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Chapter 1102: 1102

“The legendary tree of life! It’s actually the tree of life!” That Elder said while taking out an ancient book that was worn out, flipping to one of the pages and compared it to the tree in front of him, it was indeed the tree of life he had been searching for so many years and was excited in disbelief . “Tree of life? What tree is that?” Disciple beside the Elder asked .

“Tree of life, it’s also called the Vessel Tree, it exists the longest in the world, it will turn gold when it ripens, it can be used as medicine, also can help to cultivate and can help to attain enlightenment!” The Elder explained, ” After cultivating to Monarch Rank, every advancement will need to attain enlightenment, only with enlightenment, then u can take a step further . ”

“Then isn’t this tree of life useless?!”

“Tree of life’s essence can let others rise up in cultivation, with one drop, people can advance to one level from Divine Paragon . If they are higher ranking than Monarch Rank, even if they don’t attain enlightenment, they just have to absorb it’s essence, they can also advance!” As the Elder spoke, he got more excited, as if he saw his path of advancement in becoming higher than Emperor .


Those disciples became excited, if they could get the tree of life’s essence, do they even still need to worry? Their clan definitely could jump to a rival of the inner regions’ strongest clan!

“In the ancient books, it says that the tree of life has already long been extinct, I didn’t expect here to have one! Immortal land is indeed immortal land, they even have such a treasure!”

Tree of life, tree of life! This was a real tree of life, it was a tree of life that had successfully evolved!

There were some Vessel Trees found in the continent, but before it turned gold, it couldn’t be named as the tree of life, so it didn’t come with what the tree of life could do .

But the one right in front of them was different, this was a legitimate tree of life!

“Sect Elder, then we shall move this tree of life back!”

“Don’t be anxious! This tree isn’t that easy to deal with!” Sect Elder continued, “In the ancient book, the tree of life will fix a spirit barrier to protect itself, we have to think of how to break this spirit barrier first!”

They slowly got closer to Qing Yi, when they were hundred over metres away from him, they came to a formless barrier .

“This should be where the spirit barrier is . Sect Elder, what should we do?”

“Back up, I’ll try if I can open this spirit barrier!” Sect Elder gave orders to the people around him .

Sect Elder’s strength was close to Paragoners, his attacks wasn’t something a younger generation could handle . Hearing that he was going to attack, everyone hid far away .

Sect Elder flew into mid air, congealed all his spiritual energy, after getting all his spiritual energy, he attacked hard towards the spirit barrier .


A huge impact made the Elder fly away, after spinning a few rounds in mid air, he finally dropped on the floor .

The aftershock stretched kilometres away before it scattered, those younger generations that hid far away got impacted by it, those with lower strength died, only left with those that are strong, but they were all injured .

“Sect Elder!”

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Those who were alive got up and ran towards Elder Sect, seeing Elder Sect lying on his stomach, they flipped him and realised that his front had exploded beyond recognition .

Fortunately he didn’t die, he was still hanging on his breaths .

They quickly gave him pills, after a while, he then opened the half of his eyes that was left .

“Tree of life… . ”

“Sect Elder, don’t worry . That tree is as good as new . ” An elder said .

The Elder spat out a mouthful of blood, he gave his all and put himself in this situation, but that tree was still as good as new! Then, didn’t he get injured for nothing?!

But the other elder still comforted himself by saying that the tree was undamaged, that effort!

“Sect Elder, don’t be angry . ” Another elder comforted, “We will think of another way after you recover . ”

“How can we wait to recover? That impact must have alerted people who are nearby, if others come here and see the tree of life, what do we get?!” Sect Elder shouted .

“It’s not a bad idea if someone comes!”

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“What are you saying?!”

“Sect Elder don’t be anxious, hear me out . ” That young guy said, “This spirit barrier from the tree of life is powerful, you can’t even touch it even after using all your strength, even when you recover, with everyone’s strength, I don’t think it’s possible to open this spirit barrier . ”

“What Little Brother said is right . ” Someone agreed .

“Sect Elder, if we can’t open this spirit barrier and take over this tree of life, no matter how capable it is, it’s useless to us . Why don’t we spread this news, let others open a path for us . ”

“That’s right, Sect Elder, If we can’t get it, it’ll be useless just by looking at it . ”

Sect Elder hesitated, what this young one said made sense, it would be useless watching over this treasure without getting it .

“Sect Elder is someone who is already stepping into Paragon rank, but it’s useless in regards to this, it’ll be useless against commoners . So we shall not only spread the news, we have to spread it far and wide, so many stronger people will come here . ”

After contemplating, Sect Elder finally agreed to this method .

With their strength, it was indeed useless against the tree of life, borrowing other’s strength was the only way .

“Then you guys go ahead and do it . ” While saying it, it caused his heart to ache .

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It was his treasure! A treasure that he found! Now that he had to share with others, he felt more pain in his heart than his body .

“You two help Sect Elder to recuperate in a hidden place, another two handle the bodies, the rest follow me out . ”

Both of them helped Sect Elder to the mountain near the forest, the others went out to spread the news .

The legendary tree of life, that could help to gain strength, able to help in advancement, this news spread quickly, not only the people on the island knew, even the people outside the island knew about it, more and more people rushed over .

The people on the island didn’t bother to look for ruins anymore, there might be treasure in the ruins, but they weren’t as valuable as the tree of life!

Moreover, ruins might have treasure, it might be a place where the Emperor stayed, but compared to a real tree of life, ruins didn’t seem to be that important .

More and more people came over, more and more people were blocked by the spirit barrier, no matter how strong they were, the spirit barrier didn’t break .

Sima You Yue who was staring in a daze at the tree creases in the tree cave had no idea how lucky they were to be able to get in . Even with her merging with Little Roar, immune to the spirit barrier, but if it wasn’t for Qing Yi who didn’t attack them, they wouldn’t be able to get near him without being harmed .

Ten days later, it was crowded with people, but no one could break the spirit barrier .

Over a month later, the grassland was squeezed with people, some of the stronger ones came as well, they were determined to get the tree of life .

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