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Chapter 1055: 1055

Just when the Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng clan thought they couldn’t avoid a battle, Mu Wen who was beside Qin Mo reminded, “Master, Old Ape…”With that, Qin Mo kept his gaze and waved his hand, “Go!”

Qin’s clan just walked away suddenly, leaving Yin Yang Palace’s members there .

“Young Palace Master, just now Mu Wen mentioned an Old Ape, looks like they already know about the Old Ape being injured . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said .

“I heard that . ” Cao Le stared at Qin Mo’s back with murder intentions, “After we finished handling the auspicious beast’s problems, I’ll definite finish Qin Mo as well!”

Just now when Qin Mo looked at him, it was a look of disdain .

Qin Mo never minded Cao Le at all!

Wasn’t he just a little talented? Look at him being all proud!

“Young Palace Master, since they went towards Old Ape, why don’t we make use of the time, we might lose to them . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao continued, “If that auspicious beast is captured by Qin’s clan, it will be harder even if we just want a share of it . ”

“Mm, let’s quickly go and find it!” Cao Le ordered them with a dull face, that whole body full of low pressure made everyone in Yin Yang Palace and Zeng Zhong clan atmosphere dulled and quickly aboard the flying beast and flew towards the deep mountain range .

Qin clan realised that they were following and sped up and attempted to shake them off, but Yin Yang Palace’s flying beasts were stronger, they kept following behind Qin’s clan .

“Master, they’re following us . ” Mu Wen looked back and told Qin Mo .

“It’s good that they follow us . ” Qin Mo continued, “Let them follow, bring them to Old Ape . Contact Qin Men, tell them to get Old Ape ready, we’re reaching soon . ”

“Yes . ” Mu Wen responded .

Qin Men and Old Ape and the rest were together, after hearing the information from Mu Wen, he told Old Ape, “They are coming . Lure them in the array in a while, once you’re out of the range of array, I’ll activate it . You have to be fast . ”

“I know . ” Old Ape replied and told Little tenth and Little Huang, “You guys just stay here and don’t go out, understand?”

Little Ten and Little Huang nodded, they knew there were a lot of human beings out there who were trying to get them, they wouldn’t go out at this point if time to trouble their old ancestor even more .

Old Ape already had injuries on him, so he only had to rub some blood on its fur and put on an act of distress, then it could successfully transform into an injured spirit beast .

It flew out and sat on a huge stone, acted like he was treating itself and waited for Yin Yang Palace’s members to come .

Qin Mo brought Yin Yang Palace’s members along and continued flying forward, when he almost reached his destination, he stopped, turned back to look at Cao Le and said with a cold face, “Cao Le, why are you following me?!”

“This is a vast road and sky, who’s following you?” Cao Le continued, “It’s just nice that I’m going in this direction . ”

“You’re going this way?” Qin Mo asked while suppressing the anger in his eyes .

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“That’s right!” Cao Le picked on his chin .

“Hmph, alright then, you go this way, we will go the other way!” Qin Mo said .

“Master, but we receive information that Old Ape is at that direction…” After Qin Hong said that, Qin’s clan felt like they were staring at themselves, they were surprised that they accidentally said something they shouldn’t .

Mu Wen ruthlessly shot a glance at Qin Hong and told Qin Mo, “Master, Qin Hong is right, if Old Ape is really there, wouldn’t we be at a loss if we go this side?”

“Old Ape is not dead, he can move around on its own!” Qin Mo continued, “If we continue leading them, I’m afraid I can’t control myself anymore . ”

“Master…” Mu Wen helplessly looked at Qin Mo, “This is related to Old Ape, it’s not easy to get leads, we can’t give up . ”

“Let them take this route, we’ll search at the side . ” Qin Mo continued, “I don’t believe that they will find Old Ape first . ”

Mu Wen saw how firm he was, she could only follow him to the direction he wanted .

Cao Le was stunned when he saw Qin Mo really took his men away .

“Young Palace Master, could this be a trap?” Someone felt odd .

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“Young Master, what do you think?” Zeng ZhongQuan looked at Zeng Zhong Song Mao and asked .

Zeng Zhong Song Mao tightened and watched as Qin clan disappeared from his line of vision and said, “It’s odd . Young Palace Master, our relationship has always been bad with Qin clan, we have to beware that they might use this to trick us . ”

“Just with this Qin Mo, he wants to trick me?” Cao Le said scornfully, “That guy is really bad, but he doesn’t have the capability to trick me . We’ll just take this route and continue walking . ”

“Young Palace Master, could there be a trap?” Zong Zheng Hai asked hesitantly .

“What trap could there be?” Cao Le continued, “Don’t forget, Kong Valley also came from there, that Old Ape could be in this direction . We will continue walking, if you’re afraid they set a trap, then just be careful when we’re in front . ”

Zeng Zhong Quan gave it a thought and agreed, kong Valley’s members came from there, where could the Old Ape be if it wasn’t from there?

“Let’s be careful . ” Zong Zheng Song Mao said .

Without Qin clan leading the way, they had to be slower, but their direction didn’t change, they finally felt Old Ape’s breath .

“It’s Old Ape’s smell, he is indeed right ahead . ” Yin Yang Palace member’s felt Old Ape’s breath .

“With such an obvious breath? It’s weird . ” Zong Zheng Hai said .

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“What’s weird about it . ” Cao Le continued, “This shows that Old Ape is seriously injured to the extent that it can’t control it’s breath . ”

“That’s right!”

“Go, let’s go and take a look, it’s definitely right ahead . ”

Yin Yang Palace and Zong Zheng Palace member’s excitedly sped up, indeed, Old Ape was right ahead in the mountain valley with his body full of blood .

They felt wasted seeing the blood on the stones, this was the treasure that allowed them to get into immortal land, but it was being wasted over here! They really felt like keeping that stone, the blood would definitely be enough to get many people into immortal land .

Zong Zheng Hai and the rest stared at Old Ape, making sure that it was really injured and said, “It should be fine, everyone, go get him . ”

Zong Zheng Clan immediately took the lead and flew over to Old Ape .

Old Ape was initially recuperating, it felt someone near and saw their greedy eyes, it didn’t say anything and flew right into the mountain valley . But it was seriously injured so its speed wasn’t as fast .

“You’re thinking of escaping? Give chase!” Cao Le called out and brought everyone to chase Old Ape .

Qin Men locked on Old Ape’s position, once he left the mountain valley, he immediately fixed up the array in the valley, in a flash, the whole mountain valley was shrouded in a thick fog and nothing like the likes of an array could be seen from the outside .

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