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Chapter 1038: 1038
Chapter 1038 Trapped

Sima You Yue derived step by step with what she observed, Liang Wu Ming and members from Array Hall raised doubts as they watched her fast fingers, this guy didn’t need to use his brain to think first before he derived a conclusion?

If it was others who were deriving, they would be scolded badly, because every step of derivation of array must be cautious, once a wrong step was made, then all the steps would be wrong .

Sima You Yue derived so quickly, those who didn’t know her would think that she took it casually like a kids’ play . Those who knew her would know it was because that her derivation was faster than others by several times, once she sees an array line, she could derive many results .

“With his speed, can he really break the array?” Someone questioned .

“If it’s others, I’ll say it’s definitely impossible . But with Young Valley Master’s speed from the first round of the array, I believe he can break this array . ”

“I believe too!”

“Young Master Valley is indeed Young Valley Master, as expected, he’s not someone we can be compared to . ”

“This isn’t something that you should be regretful about, everyone’s gift is different, if we have her gift, we could be chosen by the Blood thumb ring too . ”

“That’s right . This is why he is the Young Valley Master and we aren’t . Just keep a calm mind . ”

“No matter what, the Young Valley Master is our role model, he’s the goal I want to achieve!”

“Yes, me too!”

Many people began worshipping Sima You Yue, that made her want to scold those people while she was breaking the array, because she once again felt some faith blended into her body .

She was driven mad, why was it that the strength of faith kept increasing? Could it be someone who didn’t like her and used this method to seek revenge on her?

Fortunately, the strength of faith didn’t increase much, so it didn’t attract any turmoil in her body .

Just the thought of this malpractice strength of hers couldn’t be put in use, she sighed .

After a long sighed, she continued switching her focus on the array and continued deriving .

After half a day, the slight crease on her eyebrows finally relaxed, the corner of her lips curled up into a confident smile, that smile made everyone who was watching feel bizarre, it felt like nothing under the sky could faze her .

Sima You Yue got up and flew into mid air, according to the derivation of the result, she observed the four terrain and landform and became more confident of her opinion .

She took out a few array stones, hit in the four directions, flew to the middle and hit through to the ground with array stones .

“Settled!” She said while patting her hands and smiled .

After the last array stone hit through, all the array lost its effectiveness, she strutted through the arrays and walked out .

Xie Zi Ming stood up from his seat in shock and looked at Sima You Yue in disbelief . “Valley Master, did I see wrongly, she just used a few array stones to break through the array?”

Liang Wu Ming was in deep shock as well, he knew Sima You Yue’s array skills was good, but he didn’t expect that her attainment was this high!

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“What a good seed, why did he go into Alchemy!” Xie Zi Ming clapped his own thighs, regretted not knowing her early .

Old Man Devil wasn’t there so Elder Xiao was the big boss of Alchemy Hall . Having heard what Xie Zi Ming said, he was unhappy, he stood up and shouted at Xie Zi Ming, “Old Man Xie, what do you mean by that? Sima You Yue is the first in the alchemy contest, why can’t he come to Alchemy Hall hall?”

“Don’ bother, even if his master is in the Alchemy Hall, that doesn’t mean that he is from your Alchemy Hall . He is the Young Valley Master!”

“That doesn’t mean that he is from your Array Hall!”

“Hmph, he isn’t from your Alchemy Hall!”

“Old Man Xie, what did you say?!” Elder Xiao rolled up his sleeve to fight, luckily someone was there in time to stop them .

“Quiet, what are you trying to show by arguing!” Liang Wu Ming called out .

“Elder Xiao, Elder Xie, you guys don’t have to fight, since You Yue is the Young Valley Master, then he is from Alchemy Hall and also from Array Hall . ” Ying Bai Chuan smiled faintly, seeing that the other Hall Leaders were staring at him, he quickly added on, “If he knows how to tame a beast, then he is naturally also from the Beast Tamer Hall and if he knows about armament, he is also from the Armament hall . ”

He was right, the angered Elder Xiao coldly harrumphed, meaning he agreed to this point .

Xie Zi Ming shot a glance at Elder Xiao and also harrumphed .

“If both the Hall Leader decided to fight because of this and Sima You Yue knows, he would judge both of you…” Ying Bai Chuan purposely dragged his words .

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Elder Xiao Jing Zhong and Xie Zi Ming heard what was said, their eyes shifted to elsewhere and sat back down in their seats .

If Sima You Yue knew that they fought because they weren’t on the same thoughts, it would definitely change their position in her heart, it would be such a waste if she wasn’t willing to join in here . Afterall, she was the Young Valley Master, if she doesn’t agree to join, they couldn’t force her too .

Ying Bai Chuan waited for them to get back to their seats before he sat down . He lifted his head and looked at Sima You Yue and shaked his head while smiling faintly .

She hasn’t even got in but it already attracted so much commotion, it could be seen that the whole Divine Devil Valley already accepted her in their hearts .

Actually a decade ago, when Uncle Master came back from Yi Lin Continent and announced who was chosen by the Blood Ring, everyone contradicted that someone who was from the lower realm would be their Young Valley Master . At that time, he even followed Uncle Master to the lower realm to find her and competed with her . Although he lowered his strength, it eventually shocked him and started to accept someone like that .

After that, when she reached Primordial Lands, she didn’t go straight to Divine Devil Valley to seek shelter to let herself grow, instead, she accepted all kinds of challenges outside .

News about her was spread to Divine Devil Valley, disciples from the Valley were shocked once and once again, everyone started to accept her a little at a time . The timing she came here would be much better than last time .

But all these were won by herself, wasn’t it?

Sima You Yue didn’t know about those twisting and turning in the stomach of the valley, she only knew that she was confused by this array .

After breaking the second rounds, there were still a few more arrays, one after another, with one mistake, she would be trapped in this arrayment .

Tang Yi saw that she was trapped by those arrays, he laughed and told Xiao Jing Zhong, “Seems like the immeasurable pill is mine!”

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“Don’t be anxious, he just got in, who knows he could be out in a while!” Xiao Jing Zhong said indistinctly while shooting a glance at him .

“Look at yourself, you don’t even have confidence in your tone, you too think that he can’t get out of the arrays right?” Tang Yi laughed proudly .

“Unless he surrenders, if not it won’t be counted as a loss . ” Xiao Jing Zhong said .

“So inflexible, hmph, stubbornly insisting on your own thoughts . ” Tang Yi continued, “Then I’ll let you be sincerely convinced and ready to concede, we will wait for a while . ”

“Alright, you guys can go back, let someone guard here, if he gives up or gets through the barrier, someone will notify you guys . ” Liang Wu Ming said .

With that being said, he believed that Sima You Yue wouldn’t get out any time soon .

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