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Chapter 1007: 1007
Chapter 1007 A good show begins

“Everyone, before the alchemy competition begins, there are some things we must settle . ” The host said .

“If we want to compete, we should just compete . What else is there to do?” Someone cried out .

“Of course it is something very important . Otherwise, we wouldn’t do it at this time . ” The host said .

“Just get to the point, what is it?”

The host looked in Song Chang Jie’s direction, asking, “Everyone knows . The other alchemy competitions have always been led by the Guild President and the Pill Subdivision leader . However, something has happened today . ”

After speaking, he stopped for a moment and took in the reaction of everyone down stage before he continued, “Everyone knows that Cloud Sea City has not been peaceful as of late . Nobody knows what happened outside the city, but something happened that caused all the vegetation to turn black . The spirit beasts have also gone crazy . Our President and Subdivision Leader… they… they went out to see what happened outside the city and have yet to return . Nobody knows if they’re alive or dead!”


The spectator area was in uproar and everyone burst into heated discussions .

“How could something like this happen?”

“How is the President and the others?”

“Heavens, then it’s going to be a big deal today!”

Everyone was incredibly surprised, but a few smarter ones caught whiff of the irregularity .

“I heard long ago that they were not in the city, but I didn’t think that they actually went out to check the situation out without returning . ” Someone said, “What do we do?”

“Everyone, do not panic . ” The host waved his hands, urging everyone to quieten down .

“If the President and Subdivision leader are gone, how will the alchemy competition continue?” Someone raised his voice to ask .

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“This alchemy competition is one that has continued from the past . We naturally cannot cancel it . ” The host said .

“Since the Guild President and Subdivision Leader are not around, how will the competition continue?”

“Exactly, exactly!”

“Could it be that the President has returned?”

“I don’t think so . If he was back, he definitely would have appeared by now . ”

“Then how will this competition carry on?”

“We’ll wait and see . I have a feeling that the events of today will not be simple . ”

“Everyone, quiet . ” The host said, “President and Subdivision Leader may not be around, but we still have to continue with our things . Without President and Subdivision Leader, we still have the Vice President and subdivision’s Vice Leader . ”

“There has never been a case where the Vice President and the subdivision’s Vice Leader has taken charge of the competition before . ” Someone retorted .

“It has never been so, indeed . But I have another piece of news to tell everyone . ” The host said .


“We will have to leave it to Vice President and Subdivision Vice Leader to tell you . ” The host replied .

Everyone cast their gaze to the platform as Song Chang Jie stood up and announced, “Before President left, he told me something . As to what he told me, you will know in a moment . ”

He took out a sound stone, raised it high above his head and said, “This is a sound stone that those who went to look for President came back with . Inside it contains what the President and Subdivision Leader’s message . ”

After speaking, he inserted spirit energy into it and Xia Zhang Tian’s words blasted through the arena .

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“Chang Jie, I have a lead here and can’t give up right now . I’ll leave you guys in charge of the preparation for the alchemy competition . I know that the alchemy competition is one that has been passed down for generations . If I am unable to make it back in time for the alchemy competition, I’ll have to leave the position of President to you . ”


Everyone sucked in a breath and exchanged glances . They didn’t dare believe what they heard .

However, those by Xia Zhang Tian’s side didn’t agree . They cried out anxiously, “President, how could you…”

“You guys don’t have to convince me . You should know that I never wanted to be President . I’ve had this idea since a long time ago . I wanted to give him the position of President . It’s just that my plans have been brought forward . ”

“President, you can’t do that!”

“You guys don’t have to say anymore . I have already made my decision . Chang Jie, you definitely have to make sure the alchemy competition continues to run smoothly . ”

The voice eventually stopped . Following this, another voice sounded . It was Zhao Xiang Qi’s voice . His intentions were pretty much the same as the one before it . He also said that he wanted to pass the position of Leader to Pill Subdivision’s Vice Leader, Zhao Xiang Rui .

“This Zhao Xiang Riu is actually Zhao Xiang Qi’s blood brother . He actually wants to usurp his brother’s position as well . ” Sima You Yue said with a shake of her head .

“One is so upright, while the other is so devious . The difference is huge!” Han Miao Shuang said, “Something like power… I wonder why it entices people so much . ”

“The feeling of being able to summon the wind and rain is truly different from always having to lower your head before others . ” Su Xiao Xiao said, “This is what entices people . ”

“That’s right . ” Mao San Quan agreed with a nod of his head .

“But there will always be those who are indifferent to worldly affairs . ” Sima You Yue said, “At the very least, I don’t see you guys with these kinds of thoughts . Everyone just thinks about how they can give the guts to someone else . ”

“That’s why I’m saying that each person is different . Their decisions are different . ” Han Miao Shuang said, “Some feel that making a name for themselves is good, while others feel that it is not so . Like me, I feel that eating is the best . ”

“Glutton!” Su Xiao Xiao looked at her disdainfully .

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“Hehe, I’m proud of my gluttony . ” Han Miao Shuang raised her head arrogantly .

Sima You Yue lost her smile and shook her head, saying, “Sigh, you . You eat too much of everything . ”

“Alright, let’s stop talking . Let’s continue to watch the show . ”

After Zhao Xian Qi’s voice sounded, the entire arena erupted into chaos .

Who would have thought that something like this would actually happen . The president was abdicating, this was such a big deal!

“Quiet! Quiet!” The host cried out loudly .

However, everyone continued to discuss it nonstop . Every single one wanted to voice their own thoughts and feelings .

After ten minutes passed, the entire arena finally calmed down .

“Everyone, quiet!” The host shouted these two words loudly once again . This time, everyone finally quieted down .

“President and Subdivision Leader have already made their intentions clear . Right now, whatever I want to do is to comply with their wishes . I will let Vice President Song and Vice Leader Zhao take the place of President and Subdivision Leader . Greetings to President, Subdivision Leader . ”

“Greetings to President, Subdivision Leader!” Many stood up, bowing in greeting to Song Chang Jie and Zhao Xiang Rui .

The other group didn’t move . They just sat where they were, not planning to rise .

“What do you plan to do?” The host looked at them, asking with displeasure .

“Without seeing President, we will never believe that he has let you take the place of President . ” Someone said .

“That’s right! Song Chang Jie just took out a sound stone and wants to seize power? That will not happen!”

“These are the words of our president himself . Do you not accept it?”

“Of course we do not . ”

“Do you plan to rebel?” The host dragged his words, his eyes glaringly cold .

“Rebel? You are the ones rebelling! Do you think that we would accept you just because you produced a fake sound stone?”

“Don’t tell me that you can’t recognise President’s voice?”

“We recognise President’s voice, but voices can be mimicked . We will not accept this!’

“That’s right!”

“Is that so?” Song Chang Jie looked at them . With a wave of his hand, a group of guards rushed in from the outside .

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