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Chapter 1114: 1114

Qing Yi stopped and looked at Little Seven while waiting for her ideas . If it didn’t work, he would have to use his method . He had already lived for ten thousands years, he didn’t yearn for life anymore . He would be more than willing to exchange for Little Seven’s life .

“Little Seven, do you have any idea?”

“Contract… . ” Little Seven’s voice was soft, but it made Sima You Yue tremble .

She wanted to establish a contract with her!

“No, there must be other ways!” Sima You Yue said .

“Yue Yue, I know, even if I establish a contract with you, you won’t take me as a contract beast . ” Little Seven continued, “Look at Little Roar, Little Roc, Flowey and Little Dream, you treat them like your own family . You never treat them like servants, they are your help, but you treat all of them equally nice . I believe even if I contract with you, there won’t be any disadvantage for me . Contrary, because of my identity, it will bring you trouble . I won’t let Qing Yi exchange a life, other than this, I have no other method . Yue Yue, if you’re worried that I’ll bring you trouble, don’t establish a contract, I won’t mind, I… . ”

Sima You Yue’s tears flowed down, she looked at Little Seven and kept shaking her head, not sure if it was to ask Little Seven to stop or disagreeing to establish a contract with her .

“Yue Yue, I’ve never… regretted… meeting you… . ” Little Seven’s voice quavered, the energy that lightning spirit fluid gave was almost used up .

“Qing Yi, sorry…”

Sorry for only giving you hope but ended up for you to be disappointed . You had to see me leaving you again… .

The white light slowly dispersed, they could see clearly what Little Seven looked like on the inside .

She couldn’t make it anymore!

Sima You Yue didn’t expect that Little Seven would suddenly become like that when she hesitated just for a while .

“No! Little Seven, I won’t let you die!”

She bit her finger to tear, drew a star on Little Seven’s body and quickly chanted, “Unlimited time, boundless space, endlessly life . Unlimited time, boundless space, endless life, Heavenly Dao lend me your power!”

Six golden words flew out from her body, circling around Little Seven and her for a few rounds, then it all penetrated into Little Seven’s body and flew out again to Sima You Yue’s body .

“Ba dump——”

The sound of heartbeat came back weak but it got caught by Qing Yi and Sima You Yue .

Sima You Yue was glad and put her hand on Little Seven’s root, “By right of blood, merging into bodies, connect by blood from now on, interdependent on life and death . Heavenly Divine on top, overlooking all living creatures, establishing contract, standby each other . Little Seven, will you establish a contract with me?”

Silence .

Sima You Yue got anxious and repeated, “By right of blood, merging into bodies, connect by blood from now on, interdependent on life and death . Heavenly Divine on top, overlooking all living creatures, establishing contract, standby each other . Little Seven, will you establish a contract with me?”

Silence still, even after the contract’s effectiveness, Little Seven remained silent .

Sima You Yue cried from anxiousness . Every contract had three chances, they had already wasted twice, if the last one was still the same, then she wouldn’t be able to establish a contract with Little Seven anymore!

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“By right of blood, merging into bodies, connect by blood from now on, interdependent on life and death . Little Seven, will you establish a contract with me?”

After asking for the last time, Little Seven continued to remain silent, this almost made Sima You Yue crumble .

“I… . . d…o… . . ” Little Seven’s weak voice rang at the last moment .

The radiance from contract enveloped them together, Sima You Yue felt another layer of contract between them, followed by a steady flow of energy injecting into her body .

Sima You Yue sat on the floor paralysed, with her tears flowing out endlessly, but the tears that fell were tears of happiness .

Qing Yi transformed into human form, looking at Sima You Yue who’s tears were flowing like a river, secretly thinking that it was the first time in history that someone cried like that while establishing a contract .

Sima You Yue felt a rush of energy injecting into her body before she even dried her tears .

The established contract had her energy flowing back .

If she didn’t guide the energy that penetrated into her well, she would have caused problems for herself .

She quickly sat down cross-legged and guided that energy, making it calm and stable .

In that moment, the ray of lights from advancement shrouded her .

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One advancing, another evolving, fortunately both of them were unharmed .

She watched Sima You Yue’s calm face as he thought about what just happened .

She didn’t want to establish a contract with Little Seven in the beginning, just like what she said earlier, she wouldn’t make use of Little Seven . After contracting, she could take advantage of Little Seven in any way she liked .

She rejected Little Seven’s request, but didn’t expect Little Seven to run out of breath of life out of a sudden . In that moment of regret and sadness, she stayed calm, it was the first time she used the enlightenment’s power to save someone and injected breath of life into Little Seven and made her come back to life .

Her resolute, smartness, wasn’t something anyone could be a match for .

Now, after experiencing sadness and happiness, she quickly got into the cultivation, absorbing the power that the contract gave, this part of her gave him a good impression of her .

Little Seven evolved well this time, the contract got back the old and healed her, and gave her the power she needed next time, her evolving went smoothly this time round .

Sima You Yue leaped a huge jump in rank, from Divine Saint medium grade and leaped to Divine Paragon medium grade .

Moreover, the power of the contract hadn’t been absorbed by her fully, spirit paragon helped her to save a part of the power, so she wouldn’t advance too fast .

Qing Yi could naturally see that she was suppressing, looking at her eyes and wanted to say something but was cut off by her abruptly .

“Get me out here quickly, the further the better . ” Sima You Yue said while standing up and grabbed his hands .

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Qing Yi didn’t know why she made that request, but once he felt the situation outside, his expression turned dark .

He was most afraid of a devil overlord flame and a lightning tribulation!

It would be fine with lightning tribulation alone, but not with the dense mass of tribulation cloud!

This guy’s advancement could actually attract lightning tribulation!

Han Miao Shuang and Su Xiao Xiao were outside, they called out when they saw dark skies, “Little Junior Brother advanced already?”

The crowd outside didn’t know about the situation but when they saw the tribulation cloud, they thought someone was being punished from disobeying the rule of heaven .

Han Miao Shuang and the rest’s vision became blurred, with a scroll of paper, Sima You Yue flew far away with the speed that could almost torn her clothes .

When Sima You Yue moved, the tribulation cloud moved along with her and chased Sima You Yue to a mountain in the forest .

Some of them hadn’t seen such a huge lightning tribulation and followed it, their jaws dropped to the ground when they saw Sima You Yue who was the one that tribulated it, especially when they saw Sima You Yue welcoming it instead of avoiding the lightning tribulation .

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