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Chapter 1008: 1008
Chapter 1008 Time for the play to begin

The guards rushed in and stationed themselves in rows to surround them . They faced all those on stage .

“Song Chang Jie, what is the meaning of this?”

“Is the Great President’s name something the likes of you can just call?” The host said, “You doubt the intentions of the previous great president and disrespect our current president . If you continue to do so, we can only catch you and take you away . ”

Sima You Yue looked at the guards . Every single one was malicious and radiated murderous energy .

“These people are not your average guards . ” Mao San Quan said, “You shouldn’t move carelessly . ”

Sima You Yue cursed in her heart and began to think of what to do .

Xia Zhang Tian and the others were still in her little realm . Based on their plan, she would find a place here to release them . However, based on how things were unfolding right now, she couldn’t just move around, much less find a secret place .

Did she have to reveal the presence of her little realm in front of so many people?

She looked around her, rejecting this idea .

There were too many eyes here . There might be someone who would plot against her . It was all too common for someone to forcefully seize a treasure after seeing it .

However, under the eyes of so many, what was she to do?

“Plans have changed . We’ll play by ear . ” Han Miao Shuang saw that the situation was not right and instructed her softly .

Sima You Yue nodded while Little Seven grabbed onto her hand .

“Song Chang Jie, what is the meaning of this? Is today not the day of the alchemy competition? You actually prepared all these guards outside long ago!”

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“In view of all the things that are happening outside the city coupled with the theft of the bodhi mushroom, we decided to be careful in the event that someone came here to cause trouble . It’s a good thing to have these guards on standby . ” The host said, “You guys keep insisting here . Could it be that you are in cahoots with those people?”

“In cahoots with your sister!” A man hopped up and cursed, “Song Chang Jie, if you want to be president? Unless we see the president with our own eyes and hear him say it personally, we will never recognise you!”

“You want to meet the president?” Song chang Jie narrowed his eyes and watched him . The guards who stood in front of him took out his spirit weapon and attacked the man .

A strong pressure locked him in place, preventing him from making any movement . He could only watch on helplessly as the spirit weapon was about to enter his heart .


A dart flew over, knocking the spirit weapon aside . At this moment, a power stopped the guard in place, throwing him back .

“Who did it!” The host looked towards the direction that the dart flew from, but he didn’t find anyone there .

“Song Chang Jie, you want to be President, but have you asked for our opinion?” A charismatic voice sounded, and Sima You Yue was rather excited when she heard it .

She only saw the Divine Valley Master with Ying Bai Chun and a group of disciples from Divine Devil Valley walk through the main doors . They looked around them after they entered and paused for a moment when they saw Sima You Yue .

“Master…” Sima You Yue greeted him immediately .

Divine Valley Master nodded his head subtly before looking away . He looked at Song Chang Jie and Zhao Xiang Rui, asking, “You want to seize power, but have you asked for our opinion?”

“Liang Wu Ming, I thought that you wouldn’t come . ” The host said, peculiarly .

“Song Jiang, someone like you sent those men, and thought of barring the way of my divine Devil Valley . You were too unrealistic . ” Divine Valley Master, Liang Wu Ming huffed coldly .

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“Hmph, we truly underestimated the power of your Divine Devil Valley . We didn’t think and you would actually have that many thunderbolt bullets . Otherwise, how could you have been able to walk over to this place?”

“We really did walk over here . ” Liang Wu Ming said, “Since we’re here, you can wake up from your wild dreams . ”

“Do you think there’s any point to you, Divine Devil Valley, coming?” Song Chang Jie said, “Do you know that you can enter our arena today, but you cannot leave?”

“Are you talking about those people that you situated outside?” Liang Wu mign said, “Did you think that we got in here because they allowed us in?”

“What do you mean?” Zhao Xiang Riu had personal acquaintances within the Divine Devil Valley and knew of their power . After hearing what he said, a bad feeling arose .

“Haven’t you already guessed it?” Liang Wu Ming said, “Your men? We’ve already gotten rid of them . ”

“How could that be! All the ones guarding outside are experts . Just based on the abilities of your Divine Devil Valley, how could you have defeated them without us even knowing?”

If it was a huge battle, how could it be that they didn’t hear a peep?

“Could it be that you don’t know we have poison masters in the Divine Devil Valley?”

“You actually used poison?!” Zhao Xiang Rui cried out, “Do you have no sense of morality?”

“Are you an idiot?” Liang Wu Ming looked tauntingly at him, “First of all, our Divine Devil Valley has never once said that we are upright . Our goal has always been to do whatever we want . Whether we use poison or not, it just depends on whether or not it suits our fancy . What does it have to do with you?”


“Secondly…” Liang Wu Ming interrupted him, saying, “What’s the situation right now? You’re usurping power . Are we supposed to stand here and have a civil discussion with you? I think your brain is a little lacking!”

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Everyone burst into laughter . Even those watching with ice cold gazes were smiling .

“Hmph, you think that just because you got rid of that group, you would be able to defeat me? If you ignore the words of our Ex-president and Subdivision Leader, we are able to arrest you . ”

“The Ex-president? You mean that sound stone? Do you dare to say that it truly was the president speaking?” Liang Wu Ming asked .

“Can you not recognise the President’s voice?”

“Of course I can recognise the President’s voice . However, the one you are referring to is not the real president . ”

“What do you mean?” Someone asked . Could it be that the one they heard just now was not the president?”

“Exactly what i said . ” Liang Wu Ming said, “The one speaking in the sound stone is not the President at all .

“Counterfeit? Most things can be faked, but can a voice be faked as well?”

“Of course it can!” Liang Wu Ming said .

“Hmph, there isn’t another person on this earth with the same voice as someone else . ” The host’s voice was cold, “Do you have concrete proof? Do you still plan to resist?”

“Divine Valley Master, why do you say that it’s fake?” A few neutral parties asked, “Do you have proof?”

If that voice was the president’s, they would naturally respect his wishes and let Song Chang Jie become the president . However, if it wasn’t, there’s no way they would acknowledge him!

“The proof is coming right up . ” Liang Wu Ming said, “Just wait for two minutes, and you’ll naturally know . ”

“Swish- Thump-”

A silhouette landed from midair, landing heavily in front of everyone . Everyone seemed to hear the sound of bones breaking .

“The evidence that you want . I’ve delivered it . ” Red stood in the air . She was the one who tossed the person down earlier .

“Red!” Zhao Xiang Riu saw Red and subconsciously took a step back .

“Lord Red!”

“Lord Red has always been with President . If she’s here, then where could President be?”


Just as everyone was discussing this, another person was tossed onto the ground .

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