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Chapter 1100: 1100

The silence in the tree’s cave shrouded her, as if she felt that he was somehow angry . Although he wasn’t really angry .

Living to this age, there would be little things that could anger him .

Sima You Yue turned around, all she could see was the tree crease .

“Am I supposed to comprehend some principles from here?”

She slowly sat down, the soft leaves gave out a faint fragrant that made her relax after smelling it .

“Tree crease, tree crease, what principles can there be in tree creases?” She stared at those tree creases, but tree creases are tree creases, she didn’t see any difference .

At the same time, in another tree cave, Han Miao Shuang and Xu Siao Siao were also trying to feel, but the difference between them and her was, they were in a mirage, what they saw was a different environment and not the original crease she was looking at .

“Qing Yi . ” Little Seven climbed on a tree branch, calling out to the person beside her .

“Hmm?” Qing Yi turned his head around and looked at this young lady, who was his friend, a very, very good friend .

“Qing Yi, I remember who you are . ” Little Seven continued, “I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten . ”

The corner of Qing Yi’s lips curled up into a smile, extended his hand and patted her head and said, “I didn’t think that you’ll degenerate to this extent, you must have suffered this past few years . ”

Little Seven shook her head, “No memories, no pain . ”

She sat up, leaned on Qing Yi and said, “But after so many years, you still remember the past, you’ve suffered more than me . ”

Qing Yi hugged Little Seven, her small figure was different from last time, it felt different, but she smelled the same as how he remembered .

How many years had it been, he didn’t even remember how many years he didn’t see her already .

“When you got caught last time, they absorbed all your spiritual energy, no one knewif you’re dead or alive, I thought I won’t be able to see you again . ”

He caressed her hair like how he used to, it was as gentle as how he did in the past, such a pity they weren’t that person she used to be .

Little Seven laid in his embrace gently and absorbed the smell of him .

“Qing Yi, do you know, after I’m conscious, I keep thinking that I’m a baby that has just formed, I’m like a baby that was so curious about this world, slowly growing up . But the moment I saw you, my memories came back completely, from there I know that things didn’t happen the way I thought it had . I’m glad, glad that I can see you again, and remember our past . ”

“It’s a pity that we weren’t strong that time, if not I won’t let them snatch you away feeling helplessly . ” Qing Yi felt remorseful .

Little Seven raised her head and saw him blaming himself, he couldn’t help but felt heartache for him .

“You can’t be blamed for what happened in the past, you don’t have to punish yourself like that and hide here for so many years . I can’t imagine how you pull through all these years . Staying alone here, how lonely is that?”

Qing Yi only smiled faintly .


Maybe .

But he was already lonely to the extent that he forgot what lonely was .

“Sigh, what do we do?” Little Seven sighed .

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Little Seven extended her hand and lightly pinched Qing Yi’s face, then she pinched her own face and said, “What do we do, although I’ve regained the memories, but I feel that I’m so young, you’re old, would there be a generation gap between us?”

“…” Qing Yi was speechless and saw the smiling expression in Little Seven’s eyes, he said helplessly with love, “Little Seven, you’ve become naughty . ”

Another meaning : Little Seven, you had become bad!

“Since when I become naughty, it’s really a problem between us, don’t you think that I’m very young?” Little Seven stared at Qing Yi, giving him an expression of asking for an assurance .

“Haha… . . ” Qing Yi laughed, “You do, you’re young now, like a little doll . ”

“Pfft, you’re teasing me . ” Little Seven pouted .

“No . ” Qing Yi saw she got angry without feeling worried, ” If Sima You Yue knows I’m teasing her, will she be angry at me?”

“No, Yue Yue isn’t easily angered . ” Little Seven continued, “Moreover, you didn’t tease her, if she can attain her own enlightenment here, she will be thankful to you . ”

“She’s actually not bad . She’s sincere to you . ” Qing Yi continued, “I’m rest assured that you follow her . ”

“Won’t you come with me?” Little Seven held onto Qing Yi’s clothes and looked at him anxiously .

“I… . . ”

“If you don’t come with me, what will happen if Yue Yue can’t protect me? What if I get caught by others again? If my spiritual energy gets absorbed again, can I still start my spiritual wisdom? I… . . WA——”

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The more Little Seven spoke, the sadder she was and cried out loud .

Qing Yi became flustered after so many years, seeing Little Seven’s tears . Like what she said, if all those came true… .

No, never, he wouldn’t let this come true!

“Alright, don’t cry, I didn’t say that I won’t go with you . ” Qing Yi pacified her as he wiped her tears away gently .

He wanted to say he was used to being here, but he couldn’t let anything happen to her, he wouldn’t know if he could bear the pain of losing her again .

“Really?” Little Seven asked while sobbing .

“Of course it’s real . When did I ever lie to you?”

“Hmph, you always lie to me the last time when you haven’t grown up and I’m a little dough . ” Little Seven brought up the things when they were young .

“That’s already ten thousands years ago… . ” Qing Yi felt helpless .

“It still happened regardless how long ago it was . ” Little Seven snorted .

“Alright . I didn’t lie to you when we grew up . ”

“That is because I’ve become smarter after I grew up, you can’t deceive me . ”

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You’ve become narcissistic .

“Okay, I told you I’ll go with you, don’t cry anymore . ” Qing Yi heart ached as he saw her crying .

That time, when he saw how she was taken away with his own eyes, the tears on her face pained him for a few ten of thousands of years, now, he didn’t want to see her tears anymore and he couldn’t bear to see it anymore .

“I can’t control it, who asked you to tease me . ” Little Seven complained .

“It’s all my fault . Don’t cry anymore…” Qing Yi pulled Little Seven into his embrace and lightly patted her back . “But, there will be a condition if I go with you . ”

“On what condition?” Little Seven leaned on his chest and asked muffedly .

“Although I’m out there, unless you get into any dangerous situation, I won’t take any actions no matter what . ” Qing Yi said .

“I don’t want you to take any actions either . I know, you’re restricted by the rules of heaven, I won’t put you in danger . ” Little Seven continued, “When we’re out, I’ll protect you . ”

“Haha… . Alright, you protect me . ”

Qing Yi laughed, although her temperament changed quite a bit, but she still treated him the same as last time, he wouldn’t let anyone take his happiness that was hard to come around away from him anymore, not even Heaven!

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