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Chapter 1063: 1063

Sima You Yue finally agreed to the sparrowhawk clan’s request to follow them . As Little Roc said, she couldn’t force them to participate in her private feuds . But she also couldn’t deprive them of their right to follow their own King . Moreover, the sparrowhawk clan obeyed her and Little Roc . It was indeed a deterrent to those who had yet settled down in the valley .

“Now the Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng Clan have turned against each other . If we deal with them under the guise of the immortal land, we may not have to expose our sect . ” Ximen Feng said .

“If we want to be exposed, let’s show up in front of everyone righteously!” Sima You Yue said . “In the past,we stayed low-key because everything wasn’t ready . Now that everything is on the right track, our strength has grown beyond our expectations . We now can appear before the world as a mature force!”

“I will have them become mentally prepared . ” Ximen Feng said .

“But there will be a lot of troubles to follow . ” Sima You Yue reminded . “Once the enemies of the disciples in the valley find their track, they will come find trouble . ”

“As long as they know our strength, there shouldn’t be many people who want to find trouble with us . We can handle it . ” Ximen Feng said .

“Mm, tell me if there is anything . ” Sima YouYue said .

Later, they agreed on the identity of Sima You Yue, saying that she won Ximen Feng in a bet, so she became his sister . Therefore, she naturally became the deputy master which is the deputy valley master of Heartbreak Valley .

Little Seven took the position as the law protector of the Heartbreak Valley . She was happy for a long time after getting an official position .

The final result of the sparrowhawk clan’s deliberation was the same as before . They still wanted to follow her, so the two parties reached an agreement to move the sparrowhawks habitat to the Heartbreak Valley, so they would become part of the Heartbreak Valley .

Because of the tight timing, the members of the sparrowhawk clan hurriedly packed all their things and followed Sima You Yue to Heartbreak Valley .

Old ape’s group of three were temporarily arranged in Heartbreak Valley, while the sparrowhawks chose a habitat in a forest not far away .

Fortunately, in the past two years, the people in the Heartbreak Valley and the surrounding spirit beasts had a good relationship . So it was not troublesome to allocate a habitat . At the same time, it was time considered to inform those people that the sparrowhawk clan was part of the Heartbreak Valley .

In the past two years the surrounding spirit beasts had watched the Heartbreak Valley change from an uninhabitable barren valley to a sectarian place . They had watched their rapid growth . They never seem a force developed itself so quickly .

Now a sparrowhawk clan suddenly appeared, making them curious about this force .

What made Sima You Yue more speechless was that she did not know what Honor Roc and them said to the Four Winged Roc’s clan that made them follow Sima You Yue to the Heartbreak Valley . The Four Winged Roc clan gathered together, saying they also wanted to follow Sima You Yue .

Next, the egret king came with the Egret Clan . Suddenly the entire outer forest almost couldn’t accommodate them .

But all of them came . Little Roc didn’t say a word to let them go back, and Sima You Yue felt out of place to intervene . So she had to find a place for them to settle down .

Fortunately, apart from needing a lot of stuff for their transformations, they did not have high requirements for other resources .

After the bird clans were all settled down . The day to prepare to leave for the immortal land had also arrived .

“Bring more people along . ” This was one of Wu Lingyu’s few suggestions .

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“What’s wrong? Is there anything I should pay attention to?” Sima You Yue asked .

The immortal land is different from the ordinary Little Realms . Its entrance is not only connected to the Human Realm, but also to the Devil Realm and the Ghost Realm . ” Wu Lingyu explained .

Sima You Yue remembered the Blood Willow . At that time, Wu Lai Mai said that he had seen one in the Immortal Land . But he was not sure how they entered the Human Realm .

“Just in case, I really need to bring more people in . ” She spoke, “But if you bring too many people, I’m afraid it will attract others’ attention prematurely . ”

“They can be sent to the Spirit Pagoda . ” Little Seven suggested .

“That’s not okay . ” Sima You Yue said . “Except for those people before, the Spirit Pagoda should not be known to more people . ”

The more people that know, the greater the potential danger . Those who were particularly not trustworthy better not to let them know .

“Then let them go to the Little Realm . ” Little Seven pushed forth another suggestion .

“The Immortal Land is a special space . A Little Realm can’t be opened from inside . ” Sima You Yue shook her head .

“Others can’t but yours can . ” Wu Lingyu replied .

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“Mine can? Why?”

“Because your Little Realm was refined and transformed by the Azure Great Emperor . It is not an ordinary space . ” Wu Lingyu said . “Yours is the only Little Realm in the world that is not restricted by space . ”

“How do you know?”

“I knew it already before . ” Wu Lingyu said .

She never doubted Wu Lingyu’s words before . Since he said yes, then it should work .

“Then I will send people into the Little Realm . ” Sima You Yue agreed . “The immortal land is so big, even if there are many people inside, it would not be particularly conspicuous . ”

“Then you have to determine the number of people in advance . ” Wu Lingyu advised . “Even in the immortal land, you must be smeared with the blood of the auspicious blood otherwise, you will be attacked by the native residents inside . ”

“That won’t be a problem . ”

“Little Roar’s strength hasn’t recovered but he still has a lot of blood . After being transformed, he has a larger body which can accommodate many people .

Little Roar who was still angry with Sima You Yue trembled suddenly . He felt a deep chill run down his back .

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“Tch, who is trying to take advantage of me again!” He took a bite of the barbecued meat in his hand . “If you let me know, I won’t let you off!!”

In fact, he knew who was trying to, but he couldn’t protest directly because he knew it was useless . He could only pray that You Yue compensate him with delicious food after bleeding him out!

This time the entrance of the immortal land was in a flaming mountain in Western Liang . Everyone must go early to occupy a favorable spot .

Sima You Yue had always been a little curious about how the humans know where the entrance is when it appeared irregularly in space . Wu Lingyu said it was calculated by Bu Suan Zi before it was released to the world .

She was a little surprised when she heard this answer . She thought Bu Suan Zi was just a prodigy of her previous life, which didn’t make sense . But according to Wu Lingyu’s meaning, that guy’s status in the continent was not low . However, because Bu Suan Zi was in the inter regions, she had never seen him before .

After coming to the Western Liang, she realized she was wrong, that Bu Suan Zi was not a single person… .

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