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Chapter 1053: 1053

After feeling the breath of the auspicious beast that day, everyone became excited and sent out hordes of people to locate that auspicious beast, members of Yin Yang Palace wasn’t an exception . Of course, with Zong Zheng’s members around, Yin Yang Palace’s people didn’t really go out and only used a token to send some people to follow Zong Zheng’s members .

Not sure whether the Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng clan had good or bad luck, while others didn’t manage to find a single trace of the auspicious beast even after looking around meticulously . However, once they stepped out, they immediately stumbled into Old Ape and another spirit beast in battle .

The repercussion of the battle affected the whole clan, a clan with one hundred members, only left a few alive, the rest died .

But most of the people who died were Zong Zheng clan’s members, Cao Le didn’t even feel sorry, instead, he was roused by the news they brought back .

“You guys are telling me that the Old Ape is injured?” He excitedly pushed away the beauties around him .

“Yes, Young Palace Master, I saw with my own eyes that the Old Ape was injured by his opponent and escaped ruggedly . That strength used was very powerful, if we didn’t run away fast enough, we would be dead like those Zong Zheng’s members . ” Yin Yang Palace’s guard said .

“How is that Old Ape now?” Zong Zheng Song Mao asked from the side .

Zong Zheng clan came back with only a few people when half of the people went out together . It would be good if we found the auspicious beast, but if we didn’t catch that auspicious beast, then we would suffer great loss .

“Yes yes yes, how’s that Old Ape?” Cao Le questioned .

“In reply to the Young Palace Master, that Old Ape’s condition doesn’t look good,you can say that his life is hanging on a thin line . If not for the Little Ape that came out at the last minute to save him, he will definitely lose his life . ” That guard continued, “With my guess, his injuries should be serious, even the auspicious beast’s self recovery is strong, it’s impossible to heal in such a short time . If we can find him in that short time, the chances of him getting caught will be high . ”

“How’s the strength of that Ape that came out in the last minute?” Zong Zheng Song Mao asked .

“It’s just a common Sacred Beast . ”

“Great!” Cao Le stood up amongst the beauties and said, “You’ll bring everyone out and look for that Old Ape before he recovers!”

“Yes, Young Palace Master . ” The guard got excited .

“Remember, don’t let other members of the other forces know about this . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao ordered .

“Yes, yes, yes, if other forces know about this then we would have to deal with those people and there will be a lot of problems . ” Cao Le said .

“I’ll now bring people to chase after that Old Ape . ”

“Go ahead!” Cao Le nodded and called out to him and said, “You gather everyone, I’ll personally lead . ”

“Young Palace Master, it’s dangerous in the mountains, what if we meet…”

“Nonsense,this is a rare chance, if we missed it, how would I explain to the Master?” Cao Le continued, “Go and gather everyone quickly! Remember, don’t make too much of a commotion!”

“Yes, Young Palace Master . ”

Zong Zheng and Yin Yang Palace members quickly gathered, adding up to a few hundred people which was considered large scale . To avoid others’ attention, they didn’t keep the tent and left some people to keep a watch there, others followed Cao Le and Zong Zheng Song Mao to the mountains .

Seeing them coming into the mountains, Sima You Yue and Ximen Feng exchanged glances .

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“Inform Qin Mo and Xiang Yi that Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng’s members went in . Get them to follow the plan . ” Sima You Yue said softly .

“Mm . ” Ximen Feng took out the son-mother stone and contacted the two groups of people in the mountain and informed them about the movements here .

“Let’s go, let’s follow and watch . ” Sima You Yue summoned Thousand Resonance before she merged and transformed into another person .

Wu Lingyu twisted an illusion array and transformed into an ordinary guy .

Ximen Feng wore a human skin mask, three of them changed their smell and transformed into three other people .

If one didn’t see them transform with their own eyes, no one could guess their identity .

Qin Mo and Kong Xiang Yi brought their own group and stayed quiet in the mountain and only after receiving Ximen Feng’s information did they start to move .

“Brothers, it’s time now, Zong Zheng clan’s members are here, let’s make this a good show, don’t let Sima You Yue down, understand?” Kong Xiang Yi told her own members .

“Young Miss, please don’t worry, we’ll definitely act like it’s real!” Someone patted their chest in assurance .

These people weren’t just ordinary Kong Valley’s members, they were all her confidants who mingled with her . Although they didn’t know the reason she was doing this, if she wanted them to, they would make it a good one!

At the other side, Qin Mo kept his son-mother stone and told the people around him, “Did you hear that?”

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“Yes, Master . We will make arrangements . ” Mu Wen said .

“Master, rest assured, we’ll definitely bring them to a safe place . ” Qin Hong said .

“Mm, if they didn’t fall into the trap, it’s fine to kill them on the spot . ” Qin Mo said .

“Great! With Master’s words, we are now clearer on what to do . ” Qin Hong and Mu Wen exchanged glances and went ahead to make arrangements .

Cao Le and Zong Zheng Song Mao brought people to the location where Old Ape and the other spirit beast was battling .

“Young Palace Master, this is where the Old Ape fought . ” Yin Yang Palace’s guard pointed to a mountain peak .

“There’s indeed the smell of the auspicious beast . ” Someone picked up the scent of Old Ape and said excitedly .

“Which direction did Old Ape run to?” Zong Zheng Quan looked at the mountain top that was destroyed and frowned .

“East . ”

Zong Zheng Song Mao looked in towards the east . That mountain peak was higher, the denser the forest, the more powerful the spirit beasts resided .

“That should be where the Old Ape lives . ” He continued, “There are a lot of powerful spirit beasts, if we go in, there’ll be danger . ”

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“Even still, we should give chase . ” Cao Le continued, “We have to catch the auspicious beast this time, if not we won’t have a share of Immortal Land!”

“But, Young Palace Master…” Zong Zheng Quan wanted to tell him about the danger and to reconsider, but he was cut off even before he finished .

“Why, you Zong Zheng guys want to back out? If you guys back out, then don’t blame me for reporting to Master . ” Cao Le looked at Zong Zheng Song Mao from the corner of his eyes, the threat was obvious .

Zong Zheng Song Mao felt the murder intent that exuded from Cao Le’s body . He stared at Zong Zheng Quan and told Cao Le, “No matter what the Young Palace Master wants to do, our Zong Zheng clan will definitely follow . Fifth Elder didn’t mean that he wants to back out, he’s trying to say it’ll be dangerous if we chase from the east as we can’t confirm that the auspicious beast is really there . If we don’t catch the auspicious beast, we will only lose our men there, it’s not worth it . ”

“Then what are you trying to say?” Cao Le squinted his eyes and stared at Zong Zheng Song Mao with cold eyes .

Someone shouted before Zong Zheng Song Mao opened his mouth .

“Someone is coming from there! It’s a member of Kong Valley!”

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