi finished, he retracted his hand . He turned himself into golden essence and slowly drifted to Little Seven .

Little Seven knew what Qing Yi wanted to do . She shouted, “Qing Yu, don’t do stupid things, I won’t accept you! I don’t agree for you to exchange your life for mine!”

Since Little Seven didn’t accept it, Qing Yi’s power could not enter the white light .

“Little Seven, there’s no time! I can’t watch you die before my eyes again!” Qing Yi shouted .

Sima You Yue shrank subconsciously . Die again? Little Seven already died once?

“Qing Yi, I won’t agree . I have another way . ” Little Seven’s voice was weak but her attitude was unusually firm .

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