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Chapter 1037: 1037
Chapter 1037 A group of excited people

Sima You Yue became speechless when she saw the smile on Feng Dong’s face .

“Did you also join in that bet?” She questioned .

“Hehe… . ” Feng Dong scratched his forehead and said, “Those disciples that participated in the alchemy contest spread the news around the mountain Valley of you coming here, everyone is waiting for you . This bet is made because everyone is anticipating for you . ”

“How many people placed bets?” Little Seven asked .

“Oh… not much, at least those in seclusion didn’t join . ” Feng Dong said .


Sima You Yue splat out the tea from her mouth that she just drank, this guy meant that all the members from Divine Devil Valley joined in? He still told her not many people!

“How bored can you guys get?” Sima You Yue rubbed the space between her eyebrows .

“This is everyone’s expectation of you . ” Feng Dong continued, “I bet you can pass through it smoothly, so tomorrow you have to make extra effort . ”

“… . I’ll try . ” Sima You Yue waved her hands, signaling that they all could leave .

Feng Dong left, disciples from Divine Devil Valley rushed to the entrance, wanting to see how it was, but were stopped by the guards that Feng Dong left .

At this point of time, Sima You Yue was thankful that Feng Dong did that, if they all rushed in, she probably would collapse .

After a good night’s rest, the second day morning, Feng Dong came to find her . He brought Sima You Yue and Little Seven to the entrance of Divine Devil Valley, many disciples from outer regions followed behind .

At the same time, those disciples from inner regions already gathered in the arena, looking at the image that shot out from the sky and waited for Sima You Yue to come in .

Everybody gathered around to watch the breakthrough of the barrier, this was the first time in history and today is the day!

“Here he comes!” Someone called out while pointing at the entrance of the Valley .

“He’s alone, I wonder if he can get in successfully . ”

“Definitely! I bet he can, Young Valley Master, don’t make me lose!”

“Definitely won’t lose! I believe in Young Valley Master!”

“This array is not easy to break through, if not, others would have already broken in . Although the Young Valley Master is powerful, he definitely can’t break that!”

“We shall see!”

Sima You Yue didn’t know that all the disciples in the Valley were watching while she was breaking the barrier . After she bade farewell to Feng Dong and went into the Valley, the scene changed right before her eyes the moment she stepped into the Valley .

The scenery from outside looked as if the trees were short, but once inside, it looked like a dense forest .

“How could there be a dense forest here?” Sima You Yue looked around to confirm which one of the scenery was the illusion array .

“Not flustered at all, not bad . ” A white bearded old man touching his own beard, nodded in praise .

“Elder Xiao, you praised too early, we still don’t know if he can walk out of there!” A middle aged guy beside Elder Xiao said .

“Little Tang, I remember you bet that he can’t come in by himself right?” Elder Xiao told that guy, Tang Yi, who was the Armament Hall Leader .

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“That’s right . ” Tang Yi said, “How about we both place our own bets, if I win, you will give me the armor that you refined the other time, if I lose, I will give you the immeasurable pill I refined . How about that?”

“That armor of mine is of the Divine Grade, you want to deal with me with just a bottle of immeasurable pills?!” Tang Yi wouldn’t be taken in by him .

“I thought you’re confident that he won’t come out by himself?” Elder Xiao continued, “Or, you too feel that he will come out by himself?”

“Don’t try to incite me, aren’t you just trying to bet with me? I’ll bet with you . ” Tang Yi continued, “But Elder Xiao, we’ve talked about this, if you lose, you can’t back out on your words like last time . ”

“When did I ever back out on my words?!” Elder Xiao blew his beard and stared at him with an angry look .

“You figure it out yourself . ” Tang Yi stuck both his hands in the sleeve opening, ignoring his angry expression .

Elder Xiao took out an exquisite jade bottle, put it on the table and said, “Let’s place our items here so no one can back out on their own words!”

“Elder Xiao, you actually managed to refine immeasurable pills?!” Someone said flabbergasted .

“Of course!” Elder Xiao beamed while stroking his beard .

“Elder Xiao is indeed extraordinary!”

“Hehe… . ”

Some of the disciples didn’t understand and tugged on the others beside them and asked, “What kind of pills are immeasurable pills?”

“It’s a kind of pill to increase fighting strength, usually this type of pill is harmful to the human body, but this immeasurable pill doesn’t have any side effects and it increases human strength by many times . ”

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“Is this kind of pill rare?”

“Of course it’s rare! With this kind of pill that has no side effects and is able to increase fighting strength, if everyone has it, then if there’s a battle, wouldn’t it be the same as having many assistants!”

“True . ”

“Look at Elder Xiao, his beard is almost flying!”

“That’s how Elder Xiao is like, it’s not like you don’t know . ”

“Eh, who do you guys think will win, Elder Xiao or Hall Leader Tang?”

“Of course I hope Elder Xiao will win, because I also bet that the Young Valley Master can come in on his own!”

“I think Hall Leader Tang will win . ”

“That’s because you bet the Young Valley Master can’t come in by himself!”

“Hehe, you guessed right!”

“Who wins or loses, just wait and see!”

“Eh, looks like he found the clue!” Disciples from Array Hall cried out in surprise .

Everyone quickly looked up in the air, indeed, she successfully walked through that forest .

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“How can it be so fast!” Those disciples rubbed their eyes in disbelief .

Initially when they had Array Reveal, they went there before, but no one could get out of that forest as fast as her .

“That forest wasn’t long to begin with . You just have to break the array and you can come out within a few minutes . ” Array Hall Leader, Xie Zi Ming said .

“But he broke the first array so quickly, Young Valley Master’s array skill might be way above ours . ” Disciples sighed .

“People who are chosen by the Blood Ring are indeed different! First in the alchemy contest, his array is powerful too … . ”

At this point of time, other’s impression of Sima You Yue became higher .

While breaking through the array, Sima You Yue suddenly creased her eyebrows, why did she feel the strength of faith increasing? Although it was little, but at this dangerous point of time now, even a bit of deviation could activate the spiritual energy in her body .

She quickly stopped to adjust, making sure both of the aura don’t have the tendency to activate before she opened her eyes .

“Who is worshipping me out of nowhere? If I know, I’ll definitely give him a good beating!” She chided in her heart, stood up and brushed the dust away from her bottom and continued studying the array .

This array was way harder than the first, the array lines were hidden and complicated, it wasn’t easy to find, moreover, it was array within array, even a little inattentiveness could cost her to be trapped to death in this array .

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