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Chapter 1054: 1054

Kong Xiang Yi fled in a panic with Kong Valley’s members as if someone was chasing them from behind, seeing Cao Le and the rest, that group of people quickly flew over . “Kong Xiang Yi? When did you come? What happened?” Cao Le knew Kong Xiang Yi, he asked in shock after seeing that she brought a group of people .

Before that, he didn’t even know Kong Valley’s members came over .

Kong Xiang Yi saw Cao le and flashed a tint of happiness on her face .

“Cao Le, what are you guys doing here?” She flew over with everyone, her dress was worn out, torn and dirty .

“What happened to you?” Cao Le asked as he rarely saw her like this .

“I… . ” Kong Xian Yi hesitated and looked flickering, “We were attacked by a spirit beast over there . ”

“Attacked by a spirit beast?” Zong Zheng Quan looked at her, “You have the scent of the Old Ape on you, did you look for the Ape . ”

Kong Xiang Yi looked a little unnatural, as if her mind was exposed, but seeing her like this, they became certained that the spirit beast that she said was the Ape .

“Wasn’t that Ape injured? Even you can’t fight it?” Zong Zheng Quan asked .

Kong Xiang Yi was sure that they found out, she rolled her eyes and said, “Umm, that, although it’s injured, it’s very powerful . We can’t win him even though we have so many people . ”

“I don’t think so . ” Zong Zheng Hai continued, “You have another spirit beast’s breath on you, the one that chased you wasn’t Old Ape, but it’s another spirit beast!”

“That… . You guessed wrong . ” Kong Xiang Yi denied .

“Impossible!” Zong Zheng Quan didn’t believe it .

“Ah, the breath on you, was the breath of that spirit beast that fought with Old Ape!” One of the disciples from Yin Yang Palace called out .

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Young Palace Master, this is definitely the smell of that spirit beast . ” That person said firmly, “We escaped under his breath, I’m sure of it . ”

“Xiang Yi, we’re acquaintances, do you have to lie to me?” Cao Le slightly smiled .

“That… . It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, it’s just that the situation now…” With Kong Xiang Yi’s coyness, Cao Le was sure about his thoughts .

“Xiang Yi, you guys already got the blood of the auspicious beast right?” He walked over excitedly, wanting to hold onto Kong Xiang Yi’s arm but was dodged by her .

Kong Xiang Yi looked at Cao Le with alertness and said , “Cao Le, what are you intending to do? This auspicious beast’s blood is already poisoned by Kong Valley, you won’t be able to use it even if you snatch it over . ”

Cao Le’s smile stiffened, quickly went back to normal and smiled, “With the kind of relation we have, if you really got the auspicious beast’s blood, I’ll be happy for you, why would I snatch yours!”

“Hmph, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking . ” Kong Xiang Yi watched him, once he made a move that he shouldn’t, she would poison him immediately .

“What kind of thoughts would I have, you think too much . ” Cao Le continued, “But, did you really get the auspicious beast’s blood?”

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“Yes . ” Kong Xiang Yi was sure that there wasn’t a need to hide, “We found the auspicious beast, he was injured, he wasn’t our match, but if he tried his best to fight us, we wouldn’t benefit either, so we made a deal with it, it will give us some of its fresh blood, then we wouldn’t fight with it . ”

“Then how did you guys get injured?” Cao Le questioned .

“We were set up by that Old Ape . ” Kong Xiang Yi said while she was fuming with rage, “We actually thought that it really didn’t want to fight with us, that’s why it agreed to give us its blood, end up that guy was up to no good, it gave me his blood so that its enemy will be lured by us . ”

“So you guys were injured by the spirit beast that injured Old Ape?” Zeng Zhong Song Mao said .

“Mm . ” Kong Xiang Yi nodded, “That spirit beast was very powerful, we are not its match even though we have so many people . ”

“You guys came here without bringing more helpers, like us, would we be afraid of that spirit beast?” Cao Le said proudly .

Kong Xiang Yi scanned through his men, indeed there were more than hers by half, but…

“We already got what we want, we will take our leave . ” After Kong Xiang Yi finished her sentence, she signalled to Kong Valley’s members and they left with her .

Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng clan’s members watched them leave and looked at Cao Le anxiously .

If they snatched their auspicious beast’s blood over, then they wouldn’t need to look for that Old Ape anymore . If they were to go into the mountains compared to fighting with Kong Valley’s members, the risks would be lower on the latter .

But Cao Le and Zong Zheng Song Mao didn’t show any indication, they didn’t dare to take action as well, so they could only watch Kong Valley’s members leave in vain .

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“Young Palace Master, why aren’t we stopping them?” He asked as he couldn’t hold it in anymore seeing Kong Xiang Yi out of his vision .

“What can we do if Kong Valley’s members do something to the blood?” Cao Le shot a glare at that person .

He wanted to snatch the blood of the auspicious beast over, but was it useful? The answer was no, moreover, they would offend Kong Valley’s members for nothing .

“Kong Valley’s poison is not something that we can resolve, it’s better to keep your thoughts . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao continued, “Instead of thinking about that, why not think of how to capture that auspicious beast . ”

“Now we’re sure if one thing, that Old Ape is not in a good condition, if we can find it . The chance of us capturing it is high . ” Zong Zheng Hai said .

“That’s right . ” Cao Le said, “So you guys have to come back to senses, since we know where the auspicious beast is, then don’t back out!”

“Yes!” Everyone answered loudly .

“But we have to be careful, if we enter deep into the mountains, the danger will be higher, you guys don’t act rashly . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao continued, “Also, Old Ape’s enemy is looking for it, we have to avoid that enemy . ”

“Young Master, don’t worry, we already remembered that smell, if we come across it, we might be able to avoid it far away . ” Zong Zheng Quan said .

“Since everyone understood now, then let’s prepare to go in . ” Cao Le said .

“Wait . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao stopped them once again .

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“What is it again?” Cao Le looked at him in an unsatisfied manner .

“Someone is near . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said as he stared at the direction .

“Could it be that someone also found out that the Old Ape is here?”

Everyone turned around to look, saw people that were nearby and raised their alertness .

“Qin Mo and Qin Hong . ” Zong Zheng Quan said .

“That guy Qin Mo is here too!” Seeing Qin Mo, Cao Le was fuming with rage, he couldn’t wait to tear him apart, this showed how bad the connection of the Qin clan and Yin Yang Palace was .

Qin Mo brought people and flew over, they stopped in mid air seeing Yin Yang Palace’s members .

Both parties locked their gaze, the atmosphere became more nervous that it seemed like a fight would outbreak anytime .

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