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Chapter 1036: 1036
Chapter 1036 Met Young Valley Master before!

“No? Chase them out of the small town, put them on the blacklist, don’t take up their request forever!” The waiter shouted .

“I’ll see who dares to!” Sima You Yue took a step forward, the aura that came out from her stunned the Divine Devil Valley’s disciples .

She looked around the hall and realised there wasn’t any manager and said, “Go and get your manager here!”

“You want to see our manager? Dream on . ” The waiter tugged on his sleeves and said, “Why are you guys still standing here, throw them out!”

“Arrogant and rude, bully the outnumbered, today, I will teach you guys a lesson!” As Sima You Yue spoke, she flashed with her body, everyone only felt that there was a shadow flashing past, the next thing they saw was that those disciples were thrown on the street outside .

“How dare, how dare you!” The waiter tried to get up from the ground, pointed at Sima You Yue and stuttered with anger .

He stayed here for so many years, everyone would greet him respectfully when they saw him regardless of who they were, he didn’t expect that he would get beaten up by a little kid today .

Everyone went blanked, Sima You Yue actually beat up people from Divine Devil Valley, the best has yet to come!

Some of them saw how young Sima You Yue was and felt sorry for her . Anyone who comes here would always ask favours from Divine Devil Valley, now she had beaten up members from Divine Devil Valley, they definitely wouldn’t agree to her favours .

Young people love to act on impulse! It would be too late to regret by then .

Although they also felt that those Divine Devil Valley’s disciples from outer regions went too far at times .

“Come here, come here! Someone is making a fuss here!” At least that waiter was sensible enough to know from Sima You Yue’s gazed that the people from his shop wouldn’t be able to win her, once he shouted, many people ran out from the shop beside theirs and surrounded the entrance of the inn till it was packed with people .

“Who dares to behave atrociously outside Divine Devil Valley?!” A capable slender guy emerged from the crowd and saw Sima You Yue and Little Seven, he put his hands on his hips, pointed at them and asked, “Are you guys the ones that beat up the disciples from Divine Devil Valley?”

“Yes, so what?” Sima You Yue stared at him fearlessly .

“Beating up my Divine Devil Valley disciples, catch them and let the clan deal with them!” Slender guy pointed and the members from Divine Devil Valley charged towards them .

This time, instead of Sima You Yue attacking, Little Seven tilted them upside down in a split second .

“I never knew that the disciples from Divine Devil Valley are so condescending . ” Sima You Yue exclaimed .

“Hah! Who are you to comment on our Divine Devil Valley!”

“With you guys acting like this, I bet the Valley Master doesn’t know about it at all?”

Although she and Liang Wu Ming didn’t communicate much, she could see that the members of Divine Devil Valley weren’t that arrogant .

“Hmph, we have sent out a signal, someone will come here and get you very soon! We’ll see who has the last laugh then!” The waiter stared at Sima You Yue, he felt uneasy seeing her being so calmed .

“Really? Then we will wait here, when they come here, I want to question them if they let you extort people just like that or are you guys just greedy . ” Sima You Yue simply took two chairs and sat down waiting outside at the entrance of the inn .

They were so calm that the others felt uneasy, everyone who was watching took them as naive little kids, they already predicted what would happen when the law enforcement team came .

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Not long after, the law enforcement team came, Sima Yue Yue smiled when she saw the captain of the law enforcement team .

The waiter and the rest saw the law enforcement team and smiled too, especially when they saw the captain, they smiled pleasingly .

“Captain Feng!” The waiter wanted to get up from the ground, he struggled twice and fell back down . “Captain Feng, you have to serve us justice! These two beat us up once they get here, they don’t respect people from Divine Devil Valley at all . ”

After complaining, he even shot a glance at Sima You Yue ruthlessly, with Feng Dong here, no matter how powerful she was, she could only get her hands tied and wait to be captured .

“That’s right, Captain Feng, you have to serve us justice!” Others called out too .

Seeing Feng Dong walk towards Sima You Yue, everyone waited for him to subdue Sima You Yue .

But what happened afterwards got everyone shocked and stiff to the ground .

Seeing Feng Dong walk to Sima You Yue, with one knee on the ground and respectfully greeted, “Feng Dong has seen the Young Valley Master!”

“Young, Young Valley Master?” Everyone was stiff, this person is the Young Valley Master?

Then what did they do just now?

“Big Brother Feng, get up . ” Sima You Yue took out Blood thumb ring and wore it on her fingers and looked at the waiter, the rest and said, “Do I have the right to teach you guys a lesson now?”

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Everyone at the scene hasn’t come to their senses by the unforeseen event, even after Sima You Yue and Feng Dong went into the inn, everyone was still stunned on the ground .

“What are you doing on the ground, get up!” Law enforcement team reminded the people who turned into stone on the ground .

They hurriedly got up and looked at each other, all of them looked as if they were at the point of crying without tears .

Why would they do that if they knew that she was Young Valley Master!

“Big Brother Feng, what are you doing here?” Sima You Yue asked .

“Just right that I was on duty and was bored in the Valley, I heard from someone that there are people creating a fuss outside, so I came over to take a look . I didn’t expect to see Young Valley Master here . ” Feng Dong continued, “But what exactly happened?”

Sima You Yue told him everything, Feng Dong slammed the table which gave the waiter and the rest a shock .

“Did the Valley let you open up an inn for you to accumulate wealth by unfair means? Raising prices as high as the sky and being condescending, you won’t even know if one day you offended someone that you can’t afford to offend . ” Feng Dong berated, “From now on, change the batch of people to take over the small town, you guys go back and reflect on yourself!”

They didn’t dare to object so they lowered their head and acknowledged their mistake .

Actually, this punishment was lighter than what they thought, if the one they met today was Ying Bai Chuan, they would be chased out of Divine Devil Valley immediately .

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Fortunately this Young Valley Master wasn’t as callous, she didn’t comment on Feng Dong’s punishment .

After Feng Dong dealt with them, he looked at Sima You Yue and asked, “When does Young Valley Master intend to go to the Valley?”

“I just rushed here from far, I’ll take a rest here today and go to the Valley tomorrow instead . ” Sima You Yue remarked .

“Alright . I’ll bring you to the Valley tomorrow . Have a good rest tonight . ” Feng Dong said .

“Why does it sound so strange coming from you?” Sima You Yue questioned .

“Hehe, Young Valley Master, don’t worry, it’s nothing, just that people in the Valley are bored and set up a bet . ” Feng Dong answered .

“Is it related to me?” Sima You Yue raised her eyebrows .

Feng Dong nodded and said embarrassingly, “Everyone is betting if you can break the array outside and come in on your own…”

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