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Chapter 1101: 1101

Little Seven slept in Qing Yi’s embrace, with her peaceful look, it was poles apart from her usual self . Qing Yi stroked her face with his satisfied and gentle gaze .

“Qing Yi… . ”

The murmuring of hers while she was sleeping melted his heart . But what came after in her sleep talk rendered him speechless .

“Great, since you’re so cruel, let this grandma of me teach you a lesson!”

He shook his head helplessly and spoke softly, “It’s the same you, but why did your temperament change so much?! But you’re still cute as ever . ”

He bent over and pecked on Little Seven’s forehead lightly, lifting his head, he saw her bright eyes .

“You sneakily kissed me again . ” Little Seven smiled with her eyes .

Qing Yi wasn’t embarrassed being caught and said, “Alright, you should evolve already . ”

“Are you thinking of running away when I’m evolving?” Little Seven questioned .

“You’re in my body, even if I run away, doesn’t that mean that I run away with you as well?”

“True . ” Little Seven nodded, sighed and said, “We used to be almost the same, even if we fight, you’re nowhere better than me . But now, you’ve abandoned me so far away . ”

“I’m waiting for you to chase me all the way here . ” Qing Yi continued, “Go ahead, I’ll wait for you to finish evolving . ”

“Um, oh right, you have to adjust the time slower, Yue Yue and I want to get the relics from the ruins!” Little Seven said .

“Aren’t you worried that she can’t get out?” Qing Yi asked .

“Of course not, that’s Yue Yue, how is it possible that she can’t get out . ” Little Seven said confidently, “Even if everybody can’t comprehend, Yue Yue definitely will . It actually depends on the comprehension of the tree creases, it’s indeed a little hard, just prepare more time for her . Just right I’ll be done with evolving, then we can all get out together . ”

“Alright . ” Qing Yi nodded .

As a Divine tree of life, adjusting the time on his body wouldn’t be a problem .

“I’ll go in now . ” Little Seven said reluctantly .

“Go ahead . ”

“I’m really going in now!”

“I’ll wait for you here . ”

“You promise…” Little Seven pouted her lips, tugged on Qing Yi’s clothes, pulled herself to him and gave him a long kiss on his lips and headed into the tree cave satisfyingly .

Qing Yi was stunned, the corner of his lips raised and smiled bashfully .

“What a naughty girl . ” Even if he said that with his mouth, but deep down he was joyful . He reminisced for a while and fused into the tree trunk .

On the other side, after Sima You Yue and the rest landed for a few days, people came onto the island .

They waited for the changes in the tide of the sea, in addition to not having a speed of warship, when they reached the island, the bodies of Yin Yang Palace’s members they saw were already badly decomposed .

Through the uniform and some symbolic items, everyone recognised their identity .

“These wounds should be made by sea beasts . ”

“Why are all of them Yin Yang Palace’s members? I don’t see Kong Valley and Heartbreak Valley members . ”

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“They must have splitted when they reached the island . ” Someone guessed .

“Should be . Heartbreak Valley members don’t know Yin Yang Palace’s members, they only brought them here under Kong Xiang Yi’s request, of course they will split up, if not, it’ll be hard to split the treasure . ”

“Poor Yin Yang Palace, they come to the island so impatiently, end up they didn’t find anything but instead they become a disembodied bunch . ”

“Who asked them to get here early, it feels like they came here to die early, hehe . ”

“Who knows, those that came early got into trouble, then we’ll be counted as the earliest!”

“There’re so many people, they can’t be all dead . If we’re going to say all these here, we might as well search for the relics now . ”

“That’s right, let’s go . ”

Unfortunately for those Yin Yang Palace’s members, even if they were found by others, nobody would help them to handle their bodies and continued being exposed under the sun on the island .

There was a thousands of miles mountain range in the middle of the island, in front of the mountain range was a big patch of grass with a few clusters of stones sitting on it .

When Ximen Feng and Kong Xiang Yi brought the others here, there were already a lot of scattered footprints on the grass .

“Seems like somebody found their way here . ” Kong Xiang Qi exclaimed .

“But they might not find the relics . ” Bi Sheng said .

“What makes you say that?”

“Look at those stones, they are definitely not the relics . ” Bi Sheng continued, “This should be a kind of transportation array . ”

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“If we get in, it will bring us to the place where the relics are?”

“If what we found is really a relic of an Emperor, she might bring us there . ”

“Then how do we start it up? Those who came here must have successfully started it . ”

“Let Array Master try it . ” Kong Xiang Yi said .

Kong Valley and Heartbreak Valley already brought their Array Masters, with that said, they walked towards the stones first .

After studying it for a bit, they waved to the others behind .

“Valley Master, this is indeed a small transportation array, but this is a random transportation array, we won’t know where it will transport people to . ” One of the Array Masters from Heartbreak Valley said .

“Would it split us up?” Ni An Yi asked .

“There’s a few nodes in this array, those that stand on the different nodes will bring them to the same place . ”

Those that weren’t standing on the nodes would be brought to a different location .

“That’s right . We’re unable to find out what is behind this array . It could be where the relics are, but it could also be a dangerous place . Starting this array is easy, but fear of what is to come . ”

“Valley Master, are we proceeding?”

Ximen Feng looked at the disciples behind and said, “We don’t know what will happen later, so this task will be done at your own will, if you don’t want to go, don’t force yourself, you can search for opportunity at other places or you can wait for us here . ”

“Valley Master, we’ll go in together . ”

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“That’s right . Valley Master, we were all fugitive, what kind of danger have we not seen?”

“Yes . We’re going in too . ”

Kong Valley’s members had the same thought . Since they were all here to search for opportunity, how could they let a little unknown stop them .

Ximen Feng looked at Kong Xiang Yi, Kong Xiang Yi walked over and said, “I’m with you . ”

Kong Xiang Qi looked at her Little sister with disappointment, when a girl is of age, she must be married off!

“Since we’ve decided, then let’s go in . ” Ximen Feng said .

They went to the middle of the stones, those who were closer stood together, Array Master started the array, the whole group of people disappeared on the spot .

Not long after they disappeared, some people came, after a round of exploring, they all went into the transportation array .

And some other people, they strolled around and went to where Qing Yi was .

“Look, a golden tree!” Those people called out in surprise, those voices woke Qing Yi abruptly .

“Is this the legendary Divine Tree?!” An Elder recognised and trembled in excitement .

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