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Chapter 1062: 1062

Soon after, people of the central regions knew that the Zong Zheng Clan and the Yin Yang Palace had fallen out completely . It seemed that the reason was that when they were looking for the auspicious beast in Xisha mountain ridge, they had a conflict, which led to a complete break-up between the two sides . The people of Southern Desolation were not surprised by this news, because the power of the Zong Zheng Clan has developed rapidly in recent years . It had long been reported that they wanted to leave the Yin Yang Palace . This incident was just a trigger .

Only the Zong Zheng Clan knew that losing a genius Young Master meant how much they lost .

Both parties lost the Young Master and Young Palace Master at the same time, and a power war was almost about to break out, but because they both got a bottle of auspicious beast blood, they put their focus on the immortal land that was about to open, which avoided the war .

However, the relationship between the two parties can no longer be eased .

When Sima You Yue got the result, she happened to be helping the Sparrowhawk Clan to turn into human forms . Hearing what Qin Mo said, the corner of her mouth aroused a satisfied smile .

“The outcome is pretty good, quite satisfying . ” Qin Mo smiled after seeing her smile, “Since the matter is settled, I will go back first . ”

“Thank you for doing this . ” Sima You Yue looked at Qin Mo gratefully . When she asked him for help, he agreed without objections .

She took out a jade bottle and said, “This is Little Roar’s blood . I know, you have not found the blood of the auspicious beast . Take this, after entering the Immortal Land, we can still find each other with the same auspicious beast blood . ”

Qin Mo took the jade bottle without hesitation and couldn’t help laughing when he saw the Little Roar waving his paws in the distance and crying with pain .

“Alright, I’m taking this . It’s better to take care of each other in the Immortal Land . ” Qin Mo put the jade bottle into the space ring, nodded to Sima You Yue, and left with Mu Wen and Qin Hong .

Sima You Yue waited for them to leave, then turned to Kong Xiang Yi, who had just returned, and said, “This is for you . ”

“This is also from Little Roar?” Kong Xiang Yi asked .

“Mm . Today, I have taken quite a lot of his blood, so he is really not happy now!” Sima You Yue looked at Little Roar, Little Roar felt her gaze, snorted, turned around, and turned his butt to her .

Kong Xiang Yi looked at Little Roar’s appearance and laughed out loud .

She took the jade bottle and said, “Although we have the auspicious beast, if we want to get in touch with you, it is better to use this one . ”

“Then you have to talk to your father . ”

“This is easy to handle . ” Kong Xiang Yi put the jade bottle away, pulled Ximen Feng to the side for a while, and took her own people back .

In the valley, one by one the sparrowhawks were transforming . Cloud Spirit disdained to see Sima You Yue, so after shooting so many lightning bolts, he patted his buttocks and ignored her .

The sparrowhawks king watched the situation below . When he heard Sima You Yue bid farewell to her friends, he thought of something .

He came to Sima You Yue’s side and suddenly knelt down .

Sima You Yue looked at him in surprise . “Sparrowhawk King, what is that for?”

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“Please let the sparrowhawks clan follow Young Master!” The Sparrowhawk King seriously said .

“Follow me?” Sima You Yue opened her eyes wide . “Did I hear wrong?”

“Young Master, since you can let the apes follow you, please let us follow!” The Sparrowhawk King said, “We are willing to join your forces!”

Sima You Yue blinked and looked at Ximen Feng and then at the Sparrowhawk King .

“Sparrowhawk King, why do you want to follow us?” Sima You Yue asked .

“One reason is because you are the King’s contractor . ” Sparrowhawk King said, “There is another reason . We want to strengthen ourselves . I believe that with the Young Master, our Sparrowhawk Clan can go further, not just curled up in the small place of Xisha mountain ridge!”

“If you make such a decision, can your people agree to it?” Sima You Yue asked .

“I believe that after experiencing this, they all have the same ideas as me . ” The Sparrowhawk King said, “Besides, to follow our king has always been the dream of all bird races . ”

Sima You Yue thought for a while and said, “We need to discuss this matter, and you should also discuss it with your people . If you still have this idea, let’s talk about it . How’s that?”

The Sparrowhawk King knew that Sima You Yue had already agreed with more than half of what he said . He immediately got up and said, “I’ll go consult with the clan elders . ”

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After speaking, he turned and left by himself, forgetting the clan members who had yet transformed .

“Senior Brother, Feng’er, what do you think?” Sima You Yue asked .

Ximen Feng thought for a while, and said: “If they can join us, it will undoubtedly enhance our strength . But with so many sparrowhawks, do we have enough resources to supply for the injured .

“This is indeed a problem . ” Sima You Yue said, “With the people from Blood Fiend City, we are already struggling to supply resources . If we add more people, I’m afraid we will not be able to supply them . ”

“The Sparrowhawk Clan doesn’t need much resources . ” Wu Lingyu said, “As long as we give them specific refined pills and places to cultivate, they don’t need any other things . ”

“But Heartbreak Valley is not suitable for them to live in,” Sima You Yue said .

“We can let them be outside of Heartbreak Valley as our foreign aid,” Ximen Feng said .

“So you are in favor of them joining us?” Sima You Yue asked .

“In fact, our current strength is already ranked as the top in the central regions, but we have been low-key, so people don’t know us . ” Ximen Feng said, “But many of those people are outlaws . Although they are bound by oath, some of their banditry is still there . If we have the sparrowhawks, we can use them to intimidate them and reign them in . ”

Wu Lingyu hesitated when he saw Sima You Yue and asked, “What are you thinking about?”

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Sima You Yue sighed, and said, “All along, I have never wanted the bird clan to participate in our private affairs, because I don’t want to cause trouble to Little Roc . Therefore, even if the Four Winged Roc and the Egret Clan wanted to follow, they are only quietly protecting in the Spirit Pagoda . But once we accept the Sparrowhawk Clan, we will break this balance . ”

“Yue Yue, you are wrong . ” Little Roc’s voice came through the contract .

Sima You Yue called out Little Roc .

“Little Roc, what do you think?”

Little Roc looked at Sima You Yue gently and said: “If they are forced to join your power because of my pressure, then this is forcing them to participate in your private affairs . But they are not because of me . It’s because you gave them hope and let them know that they will go further with you . That’s why they want to join . It’s because of you, not me . Besides…”

Little Roc stopped talking, Little Seven asked curiously: “What else?”

Little Roc hesitated for a moment and said, “Besides, following the Crimson Flame, that is the blessing that their ancestors have cultivated for generations . They will understand what kind people they have followed!”

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