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Chapter 1112: 1112

Sima You Yue frowned, dealt a hand?Speaking of this, Han Miao Shuang was in a good mood . “Little Junior Sister, you don’t know . Nalan Lan and I successfully attained enlightenment at the same time . Hey, guess what happened next?”

Sima You Yue saw her smile . Her mood improved a lot . She shook her head . “I can’t guess . ”

“I guess you wouldn’t be able to!” Han Miao Shuang had a mischievous grin . “Our Dao appeared at the same time . My four characters were value, cherish, protect, and guardian . Hers was holy, pure, lotus, and heart . As a result all my characters entered my body, but her heart did not want her . Instead it ran into my body . ”

“It ran into your body? Doesn’t that mean you stole her Dao?” Sima You Yue puzzledly said .

“What do you mean I stole her Dao . Her “heart” ran into my body itself . I didn’t do anything . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

“Heh heh, then isn’t her Dao incomplete?” Sima You Yue was in a good mood .

“Right, it’s probably because her “heart” saw wasn’t good and was pretending to be holy, so it didn’t like her and came to me instead . ” Han Miao Shuang grinned . “You didn’t see it at that time . Nalan Lan and the people of Sage Pavilion were furious but they could only watch it happen .

“With their temper, it’s impossible to let you go . ”

“Qing Yi helped me . He protected me . Those people didn’t dare to act here, and couldn’t . ” Han Miao Shuang exclaimed triumphantly .

They couldn’t enter the spirit barrier and couldn’t get close to her . So they couldn’t take their revenge .

“But you still can’t act alone in the future . It’s not sure when the Sage Pavillion people will attack you . ” Sima Yu Yue said solemnly .

If it was something else, it might still be possible to resolve it . But this was a matter of heavenly dao . If it was her, she also wouldn’t be able to pretend it didn’t happen .

Especially whenever Nalan Lan continued to comprehend her heavenly dao . She would think of how her heavenly dao was complete . The “heart” which was the most important character was snatched away by Han Miao Shuang . She probably would be vomiting blood frequently .

“There is a Holy Son of Sage Pavilion on our side . What am I afraid of?” Han Miao Shuang said . “Even without your Senior Brother, I will not be afraid . It’s just a Sage Pavilion . It’s not like it’s unmatched . ”

“Yes, I know . Senior Sister, you are now a person protected by your Senior Brother . With Senior Brother, you are not afraid of anything . ” Sima You Yue joked .

“Okay, little Junior Sister, you’re laughing at me! See how I’ll shut your mouth today!” Han Miao Shuang took a spirit fruit out and tried to stuff it in Sima You Yue’s mouth .

Sima You Yue stomped lightly, flying from one branch to another . She dodged her attack .

“What’s the matter? Why’re angry?” Sima You Yue chuckled . “I haven’t asked you yet . What’s the situation between you and Senior Brother!”

“What situation? There’s nothing between us!” Han Miao Shuang pursued .

“What do you mean by nothing? Why did you cry so painfully when you look at my Senior Brother? Tsk tsk, when you look at my Senior Brother’s eyes, tears of distress were flowing out like water . ”

“Stop right there!” Sima You Yue flew to another branch while Han Miao Shuang pursued closely .

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“Sigh, I used to think that Senior Brother was lazy . He didn’t care about anything; he only knows how to sleep all day . I didn’t expect him to be such a gentle person . Tsk tsk, I can’t help but feel distressed . ”

“Go away! You’re feeling sorry for your own Senior Brother!”

“I also feel sorry for my Senior Brother here . Sigh, if he knew you don’t want to admit it, would it affect him in his enlightenment?”

“Why haven’t I noticed that your mouth can be so slick before? You should just wear men’s clothes all the time . Now as a girl, you became that interested in gossip . Stop right there!”

“Hehe, you want me to stop . You have to catch me first!”

“Wait till I catch you . Watch how I will deal with you!”

“You have to catch me first!”

Qing Yi returned to the trunk . He did not want to watch them act like lunatics .

People outside could hear they were chasing each on another on the tree of life . They felt only envy .

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Why did the tree of life treat them so differently?

After chasing for a while, Sima You Yue and Han Miao Shuang stopped . They sat on the tree branch, leaning against the trunk .

“When I first met him, I saw the pain hidden in his eyes and his anger towards life . I thought at that time, this guy obviously had a good life, why does he still appear grouchy . Until I knew his true identity, I understood why . ” Han Miao Shuang murmured .

“Are you attracted to his eyes?” Sima You Yue laid on the branch . Her long hair cascaded down .

“I think so . ” Han Miao Shuang said . “That guy only sleeps . He doesn’t care about anyone, but he was obsessed with alchemy . ”

“When I lived in Parting Garden, why didn’t I notice?” Sima You Yue said . “Was it because you hide too well, or was I too slow to respond?”

“That’s because I was very careful at hiding . ” Han Miao Shuang murmured . “You know, I was abandoned by the Han family . At that time, I thought he was the Young Master of Jiang family . Even if we got together, he will still have to return to the Jiang family in the future . So I never thought of being with him . ”

“But you didn’t expect he was also abandoned . Afterwards, you found you two are quite suitable . ” Sima You Yue answered with a smile .

“But later we didn’t meet?” Han Miao Shuang replied . “When we met this time, I suddenly felt wronged and couldn’t control myself . I thought he would laugh at me . After all he didn’t reveal anything particular . ”

“I was also quite surprised . I didn’t expect Senior Brother to have such a side . Sure enough, a high grade steel will turn soft by hand!” Sima You Yue exclaimed .

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“I don’t know when they will come out . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

Sima You Yue took out Ximen Feng and their life tokens . They were well, indicating nothing happened to them in the forbidden area . So she did not rush over .

“By the way, little junior sister, have you noticed how Qing Yi treats us differently?” Han Miao Shuang also laid down next to Sima You Yue .

“Is there?” Sima You Yue didn’t think so .

“You just came out, so you don’t know . ” Han Miao Shuang said .

She told Sima You Yue some of the things she saw during the period of time and compared them . It was indeed different .

“According to you it really is different . ” Sima You Yue said .

“Why do you say this? You don’t think we’re too charming?” Han Miao Shuang said half jokingly and half seriously .

“Pfff…” SIma You Yue laughed out of nowhere . “If it’s charm, then it’s Little Seven’s charm . ”

“You mean he is so good to us because of Little Seven?”

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