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Chapter 1039: 1039
Chapter 1039 Every Hall Leader of Divine Devil Valley

Even Liang Wu Ming already said that this meant that the array that trapped Sima You Yue was challenging .

Everyone still had their own things to do which they couldn’t possibly spend days watching her breaking the array so everyone dispersed with only a few disciple guarding .

Xiao Jing Zhong and Tang Yi were usually the ones that washed their hands off everything, they took it easy even though the evaluation of Valley was coming up . So when everyone else left, they were still watching in the arena .

But the arrays were indeed challenging this time round, Sima You Yue was trapped in the array for three days and still haven’t found any clue .

“Elder Xiao, it’s already been so many days, just give up . ” Tang Yi said .

“It’s not the end yet!” Xiao Jing Zhong said calmly and not even worried that he would lose .

The end that they were talking about was the day before the evaluation, if she hasn’t broken the array at that point of time, they would have to fetch her out, then it would be considered Xiao Jing Zhong has lost .

“I’ll keep you company till the end then!” Tang Yi said .

Another two days passed, Sima You Yue hadn’t come out yet, Tang Yi took out a book to read, Xiao Jing Zhong slept with his palms supporting his head against the table .

“He’s out! He’s out!”

Someone below shouted which gave Xiao Jing Zhong who kept nodding while sleeping a shock, his head almost knocked the table .

“He’s out? He’s really out?” When he came to his senses, he jumped from his seat and indeed saw that Sima You Yue successfully broke the array, the cloud and mist around her slowly dispersed with the path slowly appearing before her .

“Damn, he really made it! Hahaha, Elder Tang, you lost to me this time!” He laughed as he put his hands on his hips .

Tang Yi was still in disbelief, seeing Sima You Yue walk out of the array, he intentionally said, “Elder Xiao, did you help him to cheat?”

“Cheat your head! Do I look like the kind of people who will help others to cheat? Furthermore, I don’t know this array, I can’t even if I want to cheat . ” Xiao Jing Zhong said, “So how, Elder Tang, you are giving me that armor right?”

Tang Yi took out an armor and threw it to him, although his face showed reluctance, but not to the extent of backing out on his own words .

Xiao Jing Zhong kept the armor satisfyingly while beaming and said, “I’m going to the betting lane to get my rewards! I told you, it won’t go wrong if you follow what I bet, hahaha…”

Tang Yi watched his back as he left, couldn’t help it but rolled his eyes and spat out two words, “Show off!”

He lifted his head and looked at Sima You Yue, sighing in his heart thinking what kind of perverse Old Man Mo had gotten for Divine Devil Valley .

Sima You Yue left the array district, Feng Dong and Little Seven were waiting for her outside .

“Yue Yue, you’re the best!” Little Seven pounced over, “Feng Dong said that those arrays are powerful, not many people can get through it, but you did it by yourself!”

“It’s actually pretty challenging, but I was able to pass through it thanks to some of the luck I have . ” Sima You Yue said while smiling .

“What luck?” Little Seven questioned while she raised her head .

“I had seen some similar arrays before, although there are changes, it still stays the same . ” Sima You Yue replied .

She felt that Divine Devil Valley and the Hundred Changing Door might have a deep connection, if not, why would most of the protective array in the valley recorded in the book had already gone extinct?

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“Young Valley Master, please follow me . ” Feng Dong looked at Sima You Yue as if he was looking at some divine, especially after he won the bet, he could get his money when he got into the Valley .

He brought Sima You Yue to the clan’s hall, when she went in, the hall was filled with people, he had never seen this situation before .

Liang Wu Ming was sitting on the Leader’s seat, beside him was an empty seat, it should be Old Man Mo’s . Below Wu Liang Ming was sat by Ying Bai Chuan, Old Man Mo’s seat below was emptied, it was prepared for her . Both sides from the bottom were each and every Hall Leader and Elder, Vice Hall Leader and Young Hall Leaders with a strong line up .

“Valley Master, I’ve brought Young Valley Master . ”

Sima You Yue stepped forward, bowed to Liang Wu Ming and said, “You Yue has met Valley Master . ”

“Get up . ” Liang Wu Ming looked at Sima You Yue with satisfaction .

“Thanks Valley Master . ” Sima You Yue straightened up .

“Get into your seat first . ” Liang Wu Ming pointed to her seat and said .

Sima You Yue walked to her seat and sat down, although she was facing so many Elders, she didn’t show any stage fright and had ample of energy .

Those Hall Leaders nodded in greeting, she wasn’t chosen by the Blood thumb ring to be Young Valley Master for nothing .

“You Yue, let me introduce to you, this is Alchemy Hall Leader, Elder Xiao Jing Zhong, this is Armament Hall Leader, Tang Yi Elder Tang, this is Array Hall Leader Xie Zi Ming Elder Xie, Beast Tamer Hall Leader, Yu Shi Bo Elder Yu, Spirit Seeker Hall Leader, Du Yang Hui Elder Du, Medicine Master Hall Leader Elder He, Poison Master Hall Leader, Dou Bai Elder Dou, this is Greatest Elder… . ”

Liang Wu Ming continuously introduced one by one, Sima You Yue bowed to them one by one and remembered each and everyone in detail .

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“You Yue, who did you learn arrays from?” Xiao Jing Zhong asked .

“My Master is Feng Zhi Xing . ” Sima You Yue answered .

“Feng Zhi Xing? Of the Feng clan?” Xie Zi Ming continued, “Someone from an established Array Clan, not bad, not bad . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t know if he was praising that she learnt well or if he was praising that she was a disciple of the Feng clan so she laughed speechlessly .

“Since You Yue is already here, let’s discuss the evaluation… . . ”

Sima You Yue didn’t think that she would participate in such an important meeting right after she came back, she was unclear about evaluation so she could only listen aside and get some information from what they discussed .

This meeting took half a day, after the meeting, Sima You Yue felt dizzy from all the information she had to absorb .

Everyone left the hall, Sima You Yue followed behind thinking of everything they had talked about .

Ying Bai Chuan walked to her, laughing and said, “Was the information a bit too much?”

Sima You Yue nodded, “I came here without knowing anything about the Valley, so there are some parts where I don’t understand . ”

“It’s okay, I’ll bring you to Uncle Master’s courtyard and tell you everything about the Valley . ” Ying Bai Chuan said .

“Sounds great, thanks Senior Brother . ”

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“Let’s go . ”

Sima You Yue followed Ying Bai Chuan to Old Man Mo’s courtyard, on the way there, some of the disciples were excited seeing Sima You Yue but saw Ying Bai Chuan in front, so they didn’t dare to go up to her .

“They seem to be scared of you . ” Sima You Yue nodded at those disciples who greeted her, seeing the way they looked at Ying Bai Chuan, she said curiously .

“Really?” Ying Bai Chuan didn’t feel anything .

“Yes, see, they don’t dare to be impudent when they see you . ” Sima You Yue saw those groups of people who were gathering chatting happily but suddenly became respectful when they saw Ying Bai Chuan .

“Maybe . ” Ying Bai Chuan replied, “Those guys are naughtier, they have to be restricted . If not, they will behave wildly!”

Sima You Yue laughed, she was afraid that he always put up a bossy face that’s why they were like that .

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