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Chapter 1061: 1061

Seeing the old ape in a daze, Little Ten and Little Huang looked at each other subconsciously . They haven’t seen an old ancestor hesitant before, what caused him to be like this?

“Old ancestor?” Little Huang tried to call out .

The old ape looked at the two of them and said, “You guys come with me, I have something to discuss with you guys . ”

Little Ten and Little Huang were curious, but they didn’t say anything . They just left with the old ape .

They found a quiet cliff . Considering the danger of going outside, they did not leave the Sparrowhawk Clan .

“Old ancestor, what troubles you so much?” Little Ten asked .

The old ape turned to look at them and said, “Sima You Yue wants us to join him . ”

“His force? He wants us to be his subordinates?” Little Huang was a little unhappy . They were auspicious beasts . How could they become human subordinates!

“He didn’t force me, he just made a condition . ” The old ape said, “A condition that people can’t bear to refuse . ”

“What condition?” Little Ten asked .

“He will provide us with enough Golden Snake Fruits,” the old ape said .

Little Huang and Little Ten both held their breaths and were stunned by what they just heard .

“Enough Golden Snake Fruits… . How many though?” Little Ten asked in a daze .

“From what I see, there should be a lot of Golden Snake Fruits . ” The old ape said, “When he gave me those three Golden Snake Fruits, he didn’t even flinch, indicating that he has a lot of them . ”

“This is indeed a tempting condition . ” Little Huang said, “But will we lose our freedom because of this?”

“I think that it will bealright . ” Little Ten said, “I think that he is not the kind of person who will treat us as regular contract beasts . And he is very powerful, so we will not suffer if we follow him .

“I think so too . ” The old ape said, “You should be able to tell that although his strength is not very high, his ability is better than anyone we have seen before . I think that he will reach a whole new level . The most important thing is…”


The old ape sighed, turned around and looked outside the cliff, and said: “Through this incident, I found that we are in a very bad situation now, especially since our bloodline is too small . If we have someone to take care of us, it would be great . ”

Little Huang thought for a while, and felt that this made sense . However, to choose between freedom and safety… he still hesitated .

Sima You Yue rested for a day . She didn’t have any hope regarding the situation with the old ape . If they were willing to follow her, it would be good . If they were not willing, she would not force them .

However, when she saw the old ape talking to the sparrowhawk king, she was still a little surprised .

“We have decided . If it’s following you, we are willing to try it out . ” The old ape said, “I hope I made the right decision . ”

“I don’t think you’ll be disappointed,” Sima You Yue said with a smile .

“Can you tell me what is going on in your force?”

“Of course I can…”

On the other side, outside the Zong Zheng mansion, the guards opened the door at the beginning of the day .

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“Huh, why is there someone outside?” As soon as the guards opened the door, they saw the person lying on the ground .

“It’s fifth elder!” Another guard shouted .

“Why is it just fifth elder?”

“What are you still standing there for, help the fifth elder in!”

“The fifth elder is already dead!”

“But you still have to help him in . You two go report to the clan elder!”

“Because of the body of the fifth elder Zong Zheng Quan, the Zong Zheng’s clan became uproarious early in the morning .

Zong Zheng Qing Ren was originally practicing closed cultivation . When he heard that Zong Zheng Quan had returned, he forced himself out, opened the door and asked the people in the courtyard, who came to report the news: “Are the Young Master and the others back?”

“Reporting to Clan Master, Young Master did not come back, only the fifth elder came back,” the guard said .

“What about the others? Was the auspicious beast blood brought back? Did the Fifth Elder call for people to provide assistance?” Zong Zheng Qing Ren grabbed the guard’s clothes and asked excitedly .

“No, no!” The guard, frightened by his appearance, replied .

“No? Did not bring back the blood of the auspicious beast, or did not call for people to provide assistance?” Zong Zheng Qing Ren asked again .

“Reporting to Clan Master, the fifth elder brought back the auspicious beast blood . ” The guard explained quickly, fearing that he would be dead if it was too late!

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When Zong Zheng Qing Ren heard that the auspicious beast blood was brought back, he breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Call the fifth elder here to talk!”

“Reporting to Clan Master, this could not be done,” the guard said .


“When they saw the fifth elder, he was already dead!”

“What are you talking about?!” Zong Zheng Qing Ren glared at the guard and shouted .

“It’s true . When the guard saw the fifth elder, he already had no breath left in him,” the guard responded .

“What about the others? Young Master?”

“No, only the body of the fifth elder is in front of the door, holding a jade bottle in his hand . Judging from his injuries at that time, they should have been ambushed . ”

“Song Mao…” Zong Zheng Qing Ren tried to calm himself down and said, “Move the body of the fifth elder to the chamber and notify the other elders to come over!”

“Yes, Clan Master!”

The guard who got away from Zong Zheng Qing Ren’s men was very thankful that he was not strangled to death . After receiving the order, he hurried to make arrangements, and left the yard as if he fled .

After appraisal, the people of the Zong Zheng Clan can be sure that Zong Zheng Song Mao and the others were ambushed after obtaining the auspicious beast blood . However, they still don’t know who it was . ”

“Send someone to the Xisha mountain ridge to investigate, we must find out what happened!” Zong Zheng Qing Ren yelled and pounded on the table .

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The poor table made of high-quality mahogany was smashed by him .

More than an hour later, a team from the Zong Zheng Clan set off to Xisha mountain ridge .

At the same time, Yin Yang Palace also sent a team of people to the Xisha mountain ridge to find out what forces dared to attack their Young Palace Master and robbed them of their auspicious beast blood .

The two teams arrived at the Xisha mountain ridge almost at the same time, and at the same time, they also found the valley before they had arrived .

When they met in the valley, they were distressed at the sight of the wounded . They were the disciples of their forces!

When they saw the corpses of Cao Le and Zong Zheng Song Mao, they were not calm at all . They sent messages to their base while investigating their corpses to find out which force killed them .

But the final result shocked them .

“First elder, most of our people are wounded by the people of Yin Yang Palace,” A disciple of the Zong Zheng Clan reported the first elder who was waiting .

At the same time, the people of the Yin Yang Palace also obtained similar results . Most of the wounds on the people of Yin Yang Palace were caused by the spirit skills of the Zong Zheng Clan .

In other words, it was not that other people had come to snatch the auspicious beast blood, but that they had an internal strife after obtaining the blood of the auspicious beast .

When they came to this conclusion, people of both sides looked at the other with deep hatred!

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